Kerry Playing With Fire In Middle East … J. D. Longstreet

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In a few days or a few weeks, the Obama Administration will present Israel and the so-called Palestinians with something referred to as a “framework agreement.”

The diplomats, (diplomats = People paid to lie for their country) explain that it is called a framework because the eventual peace agreement would be built upon this agreement. In other words, it is the framework for the eventual peace agreement between Israel and the so-called Palestinians.


This “agreement” is bad for Israel and bad for the US.   Here’s why:

Far from bringing peace to Israel and the so-called Palestinians, it could just as likely bring renewed fighting between the two and more trouble for the US.

In its arrogance, the Obama Administration wants this agreement signed before the end of the year (2014).  The ridiculousness of this is laughable. Once again, the US has amateurs at work defusing a bomb.

Already, Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, has declared that “it is not going to happen.”

Let’s take a look at the outlandish terms of the framework agreement.

Kerry’s agreement mentions a Palestinian state with borders based on the 1949 Armistice lines and with land swaps between Israel and the PA. 75 to 80 percent of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria would remain in their homes even after a permanent agreement.”  – SOURCE: 

There is said to be a reference to the PA’s “incitement” against Israel and a reference to compensation for Jewish refugees who came from Arab countries.  Each side would recognize the other as a nation state. and the two sides would announce the end of the conflict.

From we learn this:  “US Secretary of State John Kerry is about to present a plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) that will call for a phased Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria based on the 1949 lines, with “unprecedented” security arrangements in the strategic Jordan Valley, writes Thomas Friedman in the New York Times – one of the journalists considered most close to the Obama administration.

The Israeli withdrawal will not include certain settlement blocs, but Israel will compensate the Arab side for this with Israeli territory. The deal will call for “Palestine” to have a capital in Arab East Jerusalem and to recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. It will not include any right of return for Palestinian refugees into pre-1967 Israel, Friedman says.” — SOURCE:

So, Kerry and Obama want to divide the city of Jerusalem … AGAIN.  It is reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adamantly rejects the division of the city of Jerusalem.

Oh, and Kerry’s plan calls for Israeli troops to patrol the Jordan Valley for some years into the future.  As you would expect the so-called Palestinians adamantly reject that.

Netanyahu is walking on egg shells in even considering this “agreement.”  It could easily tear apart his coalition.  Already, tension within the Israeli political community has been ratcheting upward for at least a week upon this writing.

On the other hand, if Netanyahu says no to the plan, then European nations could invoke a boycott on Israeli goods to “punish” Israel for not agreeing to the Obama/Kerry plan.  Yes.  This IS the same Europe where anti-Semitism runs rampant — even today.

There is an excellent article entitled:  “White House Is Weeks Away From Imposing Middle East Peace Framework – What You Need To Know” at Prophecy News Watch that explains the “agreement” in much more detail.  We urge you to read it.  You’ll find it here.  

Now, it is important that the world understand this … neither side wants peace now. Somehow, Kerry seems to have missed this tiny detail.  Come on, folks.  If either side truly wanted peace they could, and would, work it out between themselves without the meddling of the US.   They’ve done it three times in the past:  Peace treaty with Egypt, another with Jordan, and a mutual recognition deal between Israel and the PLO.  See what I mean?

The so-called Palestinian government is so divided as to be almost useless. There is Hamas ruling in Gaza, and Mahmoud Abbas, in charge of the government on the West Bank — or what government there is there!  As a “non-member observer state, in the UN General Assembly, the so-called Palestinians are reported to be ready to take Israel to the International Criminal Court any day now.  Does this sound like a group ready to talk peace?  Hardly.

This is a war that has been raging since Abraham and his two sons walked the hills, valleys and seashores of what we call the Holy Land today. It is not about to be settled by April 30th, or even by the end of the year 2014.   In fact, we have every reason to believe that it will intensify touching off even more conflicts within, and without, the region leading, eventually, to World War III.

So, at the risk of bruising Mr. Kerry’s pride and denting his arrogance, we can comfortable say that the “Framework Agreement” isn’t worth the paper it is written upon.  But — don’t be surprised if in a few weeks we have another Neville Chamberlain moment with Kerry waving a piece of paper over his head shouting:  “Peace in or time!”  We never seem to learn, do we?

Saint Paul said:  “The way of peace they have not known. There is no fear of God before their eyes” (Romans 3:17–18)  That was about 2,000 years ago.  Not much has changed.

J. D. Longstreet

Connecting the dots blasts.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote of the air attack on a munitions factory in the Sudan. It was clear, at the time, Israel was behind it as the Sudanese blamed them almost immediately:

Four military planes attacked the Yarmouk plant … We believe that Israel is behind it,” Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman told reporters, adding that the planes appeared to approach the site from the east.

“Sudan reserves the right to strike back at Israel,” he said.

With a combat radius of 340 miles fully loaded and the target 1,000 miles away, they would need to refuel en route as drop tanks would diminish their ordnance capability- even if they had drop tanks, they would have to refuel.

A couple things stand out in this story.

Sudan, which analysts say is used as an arms-smuggling route to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip via neighboring Egypt…”

“A huge crater could be seen next to two destroyed buildings and what appeared to be a rocket lying on the ground.”

Last night, there was this story:

Jonathan Schanzer, a former counter-terrorism analyst at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, said the real agenda behind Israel’s assault last month on Hamas’ munitions stockpiles and smuggling tunnels was not simply to end the daily barrage of relatively primitive rockets that have become part of daily life in Israel. The real mission was to eliminate as many as 100 Iranian-built Fajr5 missiles – with the power to reach Tel Aviv – that had been sneaked into Gaza through Egypt. The Obama administration knew in advance of the operation and agreed that the missiles, built in a Sudanese factory, had to be neutralized to protect millions of Israeli citizens who were now within range of the deadly Iranian weapons, according to Schanzer.


That explains the rocket lying on the ground after the explosion in the Sudan.

“There’s little doubt that Iranian-built rockets came from Sudan through Egypt, and that Egypt’s security forces weren’t interested in intercepting the missiles,” Eric Trager, of the Washington Institute, an expert on Egyptian affairs, told “Morsi was more interested in furthering his own internal agenda than worrying about foreign policy issues at that time.”

Of course, the Israelis have long considered that possibility, prompting the deployment of a layered anti-missile system, built around the Iron Dome (for short-range rockets); upgraded Patriot units for short-range missiles like the SS-21 and SCUD variants, and the Arrow II system for longer-range missiles from Iran.  The recent conflict demonstrated that Iron Dome can handle mass volleys of rockets–including the larger Fajr-5–without assistance from other assets.  At one point, the Palestinians even tried to refine their “saturation” tactics, concentrating their launches at a single Iron Dome battery.  Their scheme failed; the system engaged rockets that threatened populated areas, while ignoring those bound for the open countryside, just as it was designed to do.  Not long after that failed “project,” the Palestinians were pressing for a firm cease-fire.While political motives for the “November war” cannot be discounted, it also seems clear that Hamas (along with its Iranian patrons) wanted a better read on how their tactics would fair against the Iron Dome, which is now entering wider operational service.  To say the least, Hamas got its answer during the week-long war, and it wasn’t the one they were looking for.

Not surprisingly, the current activity involving Assad’s CW stockpile has caught the attention of Israel’s neighbors.  Turkey has asked NATO to deploy two Patriot air defense battalions, to help defend the country from chemical-tipped missiles that might be fired from Syria.Meanwhile, Israel is considering a much more aggressive approach.  Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu has sought Jordan’s permission to bomb Syrian WMD sites on two occasions in the last two months.  In both instances Jordan declined, saying the “timing wasn’t right.”With many Syrian CW facilities located near the Jordanian border, Israel believes it is important to have Amman’s permission before launching an attack through its airspace.  But as U.S. officials observe, Israel doesn’t need Jordan’s permission to go after Syria; over the years, the Israeli Air Force has struck a number of targets in Syrian-controlled territory with near-impunity.  So, why the sudden concern about Jordanian permission?

The marriage of missiles and chemical weapons would be a nightmare. And the assertion that the Palestinians were victorious is laughable.

Israel essentially achieved its main aims within the first few days, said Schanzer, noting that Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., said as much when he remarked on Day Three of the campaign: “We have run out of good targets.”

Critics Assail Lack of FTC Approval for Fatah-Hamas Merger

On the day that President Barack Hussein Obama will make a major foreign policy speech about the Middle East at the State Department, Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Abul Abdullah, spokesman for KABOOM (Kindred Alliance of Bombers, Osama-Worshipping, Oddball Maniacs) expressed the organization’s unhappiness that the recent merger of Hamas and Fatah did not require approval by the FTC. He referred not to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, but rather the Fanatic Terrorist Commission, a little-known organization that attempts to promote competition among murdering terrorist groups.

Mr. Abdullah explained:

Many Americans do not understand that we are not anti-modern. We are anti-Western. We hate America, but we love its technology. Don’t be fooled by that video of Osama watching that 70’s style dorm tv with the wires coming out of the back. He was old school, no matter how much we tried to drag him into the 21st century when it comes to technology.  He was worse than your Aunt Tillie, who still has a VCR, and one with that “12:00” flashing on the clock! Honestly, it was ridiculous. Many people believe that the reason that he didn’t have a cell phone was that he was afraid of being captured. That wasn’t it at all. We just couldn’t get him to use one that wasn’t made in 1998 and wasn’t the size of a toaster! We finally gave up and took it away from him.

But I digress …I wanted to talk about this merger and how it should not have been permitted. As I said, we love technology, including cable tv. Personally, I love CNBC and Fox Business, and I’ve learned from watching them that competition makes organizations more innovative and more productive. It also lets us all reap the benefits of experimentation. The infidel Stuart Varney talks about it all the time. So now we have this competition-reducing merger. It’s no good! Say one group wants to blow up a school and one wants to blow up a school bus. Instead of doing both, and seeing which one results in more death, injury and destruction, we have them choosing to do only one! It’s very very bad. I don’t know what the FTC could have been thinking!

Asked whether the merger might jeopardize future funding from the United States, Mr. Abdullah said “You’re kidding, right?”


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