The Return of King Barack, and al Qaeda, Plus Conservative LegendPhyllis Schafly, Today The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-5-14

When His Highness King Barry returned from his lavish Hawaiian holiday, he left something, or I should say, someone behind, his wife Michelle. The White House explained “As part of her birthday gift from the President, the first lady will remain in Hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday.” Birthday gift from the President? Isn’t the minimum $63,000 it will cost for her to fly back separately actually a gift from you and me, one of a seemingly never-ending series of perqs enjoyed by these two grifters, who have been living large on our dime for over 5 years? It’s one thing to watch them live out their belief that reparations have to start somewhere. It adds insult to injury to endure the ridiculous spectacle of people who enjoy a standard of living unheard of in human history repeat threadbare platitudes about “income inequality,” when it is their policies that have destroyed opportunity. At least most of the wealthy that they want to steal from to buy votes from their mascot groups have earned what they have. They live in luxury with their money. The Obamas live in even greater luxury on ours.


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While Barry was golfing, swimming, eating shaved ice and dabbling in the many delights of tropical paradise, he made note have noticed something that could be important; specifically, that, far from being on the run,al Qaeda is on the march, in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya; in short, all over the Middle East. Recently, they took over Fallujah. It was just a week ago that we told you about the New York Times and its hilarious, and failed, effort to help Hillary Clinton continue to evade responsibility for the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi by al Qaeda affiliated lunatics. Nice try, Old Grey Lady. You gave it a shot

The Obamacare hits keep on coming. There is more news this morning, and you won’t be surprised to hear, it’s not good.

We’re delighted to welcome one of the giants of American conservatism, Phyllis Schafly. We’ll get her take on the prospects for an amnesty bill, which many in D.C. appear to believe is inevitable, the state of marriage, and the value (or lack thereof) of universal pre-kindergarten.

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Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Why Would “They Let” Obama Continue to Lie About Obamacare? Why Did He Keep Saying a YouTube Video Caused the Murder of 4 Americans at Benghazi? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-22-13




Good questions, no?

Thanks to our guests, Ben Yount of Illinois Watchdog and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. 

To Impeach, Or Not To Impeach (column by J.D. Longstreet, publisher of our Blog of the Day, Omega Dispatch)

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Spiderman stages a special performance for autistic fans | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 21, 2013 | PBS (not intended to make fun of the autistic children who attend these special performances; rather, to point out that Obama seemed ready to have an on-camera breakdown during his 12/19/13 press conference, and probably could have benefitted from having his own stress-relieving Koosh ball)

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Is It Time to Impeach Delusional Obama? Today The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-22-13

Other than psychiatrists seeking to have more insight into narcissistic personality disorder and self-delusion, no one could have gotten anything out of Barack Obama’s pre-Hawaiian vacation press conference. For the rest of us, it was a complete waste of time. He brushed aside his de facto repeal of his “signature achievement” the night before, which allowed people to return to the catastrophic health insurance policies they used to have. It’s a “hardship” exception from Obamacare, which as it turns out is in fact the hardship that caused the need for the exception. Obamacare made these “substandard” policies illegal, forcing insurance companies to cancel them, which has created the “hardship.” See what I mean about delusion and insanity? Is it time to use the only remedy available to rid this country of this lawless regime, impeachment? Is that even possible? Is there another possible way to return to constitutional government and the separation of powers the Founders understood was so critical?

In this bizarre excursion into the mind of a delusional despot, the One touted the great recent “successes” of Obamacare, including the “2 million” who now have “health care.” Wait, aren’t most of these people signing up for Medicaid? Oh, never mind. If there’s a better definition for a successful “transformation” of the health care system than throwing millions of people off private insurance and into a bankrupt, government-run “insurance” program that physicians want no part of, I’d like to see it. And, as hard as it is to believe, apparently, there’s a lot of fraud in Medicaid. Hard to believe, but our guest Ben Yount of Illinois Watchdog will tell us how his state is trying to make sure that as much as fraud as possible continues.

With Christmas approaching, we’re once again to try to help you navigate the dicey holiday waters that can result when you attend holiday gatherings with liberals. Our other special guest, Charlie Kirk Founder and Executive Director of  Turning Point USA, will share his great strategies for dealing with Your Liberal Aunt.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


Bystander Obama Tries to Distance Himself from His Own Stinky Economy

Yesterday, our Dear Reader, Barack Hussein Obama, praise be his name, dredged up the threadbare leftwing script to try to change the subject from his Obamacare fiasco, and appeal to his moonbat base.

As Lou Dobbs eloquently illustrates here, this clown has been in office for OVER FIVE YEARS! He owns this economy, and as brilliant as he is, he still hasn’t figured out that the plan he learned at the knee of Frank Marshall Davis isn’t exactly the recipe for prosperity. From a Washington Times’ piece by Ben Wolfgang entitled “Obama returns to class warfare as poll numbers plunge,”

Turning his attention yet again to the economy, President Obama on Wednesday zeroed in on the “defining challenge” of this generation — growing income inequality between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America.
But the president didn’t unveil any grand proposals to tackle the problem; instead, he repeated a laundry list of initiatives centered on many familiar themes: economic growth through government investment; job training and education reform; stronger protections for labor unions and paycheck fairness legislation; a hike to the minimum wage; and a revamped approach to how Americans save for retirement in private accounts and in government programs such as Social Security.
Although his speech was short on specific ideas, it was big on ambition. The president talked in broad terms about how the greatest nation on earth must not allow the middle class to stagnate and the poor to get poorer as rich Americans’ net worth grows.

When it’s time to change the subject, like all leftists he returns to the rotting corpse of Karl Marx, NATCH.

Gee, I wonder if these two grifters, Barack and Michelle, the two most successful race hustlers in the history of the United States, will spend a lot of time worrying about the Downtrodden and income inequality on their upcoming annual luxury Hawaiian vacation. Yes, even though the locals there are getting as fed up with Obama as the rest of the country, they are still going. On January 1, will he give a thought to the people losing the health insurance policies that he told them they could keep?

As of last year, the Obamas had spent over $20 million on their annual vacations to Hawaii. That figure includes two years when the First Klingon had to leave before her husband. Will we have to pay extra again this year to haul her ample posterior to Hawaii separate from her jug-eared husband? Stay tuned.

Beach Bum Barry Bests GOP-Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 1/6/13

This week, as we prepare for the beginning of the 113th Congress, we face a looming showdown over increasing the federal government’s debt ceiling. It seems like only yesterday that our courageous Dear Reader, Barack “I Won’t Play That Game” Obama was battling with his mean-spirited opposition over their unwillingness to send more cash from productive citizens to him to spend on his many worthy projects. Oh wait, it was just yesterday. Well, actually it was last week, during that whole “fiscal cliff” thing, a complete victory for the One. Will Sen. McConnell have the spine to get anything meaningful on spending decreases in the next round, or will he wave the white flag again? As usual, David Gregory, who interviewed Sen. McConnell today on “Meet the Press,” did an excellent job of presenting the White House perspective. I was very distracted, though, wondering “where is the perp walk for Mr. Gregory?”

Barack probably had a lot of time to fantasize about how he will vanquish McConnell, Boehner and friends again, and continue his ideologically-driven plans to “remake” America into his Euro-socialist vision driven by “fairness,” during his recent Hawaiian vacation, the latest in a long series of ridiculously extravagant holidays for our first affirmative-action assisted First Couple. Just how much have we spent on these presidential vacations? Are the President’s supporters correct that it’s horribly unfair to criticize Barack Obama for taking luxurious trips while many Americans are living hand to mouth?

Speaking of that 113th Congress, a couple of days ago, ABC’s Diane “Recycling!” Sawyer nearly wet her panties interviewing the incoming class of female senators, including another Diane, Sen. Feinstein of California. As you know, she has vowed to revive her infamous 1994 “assault weapons” ban, this time with a more muscular, even more freedom destroying version. What’s in the proposed bill? We’ll give you the depressing details.

Whoopsie File-Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder’s Department of [In]Justice must reimburse one of the state’s it decided to persecute, while allegedly enforcing civil rights laws, to the tune of $3.5 million, which is only slightly less than the reported cost of the Obama’s latest boondoggle to Hawaii.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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As one listener wrote “one of the most insightful and entertaining pundits in America. Also, her voice is magical.”

Serious Ideas, Irresistible Entertainment. Warning: listeners may become hopelessly addicted.


We Knew the Real Obama All Along, Didn’t We

As Charles Krauthammer points out in his column entitled “The Return of the Real Obama,”  he writes:

The rout was complete, the retreat disorderly. President Obama got his tax hikes — naked of spending cuts — passed by the ostensibly Republican House of Representatives. After which, you might expect him to pivot to his self-proclaimed “principle” of fiscal “balance” by taking the lead on reducing spending. “Why,” asked The Post on the eve of the final fiscal-cliff agreement, “is the nation’s leader not embracing and then explaining the balanced reforms the nation needs?”

Because he has no interest in them. He’s a visionary, not an accountant. Sure, he’ll pretend to care about deficits, especially while running for reelection. But now that he’s past the post, he’s free to be himself — a committed big-government social democrat.

Upon losing the House in 2010, the leveler took cover for the next two years. He wasn’t going to advance his real agenda through the Republican House anyway, and he needed to win reelection.


He concludes:

Now he’s won. The old Obama is back. He must not be underestimated. He has deftly leveraged his class-war-themed election victory (a) to secure a source of funding (albeit still small) for the bloated welfare state, (b) to carry out an admirably candid bit of income redistribution and (c) to fracture the one remaining institutional obstacle to the rest of his ideological agenda.


Not bad for two months’ work.

If you can call reading demagogic talking points before jetting off the Hawaii “work,” that is. Other than that questionable assertion, like most Krauthammer pieces this whole column is spot on and well worth your reading.