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As Venezuela Collapses, Bernie Sanders and Hugo Chavez Pal Attend Warriors Game


Bernie Sanders, who refuses to comment on the collapse of socialist Venezuela, hangs out with Danny Glover, YUGE fan of man who caused it, Hugo Chavez. Avowed “democratic socialist,” Sen. Bernie Sanders has refused to answer question about the horrific conditions in the collapsing socialist country, Venezuela. Last fall, he tried to distance himself from the deepening crisis in that ...

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WATCH: Children, This is Socialism


“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher “A communist is just a socialist who really means it.” Teri O’Brien From Vox: Venezuela is in the midst of a stunning social, political, and economic collapse. The country of 30 million people is facing dire food and medicine shortages, frequent power outages, serious ...

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Obama Administration’s New BFF: Venezuelan Dictator

Hugo Chavez’ handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, is have a rough transition. From the Washington Post:  With the economy stalling, inflation spiking andshortages spreading, the new president appears at a loss about how to respond, other than to blame domestic and foreign enemies. Nor has he been able to overcome a serious split in the Chavista movement between his own, Cuba-backed clique and another based in ...

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King of the Useful Idiots Strikes Again: Lauds Hugo Chavez Who CARED

As predictable as the sun coming up is Jimmy Carter saying something idiotic, especially about pinko dictators. From the Washington Times:  Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter mourned the death Tuesday of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, hailing his commitment to improving the lives of Venezuelans, and praising him for communicating “hope and empowerment” and for “his bold assertion of autonomy and ...

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Hugo Chavez, Roast in Peace.

He was constantly on his citizens’ television screens. He liked to make long speeches, especially about income inequality, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. He was extremely critical of George W. Bush. He didn’t have much use for the other branches of government. I guess the good news is that even though Hugo is gone, Barack, who ...

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Ted Nugent Sings the Illinois National Anthem: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Legendary rock and roll superstar and American patriot Ted Nugent drives the Left nuts (and that’s a short drive, as you know) with his no-holds-barred exposure of their hypocrisy and deceit. The interview you’ll hear on today’s show will not disappoint. You’ll also hear his terrific new song, “I Still Believe,” available at tednugent.com as a free download, and another ...

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