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Red Star Rising: Cliff Kincaid on Our First Marxist President, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers, 023

Ken Timmerman

America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) President Cliff Kincaid, a former writer for Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper, Human Events, is a journalist and media critic who first exposed Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis as Barack Obama’s mentor in February of 2008. He followed on May 22 of that year with a Washington, D.C. press conference which issued exclusive reports on Obama’s ...

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Most “Hallowed Ground” in the Age of Obama: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-26-2016


“Hallowed Ground.” Independence Hall, Gettysburg and a Gay Bar? Yes, in Obama’s America. Listen to this episode here using the player on the right, or here on spreaker.com. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: Our latest national park, Stonewall Inn, a former gay bar, which is “hallowed ground” just like Gettysburg! (Doesn’t Stonewall Inn ...

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Muslim Cleric: Show Homosexuals Compassion. Kill Them. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-19-2016


Muslim “scholar” visits Central Florida in April, and explains it is compassionate to kill homosexuals. Listen to this episode here using the player on the right, or here on spreaker.com. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: Barack Obama, who in 2008 defiantly proclaimed (and has often since) “don’t tell me words don’t matter” tells us that ...

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Gay Gestapo’s “Marriage” Victory at SCOTUS: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-12-2016


They’ve done it again! Screw federalism! SCOTUS declares “right” to so-called same sex marriage. Flashback to June, 2015, in this “best of show.” Plus, Stanley Kurtz on Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Suburbs. Haven’t heard of it? Perhaps that’s because it’s being deliberately hidden from you.  Listen to National Review’s Stanley Kurtz expose this heinous racket! Listen to this episode here using ...

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Hamas Kills One of Its Own Commanders Accused of Gay Sex and Theft


Hamas didn’t get the memo about how wrong it is to discriminate against people based on who they love. From the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times: GAZA CITY — The death of Mahmoud Ishtiwi had all the trappings of a telenovela: sex, torture and embezzlement in Gaza’s most venerated and secretive institution, the armed wing of Hamas. Mr. Ishtiwi, ...

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Bergdahl: Taliban Asked if Obama is Gay

Gay? Taliban asked Bergdahl about Obama

Gay? Obama? Did you ever think you might have the same question as someone in the Taliban? From the New York Post: Although watching over Bergdahl was a high honor, the guards were often bored and would pass the time by making videos of him, interrogating him with ridiculous questions or shaving his beard into shapes they found amusing, he ...

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