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Obama’s Relentless Assault on the Bill of Rights Explodes in His Face: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

Have you put a Post-it over your laptop’s camera yet? In 2007 and 2008, when Sen. Barack Hussein Obama ran for president, he excoriated President George W. Bush, and Vice President Cheney for the policies their administration used to fight terrorism, which he characterized as anti-American, unconstitutional, and out of sync with “who we are.” Perhaps it’s time for the ...

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Let Me Say It Again. Hillary Has Some ‘Splainin’ to Do About Benghazi

The Weekly Standard reports on the State Department’s release of its annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2012 survey yesterday. There were 11 terrorism related attacks in Libya prior to 9/11/12, the date on which our ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered, including: • On May 22, assailants launched a rocket-propelled grenade at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)’s ...

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Obama “Scandals” Really No Big Deal

Here are the ten top reasons none of the Obama so-called scandals are any big deal: 1. Benghazi talking points scandal: At this point, what difference does it make? 2. IRS targeting of political adversaries: Nixon started it! 3. Eric Holder’s false Congressional testimony: Everybody lies. And, if you’re old enough to remember the Lewinsky scandal, you probably remember reading ...

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Our Bystander President

Also posted at Clash Daily It has been said that “Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, ‘What the heck just happened?” After watching the current occupant of the Oval Office, who is also sometimes laughingly known as “The Leader of the Free World,” over the last several years it’s ...

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Benghazi Breakdown: Show Notes, 5-12-13 Program

Listen Live, Sundays 4-6 pm Central time, or on demand. Listen to this episode of the show live or archived. Listen with this link, right here on this page in the player on the right side of this page (please scroll down until you see this: Here’s the player. It’s on the right side of this page. Please scroll down, and click the ...

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Obama in the Bunker on Benghazi as Coverup Exposed with Victoria Toensing-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-12-13

After last week’s hearing on Benghazi before Darryl Issa’s House Oversight Committee, we have even more questions about what happened on the most recent anniversary of 9/11. Still, it’s a clear picture is emerging, and common sense allows us to connect the very obvious dots. We’ll explore the remaining questions with über attorney Victoria Toensing, who represented the Benghazi whistleblowers, ...

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Barack Obama’s IRS: “Punish Your Enemies”

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service apologized for targeting Tea Party groups for harassment, and during his delayed press briefing, when he wasn’t throwing the CIA under the Benghazigate bus, Barack Obama’s press flack dismissed that outrageous abuse of government power as the actions of “an independent agency.” Of course! Once again, Barry is just a bystander. Or so he would have ...

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