Chris Matthews Wrong Again. IRS “Bush Appointee” a Dem Donor in 2004

We knew long before their chief admitted it; that is, that MS-NBC is not the place for actual news. It’s more like a surveillance camera inside an insane asylum providing unintentional comedy. Here’s another example from yesterday’s edition of one of their most popular shows, and by that I mean there are about as many people watching as there are in line to pay for their coffee at your local Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Chris Matthews’ “Hardball.”

Apparently, Chris and his guest former Pennsylvania Ed Rendell governor, Democrat Ed Rendell aren’t troubled by the use of the enormous power of the federal government against ordinary Americans, simply because they oppose the Regime’s agenda. They cannot concede the possibility that reasonable people can oppose this extremely offensive, banana republic style oppression for any reason other than blind hatred for Barack Hussein Obama. Their evidence is that former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was a Bush appointee. While technically true, what they didn’t mention were the following two facts: (1) by design, the IRS commissioner’s term is five years, so that it will not be congruent with the President’s, the idea being that these distinct terms will help keep the IRS independent and free of politics. Of course, when Congress came up with this idea they didn’t figure on a Chicago politician and his gangsta thugs occupying the Oval Office, and (2) this “Bush appointee,” Mr. Shulman is a democrat donor. He contributed $500 to the Democrat National Committee in 2004. You can find it here, on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

That’s a troublesome fact for Obama kneepad-wearing ignoramuses like these two, who want to call Mr. Shulman “Bush’s guy.” For a “Bush guy,” he sure liked to hang out with Barack Obama, didn’t he? He visited the White House 157 times, and when asked about it, he arrogantly and dismissively said he was there for the Easter egg roll. In addition, Mr. Shulman’s wife, Susan Anderson, is a proud leftist.

I know that almost no one is watching you, Chris, other than people like me who watch so my readers and listeners won’t have to, but must you continuously embarrass yourself?

Hillary Lies, Media Complies. Chris Matthews Says WI Senator Doesn’t Represent Anyone.

As noted in this post, Richard Nixon should have thought of the “What difference does it make?” defense to politicians lying to the American public, especially presidents.

How ironic that Hillary, who was part of the effort to destroy Richard Nixon, would now say lying by a presidential administration doesn’t matter.

Hillary Watergate

Chris Matthews Slobbers on James Carter IV, 3rd Generation Doofus

As several commentators have noted, this product of the obviously outstanding Carter gene pool is not exactly an overachiever. In fact, he makes Sandra Fluke look like a real go-getter. Seriously, if this loser doesn’t look like the second coming of John Hinckley, I don’t know who does. Relax, libs, I’m not saying he’s an assassin wanna be, and I abhor violence, but almost any activity would be something more aspirational than watching YouTube videos looking to gin up faux “controversies” and “scandals.”

He struck “gold” when he unearthed the shocking tape of Mitt Romney at a fundraiser stating the obvious; that is, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, you are almost certainly guaranteed the vote of Paul. I think it was former Sen. Phil Graham of Texas who first said that. At least that’s where I think I heard it. Regardless, truer words were never spoken.

Ezra Klein, Google Searches & Charts Prove Racism

As promised on yesterday’s show, here’s the unintentionally hilarious video of earnest liberal twit Ezra Klein putting on a clinic on a subject well-known to liberals “Racist Amerika.” Using studies by obviously enlightened and objective professors (are there any other kind?) prepared with indisputable data about “racist terms” in Google searches and assessments of “racial attitudes,” he explained how B. Hussein Obama (praise be his name) was the victim of RAAACISM.

You have to wonder: do these fools know how ridiculous they look to sane, intelligent Americans?