Assclown Update: It’s Official. Barack Obama’s Black Skin Privilege Makes Him Above Criticism

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The more observant among you may have noticed a disturbing trend in the Age of Obama; specifically, this administration behaves in ways that would make a typical banana republic dictator blush, deciding to enforce certain laws or not others, unilaterally suspending, postponing or granting waivers against enforcement of duly-enacted legislation, including his signature legacy item, Obamacare, or parts of it, and using every trick in the book to do an end run around the Constitution. Last May, when the White House mouthpiece of the week, Dan Pfeiffer appeared on a Sunday show, he said it all. “The law is irrelevant.” All of this blatant unrepentant lawlessness is unprecedented, dare I say, “historic.” Those of you desperately asking why no one is standing up to this gangsta government need look no further than the furor surrounding the ridiculous episode involving a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair who dared to mock His Highness, Barack Hussein Obama.

The overused phrase “over the top” does not begin to describe hysteria inspired by the routine mocking of the President of the United States by a clown. Repeating–this guy’s official job title is “clown,” and yet his donning of an Obama mask has resulted in mandatory sensitivity training for rodeo clowns in Missouri, the resignation of president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association and the announcer at the event, and a life long ban for the clown who put on the mask. Seriously?  “Sensitivity training for clowns.” Let that sink in.

The Missouri NAACP is demanding that another race baiter, Attorney General Eric Holder’s (In)Justice Department and the Secret Service launch an investigation. This is the same bunch that had no problem no problem with a black man being beaten up at a Tea Party rally by union thugs because their victim was an “Uncle Tom.”

I know that all of you are exasperated, ready to scream “Since when did it become a firing offense to criticize or mock the President of the United States? Where were these people when writers were penning screenplays about the assassination of President George W. Bush? Where was the outrage when HBO’s “Game of Thrones” featured the head of President George W. Bush on a pike?” Both President Bush and President LIncoln were compared to apes, monkeys and chimps, and there is no record of anyone being required to attend sensitivity training as a result. In fact, as the Washington Times story notes, in 1994, another rodeo clown did a very similar act featuring President George H.W. Bush. The answer to the since when question is “Since we decided to buy into the Left’s Critical Race Theory, which says racist Amerika is forever unredeemable.”

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, on August 28, it’s worth noting several very disturbing facts highlighted by this ludicrous non-event; first, that for all the lip service that race hustlers like Al Sharpton pay to Dr. King’s noble call to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the reality is that a color-blind society is the last thing that they want. In fact, it’s their worst nightmare. Imagine how the CEO of McDonald’s would react to a nationwide, Nanny Bloomberg style ban on not only large soft drinks, but also Supersize Meals, and you can get a rough idea how the Al Shaprtons, Jesse Jackson’s and down-the-food chain charlatans would react if their stock in trade, America’s pervasive and unredeemed racism, were considered so last century, which of course it is. For them, and sadly for the millions who drink their Kool-Aid, it is, and always, will be 1963. At at time when we have a President who identifies himself as “black,” a black Attorney General, and the end of legalized segregation, of course, it’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable. Yet, many continue to play along, with the enthusiastic encouragement of that same President and Attorney General.

Second, Former democrat Vice Presidential candidate, the late Geraldine Ferraro was right in 2008 when she said “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.” It’s undeniable. But for his race, this narcissistic, thin-skinned empty suit with a history of admitted drug use, and extremely radical leftist views would still be on a Chicago street corner with a clipboard and bullhorn trying to stir up resentment and a sense of entitlement among poor, black people.

Third, and most troubling, we have reached a very dangerous point in this country, where it is no longer acceptable to criticize the President of the United States. I wonder if, back in the early 1990‘s at Harvard, when he was defending the clown who came up with the theoretical underpinning for the current “blacks can’t be racist, but whites always are” meme, Derrick Bell, Barack Obama knew that one day he would be its ultimate beneficiary.

Barack Obama is indeed historic, but not in a good way. Face it, Kids. We may as well have Al Sharpton in the White House.


Remind Me Again, Sen. McCain, Why We Want to Back Syrian Rebels?

Oh yeah, don’t you worry about it. These are the guys we want to link arms with. With the Washington Times:

Members of an al Qaeda-linked group in Syria executed a 15-year-old boy in front of his parents after kidnapping and torturing him for making disrespectful statements about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, a human rights group in the region claimed.
Mohammad Qataa was seized Saturday in Aleppo by gunmen with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — formerly known as the Nusra Front — after he was overheard saying during an argument with another, “Even if the Prophet Muhammad comes down [from heaven], I will not become a believer,” according toReuters.

The captors displayed the bloody and beaten boy to a crowd on Sunday, issuing a warning to those who might similarly speak of the prophet before shooting the teen.

Now, Bill Clinton is cheerleading for Barack Obama to listen to Sen. McCain and aid the Syrian rebels. Am I being cynical by suggesting that I suspect that Bubba is motivated to urge this action by something other than humanitarian concerns, or even America’s national interest? With the new foreign policy brain (less) trust over at the White House, led by the thoroughly inept Susan “Good Soldier” Rice, the latter is the last thing that will ever be considered. Why do I think that Bill Clinton might be hoping that Obama will be suckered into his own brand new war, which then Hillary could use against him in the upcoming election? Yes, he’s not running again, at least not unless he can get a couple of new Supreme Court Justices to clear the way, but as you well know, these politicians are motivated by one thing, their insatiable desire for power. To the extent that Obama is weakened, he would lose the ability to influence the ticket and otherwise continue to wield power behind the scenes.

Also, don’t underestimate the desire of the Clintons to get back at Obama for using Hillary’s vote in favor of the authorization to go to war in Iraq against her in 2008. After all, he never had to vote on that issue, yet he, ever the high-minded poseur, demagogued the hell out of HRC’s choice to support Pres. George W. Bush. It had to be especially galling, since although he did make several statements against the war, State Sen. Obama actually stated in November 2005, that “I think I would have agreed with our senior Sen. Dick Durbin and voted ‘Nay,” which leaves room for him to wiggle out of that position if it became politically expedient later.  I can imagine the Clintons gleefully rubbing their hands together thinking about sweet it would be to pound Obama over another war, one that he didn’t just vote for, but thoroughly owns, in the Middle East.

Or maybe I’m just succumbing to the corrosive cynicism that I always deplore. What say you?

Not 9/11. 7/11. The Obama Administration Still Doesn’t Get It. We Are at War.

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The Age of Obama is an age of irony. Consider that the one adjective most frequently used to describe Barack Obama, by his acolytes anyway, is “historic,” which is ironic because he has demonstrated repeatedly that either he knows nothing about history or is too arrogant and narcissistic to learn anything from it. Regardless, his lack of historical perspective was on prominent display during his highly-anticipated foreign policy speech on May 23, 2013 at National Defense University. Then consider the irony of this speech, which was largely an explanation and defense of his administration’s very aggressive use of drones to remotely zap terrorists thousands of miles away, consisting of this empty suit droning on for over an hour. Finally, in a slap at that evil George W. Bush, who is apparently still responsible for everything wrong in this country despite being out of office for over four years, the One pronounced that he had “unequivocally banned torture.”

Seriously? What did this insufferable gasbag think this speech was?

Those who were able to stay awake during this confusing, meandering mess were rewarded by a confirmation of what we have known all along. Let me state it simply. Liberals still just don’t get it. They don’t understand the difference between 9/11, as in an existential war against an extremely determined enemy with millions of lunatics willing to die for the cause, and 7/11, as in using law enforcement to find and punish the perp who knocked over the convenience market. Whether it’s Eric “I Recused Myself in My Mind But It Still Counts” Holder, who wanted to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a New York City court room, or Barack Hussein Obama himself choosing to treat Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a criminal rather than an enemy combatant, the dangerous and naîve mentality is the same.

We’ve tried this approach before, during the 1990’s. Six people were murdered in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. The mastermind and ring leader of the first World Trade Center bombing, Ramzi Yousef was tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison plus 240 years in January 1998, just 7 months before Islamic fanatics would set off bombs at our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. We were at war. We just didn’t know it. Eventually, reality would smack us out of our blissful ignorance when two huge airliners slammed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and a fourth in a Pennsylvania field.

Sarah Palin was famously humiliated during an interview with Charlie Gibson because she supposedly didn’t know the definition of the “Bush doctrine,” even though there were at least a half dozen definitions floated about during President Bush’s term. There will be no such confusion about the Obama doctrine, as enunciated in this speech. “We act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the American people, and when there are no other governments capable of effectively addressing the threat.” That’s an interesting test. I guess I wonder how exactly we know who is covered by it. By my reading, the elder Tsarnaev brother, in a Chechen terrorist training camp would not be covered because he had not yet murdered any Americans. Even as he walked among the happy thong at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, he would still not be covered. We had to wait until he and his little bro murdered 4 people, and injured hundreds of others. Here we see the problem with the 7/11 approach to people who are not common criminals, but rather committed warriors.

We were, and are, at war, except in the fantasyland inhabited by Barack Obama and his fellow leftists. Liberals are like children. When grown ups like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld were there to keep us safe, they had the luxury of believing foolishness like the drivel our man-child president fed to his fellow leftists during this unfortunate “change the subject” speech. They can dress up in goofy costumes, have sit-ins, screech about “torture,” and denials of civil rights for people who like to make videos in which they saw off other people’s heads, and otherwise make horses’ hind ends of themselves, and while they may be annoying, they are not dangerous. That is not the case when they are in charge of preventing another 9/11.


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Surviving and Thriving with Wayne Allyn Root, Plus The End of Boston Bomber Fairy Tale-Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 4-28-13

Friday’s economic growth numbers continued the disappointing trend that many clichè repeating news readers have dubbed with the irritating phrase “the new normal,” with a pathetic 2.5%. While reporting on this rotten economy, the Lame Stream Media attempts to cover for Barack Obama and the destructive effects of his policies by blaming the sequester, a decline in government spending that amounts to a rounding error, and which, as they always conveniently neglect to mention, was Obama’s idea.

While we serfs struggle in Obama’s economy, the political glitterati continue their endless whirl of celebrity-studded, luxurious parties, dinners and self-congratulatory celebrations, including last night’s White House Correspondence Dinner aka “the Nerd Prom,” an annual Hollywood-Washington mashup that gets more embarrassing every year. The One took the occasion to perform an alleged “comedy” routine, which has been greeted by the sycophantic stenographers in the press as delightfully self-deprecating, but which on closer examination is just more on the same finger in the eye to the bitter clingers. Guest comedian Conan O’Brien phoned it in, ripping the usual liberal targets like the NRA and Rep. Michele Bachman, while reading the jokes that his enormous staff of writers helped him prepare from index cards. Earlier in the week, the elites celebrated the opening of George W. Bush’s library, where Bill Clinton showed some evidence of personal growth. He told the audience that he thinks he should keep his clothes on. It was clear that Michelle Obama did not want to be there. Her expression said “just kill me.”

That leaves us here in real America trying to survive in what our guest Wayne Allyn Root calls the “Obamageddon.” How can you and your family not only survive, but also thrive and prosper, in this economy? Wayne will share some strategies from his new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.

The Boston bombers investigation continues, and it is very clear that the whole “just a guy who got radicalized and brought along his brother–lone wolves–nothing to see here” narrative is falling apart. Why was the questioning of pothead/jihadist punk Tsarnaev the Younger abruptly ended after only 16 hours by the arrival of a magistrate, who took the highly unusual step of helpfully bringing along an attorney? The reason is obvious and we’ll unpack it.

I not only watch so you don’t have to. I read, and I’ve been plowing through the Gang of 8’s proposed immigration bill. As I told you a couple of week’s ago, Marco Rubio is being played by Chuck Schumer, and this disaster needs to be stopped. “Comprehensive immigration reform” is simply a way for democrats to hold solutions to actual problems like the failure to track aliens who overstay their visas, or errors that allow people like Tamerlin Tsarnaev to slip through the cracks, hostage to their desire to admit millions of new democrat voters to the country.

Speaking of the Tsarnaev family, they clearly believed that they were entitled to support from taxpayers, and now, according to a very influential radical Islamist cleric, that’s a great way to finance jihad. From the Daily Mail: “A controversial Muslim cleric will not face action despite telling his followers to claim benefits and saying David Cameron should be killed. Telling fellow fanatics to claim ‘jihad seeker’s allowance’, Anjem Choudary, who in the past has planned to disrupt the minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday, also openly mocked hard-working Britons, calling them ‘slaves’.” The article also notes “The father-of-four takes home more than £25,000 a year in benefits and lives in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.” Preview of coming attractions for USA?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Politics, Pop Culture, the Hottest Issues of the Day, and Your calls. The Teri O’Brien Show, featuring America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess, Live and in color, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time  at Daring to Commit Common Sense, Fearlessly, and More Important, Cheerfully, in the Age of Obama.

Make My Day: Text “FAN TOBCWP” to 32665

Can’t listen live? Download it from iTunes and listen on demand. 

As one listener wrote “one of the most insightful and entertaining pundits in America. Also, her voice is magical.”

Serious Ideas, Irresistible Entertainment. Warning: listeners may become hopelessly addicted.

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The Obama “Recovery?” Lowest Labor Participation Rate Since Jimmy Carter

If you didn’t understand this critical fact before, understand it now because Barack Obama and his PR flacks do understand it very very well. Their low-information supporters are so completely ignorant about serious public policy matters that they are incapable of understanding the destruction he is inflicting on this country. How else to explain the ridiculous spectacle of a man who once derided his predecessor as “unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the national debt over 8 years, and who then preceded to add $5 trillion in less than 39 months, a man who pledged to “cut the deficit in half by the end of [his] first term in office,” and then added $1 trillion to it every year in office, issuing proclamations about financial responsibility? Anyone with the slightest grasp of the facts could have only one of three reactions to that charade; specifically, either open-mouthed shock, uncontrollable laughter, or both.

Today’s job report makes painfully clear that Mr. Financial Responsibility’s constant repetition of the fairy tale that our economy is “recovering” is another cruel joke, sort of like those “shovel ready jobs that weren’t so shovel ready. From the Liberal Death Star (aka The New York Times):

The United States economy posted disappointing job growth in March.

The nation’s employers increased their payrolls by 88,000 last month, compared with 268,000 in February, according to a Labor Department report released Friday. It was the slowest pace of growth since last June and less than half of what economists expected.

It was also the third consecutive spring in which employers tapered off their hiring, even after adjusting the numbers for seasonal changes. Economists have started calling the phenomenon the “spring swoon.”

The unemployment rate, which comes from a different survey, ticked down to 7.6 percent from 7.7 percent, but primarily because more people dropped out of the labor force, not because more people got jobs.

The labor force participation rate has not been this low — 63.3 percent — since 1979, a time when women were less likely to be working. (emphasis mine) Baby Boomer retirements may account for part of the slide, but discouragement about job prospects in a mediocre economy still seems to be playing a large role, economists say.

In other words, this economy stinks, and people are simply checking out.

Then there’s this little nugget. Remember back in the day when Ronald Reagan pulled us out of the Jimmy Carter recession in two years? The Lame Stream Media whined about “hamburger flipper jobs.” I can’t wait to hear their reaction to this very interesting part of the story.

Relatively low-wage sectors like food services and retail have accounted for a large share of the job growth in the last few years; a report in August from the National Employment Law Project, a liberal advocacy group, found that a majority of jobs lost during the downturn were in the middle range of wages, and a majority of those added during the recovery have been low paying.


The story goes on to describe the plight of a 56 year-old Chicago woman named Amie Crawford, who after a 30-year career as an interior designer, and a 4 month job search, now works as a part-time cashier at “a quick-service health food cafe called the Protein Bar.” And she’s considered “one of the lucky ones” in the Obama “recovery.”

Meanwhile, as he and his merry band of Marxists work 24/7 to increase the size of the federal government, and make as many people dependent on it as possible, regardless of the suffering that they are inflicting in the process, the White House celebrity revolving door turns incessantly, the taxpayer-funded trips to campaign cash raising soireès with the fabulously wealthy and the perpetual vacations for the Obama family continue.

I have always said that this country gets what it deserves, but it’s heartbreaking to see so much collateral damage, and it’s especially cruel that many of those suffering the most are those who fell for the “hope and change” con in the first place.