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Obama’s Plans for a Weaker, Poorer America with Dinesh D’Souza and Stanley Kurtz: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Barack Obama is a man with a plan, and it isn’t the recycled, and long ago broken, promises repeated in the silly brochure he has been waving around in front of his low-information fans during recent campaign appearances. It’s true that these tired slogans reflect his no-growth, big government policies, and are a rehash of what he promised in 2008. ...

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The Softer Side of Mitt: What Say You?

For the last several months, the talking heads in the Lame Stream Media have been pointing out that Mitt Romney isn’t a touchy-feely guy, which they say, hurts him with women voters. Over the weekend, Mitt showed his softer side. From today’s New York Post: Mitt Romney’s post-debate surge appears to have all but wiped out President Obama’s once double-digit ...

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