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Obama’s Reign of Economic Destruction: Show Notes, 8-25-13 Program

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Thanks to our terrific guest attorney Leah Durant of the Black American Leadership Alliance, a group that she founded to fight the amnesty for illegals that would be a disaster for the American middle class.

The depressing reality of ‘the recovery’: Americans aren’t getting jobs. They’re retiring.

New home sales plunge 13.4% (when people have only part time jobs, they can’t afford mortgages-DUH)

Retailers give mixed signals on consumer spending- MSN Money

75 Percent Of Jobs Created This Year Were Part-Time Due To Weak Economy, Obamacare Concerns

9.5 Million People Have Left the Workforce Under Obama | CNS News

If This Guy Is What The Future Of America Looks Like, We Are In Big Trouble | Zero Hedge (piece that has video of real life Jeff Spicoli, except he’s 27, not 17, who uses his $200 a month in food stamps to buy sushi and lobster at Whole Foods, and has ZERO interest in being a responsible, grown up man. Contains some very depressing stats about the state of young American men.)

DC March for Jobs – Stop Congress’ Amnesty Push (Leah Durant’s website, where you find more information about her group’s efforts to stop amnesty. Please check it out)

Black Leaders: Immigration Bill Will ‘Harm’ African American Workers

Shocking: Black Teen Unemployment Rate 41.6%

Obama: ‘Legacy of Discrimination’ Spurring Minority Poverty (yeah right. It couldn’t be your policies, Barry)

Norquist Suggests Immigration Bill Will Not Pass House This Year (Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist concedes that the amnesty he desires may not pass after all)

Watch What Happens After Husband Chases Down Hong Kong National Who Punched His Wife, 78, Over Her Anti-Abortion Sign | Video | (Another racial stereotype destroyed: “Asians are smart”)

Second Amendment Update

Disgusting-Sen. Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin, the walking embodiment of the truth that politics is a refuge for the mediocre, is abusing the power of his office to bully those who dare to exercise their First Amendment rights. He hates the First Amendment, but he REALLY hates the 2nd Amendment. What a national embarrassment this pudgy huckster is! Thanks to Illinois Review for all their terrific journalism on this ALEC issue. The question is where is Durbin getting this list of 300 private businesses to harass?

FLASHBACK: Archived-Articles: What’s a bigger national embarrassment – Gitmo or Durbin? (my American Thinker piece recounting the ways that Dick Durbin has made a horse’s ass of himself)

Durbin intimidates ALEC supporters over “stand-your-ground” laws – Illinois Review

The bully in the U.S. Senate – Illinois Review

Anti-gun group stirs “Stand-Your-Ground” debate as Durbin prepares for hearings – Illinois Review

How The NRA Built A Massive Secret Database Of Gun Owners (Those crack journalists at Buzzfeed have nailed the evil NRA for–wait for it–HYPOCRISY!! Those gun nuts, who constantly inveigh against a government gun registry, themselves have a massive secret database!!! I’ll speak slowly. The NRA is an organization that people join voluntarily, and its list is a membership list for marketing purposes. It is NOT a list of people who own guns with information about where they live of the type that anti-2nd amendment groups seek to create as a prelude to confiscating our guns, which has already happened in this country, just last April. See next link.)

Judge orders guns returned to Amherst man mistakenly identified as violating the SAFE Act – Buffalo (chilling stuff)

DHS Employee Who Operates ‘Race War’ Site Also Has Video Calling Obama ‘Mulatto Faggot’ | Mediaite (at first I didn’t understand why a federal government employee with a “Kill Whitey” website would be problem for the Obama administration. Now I get it. His video is “Video of the Day” today in the right side bar, if you’re interested.)

Justice Dept. Tries to Stop La. School Vouchers – ABC News (perfect illustration of liberal insanity-Eric Holder, U.S.A.’s first African-American A.G. sues to stop poor black children from escaping failing schools because allowing them to do so would upset “racial balance.” So law’s passed to eliminate racist segregation now operate to stop black children from getting a good education. Of course, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and other liberals don’t care because they don’t send their children to public schools.)

Did David “Howdy Doody” Gregory Violate DC’s Gun Laws? Show Notes, 12/23/12

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David Gregory, another phony hypocritical liberal who doesn’t want to live by the rules he wants to impose on you, holds up a 30-round magazine on his show, thereby violating DC’s strict gun laws. Plus, the doofus sends his kids to the same school as Obama’s kids, where there are armed guards and the Secret Service!

Sign the petition to have Gregory prosecuted. How do you like your strict gun laws now, Mr. Gregory?

Our Special Guests:

Rich Pearson, Executive Director, Illinois State Rifle Association

Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican, on boycotting democrats over the holidays

Note: Our scheduled guest, Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Project 21 could not join us since she was delayed returning from another commitment. We will be rescheduling her appearance, so stay tuned.

Obama says “so long, Suckers” and jets off on his $4million Hawaiian holiday, leaving Congress to deal with the “fiscal cliff,” after telling Boehner, Michael Corleone-style “my offer is nothing.” (ICKS-nay on the “Cliffmas” talk, please.)

Speaker Boehner’s Plan B Exposes Obama’s Grade-A Tax-the-Rich Lie –

Will Speaker Boehner be replaced? Who would want this job?

WSJ: Obama threatened Boehner that he’ll use Inauguration & SOTU speches to blame GOP |

Bizarro World: Oblivious gun grabbers Rev. Al Sharpton interviews radical priest Father Michael Pfleger on the 24/7 nuthouse MS-NBC, and they lament the gun violence in Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. (

2nd Amendment Update with Rich Pearson, Illinois State Rifle Association 

Vacuous Hollywood morons team up with Mayor Bloomberg. Yes, it is documented that there are dolphins more intelligent than most of these people.

Federal court ruling on Illinois concealed carry ban sets stage for appeal, legislative battle – Washington Post

At a Friday press event, NRA CEO and Exec VP Wayne LaPierre tells the truth about what will work to make schools safe. Lame Stream Media, predictably, goes nuts.

W. LaPierre-Gun NutW.LaPierre-Craziest Man on Earth

NRA’s LaPierre misses opportunity in anti-gun-control rant after Newtown massacre –

Daily News America – Breaking national news, video, and photos – Homepage – NY Daily News

On ABC’s “This Week,” Grover Norquist injects some common sense, reminding Georgie S and viewers that when Bill Clinton proposed the same idea, armed cops in schools, everyone thought it was a perfectly rational idea. Another example of Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste.” (audio at ~1:49:45)

Wayne LaPierre exposes Michael Bloomberg’s hypocrisy, which I reminded listeners is like Barack Obama’s “Cook County” plan for the entire country. (~1:23)

Months Before Shooting, “Civil Liberties” Groups Defeated Conn. Law Aimed at the Violent Mentally Ill : The Republican Party Animals

The Lame Stream Media didn’t think Barack Obama’s bizarre self-absorbed blathering about his family vacation at the late Sen. Daniel Inouye’s memorial service, but we did.

Obama Uses Funeral Service to Talk About Himself | The Weekly Standard

Even the liberals noticed:

Barack Obama’s eulogy to Daniel Inouye told us more about the president than the memory of a remarkable senator. – Slate Magazine

Flashback: Obama pays tribute to Neil Armstrong, the only way he knows how | The Daily Caller

Eric Dondero on Boycotting Democrats — Daily Intelligencer

Rules of Engagement – (chart that humorist Rob Long plans to hand out to liberals at holiday gatherings before he decides to converse with them about politics)

Remember, these political arguments can get pretty heated:

Wife runs husband over during political argument – FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

Ready for Your Invasive Exam from the IRS? Check out the Obamacare Tax Form

I can hear those IRS agents snapping on the gloves right now. Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform have created this Obamacare Tax Form to shine a light on the impact this hideous scheme is going to have on all of us if it’s not repealed:

Just what the doctor ordered. Another government-mandated form that you must fill out under threat of prison.

The entire post from ATR is well-worth reading. Please share this information with your friends, many of whom I’m quite sure have no idea what is about to hit them if B. Hussein Obama is able to pull off his con a second time.

Of course, it was obvious that imposing this federal government takeover of our health care system would require a level of coercion that is repulsive to all red-blooded Americans. Gee, maybe that’s why they don’t want it to take effect until after next week’s presidential election …


Note to Democrats: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

I guess we can’t blame Obama and his merry band of Marxists for assuming, after the major con job they pulled off in 2008, that the American public is dumber than a box of rocks; however, as Grover Norquist points out in this excellent piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, we’re on to the scam:

During the 2011 debate on combining tax hikes and spending to reduce the deficit by $2.5 trillion, Scott Rasmussen’s polling found that 75% of Americans were convinced that any deal in Congress would actually increase taxes on the middle class.


Even with the president promising to tax only the rich, why did 75% of Americans believe they were the ultimate targets of any threatened tax hike? The history of trickle-down taxation over the last 100 years and the last two Democratic administrations suggests an answer.


The Alternative Minimum Tax was imposed in 1969 because 115 households investing in municipal bonds reportedly paid little or no federal income tax. This tax on the rich who were paying what the president and others call a “fair share” now affects four million households. On Jan. 1, 2013, it is set to hit 27 million more—raising an estimated $120 billion, according to the Obama 2013 budget. In 40 years, a tax on 115 households will have grown to threaten 31 million.

The personal income tax, brought courtesy of the 16th Amendment, also promised to be a tax on the wealthiest Americans. It began in 1913 with a top rate of 7% and hit only those with a taxable income of $500,000 or more. (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, that would be $11.5 million now.) Today, roughly half of American families pay the personal income tax.

Politicians at the state level have also played trickle-down taxation. Maine imposed an income tax in 1969, and the tax that once only hit folks earning more than $308,000 in today’s dollars now hits Mainers with a rate of 8.5% and kicks in at $19,950. Almost everyone in Maine is now “rich.”


Give the One credit. As he famously admitted in 2008, he believes in increasing taxes EVEN IF doing so would REDUCE funds to the U.S. Treasury, all in the interest of “fairness.” Translation: the function of the federal government is to redistribute wealth and equalize outcomes, so tax increases has nothing to with paying for the legitimate, Constitutionally-mandating functions of government or reducing the crushing federal government debt. That’s what he believed then, and that’s what he believes now. He and his mouthpieces admitted as much last week, which is why the following, also from Mr. Norquist’s piece, is a serious warning none of us can afford to ignore:

One other reason voters of all incomes may keep a firm grasp on their wallets is that Mr. Obama’s proposed budget for the next decade calls for spending all money raised on his planned tax increases on the rich. Yet despite higher taxes on “them,” it never, ever gets to balance. The president’s budget increases the national debt by $6.7 trillion in a mere 10 years. So to actually balance the budget, Mr. Obama will be looking for $6.7 trillion (to start) to come out of the hide of . . . guess who.


Democrats have demonized Mr. Norquist for challenging members of Congress to make a pledge to the American public not to vote for tax increases. This piece makes it crystal clear why he is on their Enemies’ List. Cockroaches scatter when you shine a light on them.


Heads up, Granny. Obamacare is coming for your wallet.

Grover Norquist, co-author (along with last Sunday’s guest Prof. John R. Lott) of the terrific new book, Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do About It, points out the five tax hikes that most hurt seniors in today’s Daily Caller. After noting the excise tax for those failing to comply with Obamacare’s individual mandate, and the “Cadillac Tax” on high-cost health plans, he points out the increase on tax on dividends:

Third is Obamacare’s dividends tax hike. Starting in 2013, the top tax rate on dividends is scheduled to rise from 15% today to 39.6%. In addition, Obamacare imposes a dividend “surtax” of 3.8% on families making more than $250,000 per year. That would create a top dividend tax rate of 43.4%, nearly triple today’s rate. This will fall very hard on seniors. According to the Tax Foundation’s analysis of IRS data, 70% of households over age 55 receive dividend income. Seventy-one percent of all dividends paid flow to these households. To raise taxes on dividends is to raise taxes on seniors.

Most seniors I know who have figured out how to use a computer use it to check their stock portfolios incessantly, no doubt because they are concerned about the chance that they might outlive their savings. So, while Barack Obama and his apparatchiks are excoriating Republicans for wanting to destroy Medicare, and running commercials showing Paul Ryan lookalikes throwing old ladies over cliffs, they have put a law in place that will triple the tax on seniors’ savings.

In truth, seniors don’t have to worry about running out of money. even with this increased tax. Once the IPAB does its job of denying them medical care, they can take the advice of a former democrat governor and just “die and get out of the way.”

More about the IPAB here, by another Teri O’Brien Show guest, Stanley Kurtz.