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ACLU Getting Ready to Go After President Trump’s Unconstitutional Acts


Funny, I missed the ACLU getting all hot and bothered as Obama has been shredding the Constitution. From BizPac Review: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a 28-page report Friday arguing most of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s governing agenda is unconstitutional, and promises to keep a running tally of all Trump’s policy goals that run afoul ...

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Looney Left on Campus Update: DePaul Professor Resigns, Protesting Free Speech

Free Speech

No, she didn’t resign because there is no free speech on the DePaul campus. She resigns because she thinks there is. Scroll down to see “Black Lives Matter” morons hijack an event and prohibit Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.   From The Daily Caller: A sociology professor at DePaul University announced her resignation in a public Facebook post in which she denounced the ...

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Mizzou Student VP “Personally Tired of the 1st Amendment”

She is so over the 1st Amendment. Brenda Smith Lezama says she’s Vice President of the University of Missouri Student Association. Obviously that can’t be true, since as we’ve all learned in recent days, Mizzou is horribly racist, and she appears to be “of color Yet, amazingly, she wants to be able to spew her incredible stupidity. This sort of “education” is what ...

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VIDEO: Pathetic.The Death of Journalism and Free Speech at Mizzou

The University of Missouri aka Mizzou used to be known for its commitment for journalism and the First Amendment. What’s wrong with this picture? For many years, The University of Missouri has had a national reputation for having an outstanding journalism school. In 2013, a survey of news professionals selected the Missouri School of Journalism as the top J-school in ...

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