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Post-Election Haiku: Michelle Obama Edition

Haiku 1: Michelle Obama Food and nutrition expert You can see her butt from space. Haiku 2: Repellant Michelle Cheers her husband’s re-election Plans luxury trips. Haiku 3: Michelle says “you know” at least four times per sentence. She has no PromTer.  

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Presidential Debate Haiku

Haiku 1: Barack Obama Petulant angry manchild Romney cleaned his clock. Haiku 2: Obama lying Staring daggers at Romney Stick a fork in him. Haiku 3: Michelle living large on taxpayers’ dime for years Call the movers now  

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VP Debate Haiku

Bombastic Biden Bullying lying blowhard His antics thrill Matthews.   Last night we saw Joe Crazy old man off his meds No fool like old fool.   Four dead Americans Joe said Barry didn’t know Libya’s dangerous.   Joe shows leftist plan Mock, express outrage and lie Joe, your time has passed.

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Debate Haiku

As you know, haiku is a form of poetry, in which there are three lines. The first line has five syllables. The second line has seven, and the last line has five. Here are some haikus inspired by last night’s presidential debate. Enjoy! Slobbering press fans are thunderstruck watching it. The One lays an egg. Magnificent Mitt scores as empty ...

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