Another Obamacare Delay with a Wave of His Mighty Hand. Can Anyone Stop The Lawless Obama Regime? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-19-14



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You Can’t Make This Up File: Blago Prosecutor Going After Gov. Chris Christie | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (Orchestrated hit job on Christie being conducted from Chicago on the Potomac. What a shock! Suddenly, democrat mayor of Hoboken who had praised Gov. Christie, claims she was threatened by Lt. Gov. who said the message came from the governor. How convenient.)

Obamacare rules on equal coverage delayed: NY Times | Reuters 

The Winners and Losers of Obamacare: Only 11% of People Who Signed Up For Obamacare Were Previously Uninsured | Josh Blackman’s Blog

Can Obama’s Legal End-Run Around Congress Be Stopped? – David Rivkin and Elizabeth Price Foley – POLITICO Magazine

S.T.O.P. Resolution | Congressman Tom Rice (Please visit Rep. Rice page and become a Citizen Cosponsor of HR 442, which directs the House of Representatives to initiate litigation against the Obama regime for its lawless actions)

Californians For Population Stabilization (they ask the question we’ve been asking; that is, how does legalizing millions of poorly educated, low-skilled people help raise Americans’ wages or increase the number of American jobs?)

7 super-violent Harvey Weinstein movies that glorify guns | (Not to worry. He’s not going to do it any more. He’s not giving the money back either.)

Ted Nugent compares Jewish Harvey Weinstein to Nazi propagandist over anti-NRA film – NY Daily News

Conceal carry permits — It’s a Downstate, collar county thing – Chicago Sun-Times (Lame Stream Media is flummoxed. Why do people in these counties with very low crime want to exercise their Second Amendment rights? Maybe because they want to keep their counties that way)

New Movie, Same Old Skin Game – Taki’s Magazine (the truth about “12 Years a Slave”)

Erin Brockovich – Fire in the Mind | (Hollywood hog Weinstein was right about one thing. Movies sway the opinions of the uninformed. This Erin B movie was a celebration of the joys of using junk science to shake down businesses.)

Piers Morgan: Say, Isn’t Ambassador Stevens to Blame For His Own Death In Benghazi? – Leah Barkoukis (The Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times started this Hillary protection program: Blame the dead guy.)

BENGHAZI WAS PREVENTABLE: Hillary Clinton cited for major security lapses – Washington Times

Is Obama marriage on the rocks? Claims of ugly fights and even a Presidential affair | Mail Online 

Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr: ‘A lorry crashed into us leaving me paralysed’ | Showbiz | News | Daily Express

Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search (Dead tree story about Graham Kerr that mentions that he drank wine on his show long before that woman hosting the embarrassing and bizarre pro-Obamacare video came up with the idea for a “cooking while drunk” show. Never doubt me.)

Bob Goodlatte pushes immigration solution – Seung Min Kim – (Speaking of never doubt me …)

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Hooray for Hollywood Hypocrisy-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-19-14

talk radio, The Teri O'Brien Show

As they released this year’s nominations this week, it’s a good time to ask an obvious question. Does anyone really care about the Oscars anymore? It seems like they nominate about 75 different entries in every category, most of which very few people have seen. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time shelling out $20 to go sit in what Jay Leno famously called “the concrete bunker” in the parking lot of the mall, listening to imbeciles talking on their cell phones or to each other, or turning around to see if a bomb is going off, only to see that the sound is actually an enormous porker opening his super-sized Twizzlers, especially since I know that in a few months I can watch the same thing in the comfort and privacy of my own home. The fact that most movies are a major disappointment doesn’t inspire me to leave that comfort and privacy. Fear not, though. Speaking of super-sized individuals, Hollywood mogul is cooking up what is sure to be a sure-fire (emphasis on fire) hit, as in a hit job on law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. That should be boffo in flyover country. Mr. Weinstein expressed his disgust with guns and the NRA, and in the sort of measured, thoughtful language you’d expect from someone who loathes violence, vowed to make the gun rights organization “wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.” Actually, that sounds more like the guy who made millions from producing blood-soaked entertainment, featuring lots and lots of really big guns. Speaking of guns, now that Illinois has joined the rest of the country in allowing concealed carry permits, we’ve got some fascinating information on just who is applying.

One of this year’s critically-acclaimed movies is “Twelve Years a Slave,” another in a long-line of Hollywood efforts (“The Help,” “The Butler,” and plagiarist Alex Haley’s tv borefest “Roots,” spring to mind) to stoke the flames of the white, liberal guilt that the wallow in 24/7. What’s the true story of Solomon Northup, the hero of the movie? Was it just another case of what used to be called “the skin game?”

To the delight of her media acolytes, America’s leading health, fitness and nutrition expert and “mom-in-chief” Michelle Obama celebrated her 50th birthday with an EBYC (Eat Before You Come) party. As always, the Obamas are all class. Is there perhaps trouble in paradise, causing this little lapse in etiquette and good manners?

As I told you last week on on the show, the Chris Christie “scandal” was the opening shot in an orchestrated campaign by the Democrat party. This week it became even more clear just how true that is. Chicago has reached into New Jersey. It’s all about 2014 and 2016, as is nearly everything that the Jurassic presents to us as “news.” Barack Obama gave another pointless TelePrompTer reading, about the NSA spying, designed to placate and pacify his low-information fans. More tales from the idiot, with lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The Senate released an 85-page bipartisan report that says that the Benghazi attack was completely preventible by “the State Department,” as if a building can actually take the necessary actions to keep people safe. Hillary Clinton’s supporters note that her name was barely mentioned in Sen. Diane Feinstein’s report, and after all, at this point, what difference does it make?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.

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Michelle Hijacks Oscars: Like Finding a Rat in the Bottom of Your Salad Bowl

Perhaps owing to my extremely low expectations, for most of last night’s Oscar broadcast, I was pleasantly surprised by Seth MacFarlane’s mediocre performance, which was lame as I expected, but not quite as crude and obnoxious. He was sort of like a game show host who laughed a lot at his own jokes. I will say that I thought the sock puppet “Flight” was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on an awards show in years, which, granted, is a very low standard, so there was that, but that happened within the first 20 minutes of the show, and by the time over 3 hours had passed, the satisfaction provided by that little morsel had worn off. If I wore a watch, I would have been looking at it after the first hour. As always, many of the speeches provided more proof that actors are a lot like Barack Obama; that is, if we want them to even masquerade as being articulate and intelligent, we need to write them scripts. It was a little jarring when Barbara Streisand showed up because I thought “here we go,” as in we’ve managed to get through this entire thing without any political speeches, and here comes this brainless big mouth, but Babs didn’t utter a controversial word while eulogizing her late friend Marvin Hamlisch, and I’ll admit it. As much as I hate her politics, she can sing, which is why, as I recently explained to a couple of friends is why she never had the schnoz fixed. No one could predict how a nose job would affect her voice. They got this “I could have a had a V-8!” look. No one thinks about that but it’s true.

Speaking of singing, while watching Jennifer Hudson, I turned to the Husband and said “when did screeching become a substitute for singing?”

Anyway, just when we thought we had made it through this thing without many obnoxious leftwing lectures, other than the one lame MacFarlane remark about the “Christian right,” who shows up to highjack the thing but the First Klingon herself? When Mooch, looking like a drag queen with her usual ridiculously excessive makeup, with members of the military as props, hijacked this show, it was like finding a dead rat at the bottom of your salad.

Now, we find out that the repulsive Hollywood pig Harvey Weinstein engineered this whole thing. Hey, Mooch, I’ve got an idea for you? Why don’t you enlist your pal Harvey in your “Let’s Move” routine? He looks like he could use a little help in that department. And as long as I ‘m going there, let me suggest that you might want to get David “More Chins Than a Chinese Phonebook” Axelrod and Robert I was sworn to secrecy about that drone thing” Gibbs on that Stairmaster while you’re at it. Gee, I wonder if we would have heard any speeches about targeted killings and transparency if a Republican were conducting this drone campaign …

Seriously, I understand that the Obamas owe Hollywood big time for all the campaign contributions, and that Hollywood limousine libs are among the most enthusiastic members of the Cult of Obama, but this routine last night was way over the top. The only saving grace was that the Celebutard-in-Chief himself didn’t show up.

I can’t decide whether this current popular culture/Lame Stream Media environment, in which there is no serious journalism, only TMZ and “Entertainment Tonight” coverage conning low-information people into thinking they are getting actual news, seems more like North Korea or Peròn’s Argentina.