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John Kerry Says You Won’t Vote for Climate Change Skeptic

John Kerry

John Kerry, Islamist Terrorism Denier, Says You Won’t Vote for Someone Who Rejects “Climate Change” Fraud John Kerry made this statement on the same day, Sunday, December 13, 2015, that he made clear that he is completely out of touch with reality on the issue of our knowing who is getting into the country. From The Washington Examiner: Dedication to ...

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Benghazi Expert, Secret Agent Sidney Blumenthal, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-24-15


Vindictive Political Hack Sid Blumenthal is Hillary’s Benghazi Expert? Thanks so much for listening to the show! I thank you from the bottom of my well-conditioned heart! Thanks to danasongs.com and incompetech.com for some of the music that we use on the program. Also, thanks to raintree.com for the “How’s That Hope & Change Workin’ Out for You?” song, which we have played from time to ...

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Obamacare: An ID Thief’s Wet Dream: The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-5-13

Listen here. Thanks to our guest Doug Truax, candidate for U.S. Senate, who will oppose incumbent/national embarrassment Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin. Learn more about him here and in the additional links below. In this week’s show: Doug Truax, West Point Grad, Entrepreneur, Talks about His Challenge to Incumbent U.S. Senator Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin–Is he tough enough to avoid the ...

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We Need More Nut Control, Not More Gun Control: Show Notes, 12/16/12

Thanks to our guest Les Standiford, author of Desperate Sons. Desperate Sons: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and the Secret Bands of Radicals Who Led the Colonies to War: Les Standiford: 9780061899553: Amazon.com: Books Jurassic Media enjoys the Sandy Hill tragedy WAY too much, probably because, as noted here, it is tailor-made to advance several liberal agenda items; specifically, ...

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Sandy Hook School Murders Tailor-made for Parasitic Left: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

As the people of Newton, CT grieve for the victims of the Sandy Hook School murders, they must contend with the plague of pompous, parasitic pant loads, hoping to exploit this unimaginable horror to advance their own personal agendas, including later today, Barack Hussein Obama. On Friday, he addressed the nation, wiping away tears, which amazingly appeared on the outer ...

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The Softer Side of Mitt: What Say You?

For the last several months, the talking heads in the Lame Stream Media have been pointing out that Mitt Romney isn’t a touchy-feely guy, which they say, hurts him with women voters. Over the weekend, Mitt showed his softer side. From today’s New York Post: Mitt Romney’s post-debate surge appears to have all but wiped out President Obama’s once double-digit ...

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Cooking the Books on Job Numbers? Show Notes, 10/7/12

Note to Obama Apologists: He Didn’t Go on Offense Because He Can’t | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (The reason Barack Obama got his ass handed to him last week in front of ~70 million viewers and didn’t bring his game is that he doesn’t have one.) The Critiquelator returned, and was ON FIRE about B. Hussein’s pathetic ...

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Entrepreneur Ray Gaster Blasts Obama for “You Didn’t Build That,” Plus Harry Reid, “Dirty Liar”: Show Notes, 8/5/12

Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution | WashingtonExaminer.com Judicial Watch Sues Obama Department of Health and Human Services for Records Detailing Health Grant to the National Council of La Raza | Judicial Watch Our terrific guest, independent businessman Ray Gaster of Gaster Lumber and Hardware Georgia lumberyard owner hammers Obama on ‘You didn’t build that’ ...

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