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WATCH: Obama Visit to Greece Sparks “Go Home” Riots


Obama no doubt went to Europe, including Greece, because he figured that was the one place where he could indulge his delusion about his excellent performance in office. That’s a little tough to do here after last week’s election, in which the American public delivered a complete and unquestionable smackdown of his policies. Jackass, you were the one who said ...

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BREAKING: Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports

By all means, let’s keep that southern border wide open. Honduras arrests five Syrians headed for U.S. with stolen passports. Updated to add 3 more Syrians with fake passports, this group from St. Maartens. Please scroll down for details. From Yahoo News: Tegucigalpa (AFP) – Honduran authorities have arrested five Syrians intending to make it to the United States with ...

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Banking Bubbles

We all have heard, by now, of the collapse of The Bank of Cyprus, Laiki and Hellenic Bank but what hasn’t been talked about much is: why. Why should people who deposit money in a bank for safekeeping wake up one day to find their life savings has vanished? Most reports suggest these banks were heavily invested in Greek bonds. ...

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Uplifting Mali Update

The French, who have been fighting wayward Libyan rebels for some days now in Mali have requested assistance from the U.S. with air-refueling and C-17 airlifts. Incredibly, the Obama administration is demanding payment. Until a few days ago, the Obama Administration was insisting that France reimburse us for all airlift and tanker missions flown in support of air ops over ...

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Other People’s Money or Guns?

Who would have thought a year ago that Europe was the place to invest? The market had hoped for a “Grand Bargain”. Instead, it got a small, ultimately insufficient fiscal deal. The best to be said of the agreement hammered out on New Year’s eve is that it beat the alternative. While investors still cheered, nobody should mistake this for ...

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Mission Accomplished, Barry! America Cut Down to Size!

For nearly three years we have watched Barack Obama work to “remake” America, by which he means exact payback from what his lippy old lady called this “mean” country, one that needs to be taken down for its racist, imperialistic sins. His very revealing comment on American exceptionalism made clear that he does not share the view of our country that we bitter clingers ...

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