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VIDEO: Vacuous Valley Girl State Dept. Mouthpiece Captures Insanity of Obama Foreign Policy

The Obama foreign policy, informed by his radical leftist ideology, has the world ablaze, with Christians being beheaded, and little girls being raped, while he enjoys another golf weekend. Even Chris Matthews gets it. When States Department spokes imbecile, the ridiculous Marie Harf, told him on last night’s edition of “Hardball” that “we cannot win this war by killing them, ...

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Chris Matthews Wrong Again. IRS “Bush Appointee” a Dem Donor in 2004

We knew long before their chief admitted it; that is, that MS-NBC is not the place for actual news. It’s more like a surveillance camera inside an insane asylum providing unintentional comedy. Here’s another example from yesterday’s edition of one of their most popular shows, and by that I mean there are about as many people watching as there are ...

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Chris Matthews Slobbers on James Carter IV, 3rd Generation Doofus

As several commentators have noted, this product of the obviously outstanding Carter gene pool is not exactly an overachiever. In fact, he makes Sandra Fluke look like a real go-getter. Seriously, if this loser doesn’t look like the second coming of John Hinckley, I don’t know who does. Relax, libs, I’m not saying he’s an assassin wanna be, and I ...

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Ezra Klein, Google Searches & Charts Prove Racism

As promised on yesterday’s show, here’s the unintentionally hilarious video of earnest liberal twit Ezra Klein putting on a clinic on a subject well-known to liberals “Racist Amerika.” Using studies by obviously enlightened and objective professors (are there any other kind?) prepared with indisputable data about “racist terms” in Google searches and assessments of “racial attitudes,” he explained how B. ...

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