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Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer: The Truth About Islam and Jihad Copy

Dangerous Thinkers

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer has studied the Koran and Islam for over 30 years, and he has written 19 books, including his latest, the soon-to-be released The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS, the comprehensive history of the role of war and terror in the spread of Islam.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to check out one of the books we discuss here ...

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No Regrets: Angela Merkel Still Thinks Admitting Unscreened Syrians a GREAT Idea


Despite the recent spate of terrorist attacks by Islamist lunatics in her country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no regrets about throwing her country wide open to them. The more the merrier, or the bloodier. From Politico: Angela Merkel on Thursday rejected calls to change her refugee policy despite recent terror attacks. “I stand by the political decisions we’ve made,” Merkel ...

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German Suicide Bomber Had Pledged Allegiance to ISIS


NOTE: This post is an update to this one. The 27-year old Syrian suicide bomber who injured at least twelve in Germany was an ISIS terrorist. We reported on this attack earlier today. At that time, the latest information said: Police said that they do not yet know whether the attacker had a radical Islamist background. The investigation currently focused ...

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WATCH: Authorities Say German Train Looked Like “Slaughterhouse”


Note: This post is an update to this post from yesterday. Please scroll down for video. WARNING: Graphic content. The German train attack by an Afghan “refugee” was an Islamist terrorist attack. Who’da thunk it? And the number of injuries is much greater than originally reported. From the Mirror UK: 18 people were injured after a man armed with an ...

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Afghan Ax Wielder Injures 4 on German Train


What could possibly be the motive for the Afghan ax-wielder? Other questions: does he spell his name ‘Mohammed’ or ‘Mohamed?” The name of the 17 year-old Afghan “man” has not been released. From CNN: An ax-wielding man who attacked several people on a train in southern Germany has been shot dead by police, according to Lt. Fabian Hench, regional police ...

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Cologne Coverup: Syrian “Refugees” Involved in Sexual Assault Rampage

Migrants Cologne Germany

As it turns out, Cologne sexual assault rampage did involve some Syrian “refugees.” This is an update to this post. Of course, when the news surfaced about this disgusting episode, PC-afflicted local officials did the usual “nothing to see here” thing that we’ve come to know and HATE. From the Telegraph UK: Some of those involved in a series of sexual ...

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Preview of Coming Attractions? Germany Shocked by New Year’s Gang Sexual Assaults

Migrants Cologne Germany

Germany takes in 1 million Muslim “refugees” from Syria. What could possibly go wrong? As Obama continues his determined effort to trample the 2nd Amendment and disarm law-abiding Americans, he continues with his open border and Muslim “refugee” importation programs. Of course, all three are part of his “remaking” America project. Will a transformed America include special holiday celebrations like ...

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Germany Arrest ISIS Recruiter Posing as Asylum Seeker, Hillary Clinton Wants to Import 65,000 Syrians

Will the arrest of an alleged ISIS recruiter posing as a “refugee,” give Hillary Clinton any pause? While many “news” programs on network and cable television were reporting on the Emmy Awards, and Dr. Ben Carson’s “controversial” comments about not being in favor of an Islamic president of the United States, Hillary Clinton was shilling for the importation of thousands ...

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Other People’s Money or Guns?

Who would have thought a year ago that Europe was the place to invest? The market had hoped for a “Grand Bargain”. Instead, it got a small, ultimately insufficient fiscal deal. The best to be said of the agreement hammered out on New Year’s eve is that it beat the alternative. While investors still cheered, nobody should mistake this for ...

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