Gov. Chris Christie’s Ego: Bigger Than His Waistline

We should have realized something was up back in August, when Chris Christie gave the keynote address at the GOP’s convention. Do you remember that speech?

If not, here’s a little reminder from a liberal at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky:

Well, that was a good speech for Chris Christie, wasn’t it?

That was kind of shocking, actually. Of course he mentioned Mitt Romney. A good whopping five or six times. But it sure took him a while. Rachel Maddow just said this was a 2,600-word speech in which he didn’t mention Romney until 1,800 words in. And as soon as he mentioned Romney, he went back to talking about himself.

Many wondered at the time if Gov. Christie realized that he was coming off as one of those “It’s all about me” types, not unlike Barack Hussein Obama.

I didn’t fault Gov. Christie for sucking up to Obama after the hurricane. He would have agreed to serve as Barack’s body man for a week in exchange for promises of lots of federal money pouring into New Jersey, so I wasn’t surprised that he facilitated last week’s ridiculous Obama dress-up charade, allowing B. Hussein to look “presidential.” Andrew Cuomo didn’t have to play along. He’s a democrat. so he doesn’t have to worry about Obama playing politics with FEMA money, which as a proud graduate of the Cook County Sleaze Academy, he certainly will.

So even if we can excuse last week’s Jersey Shore photo op, how do we to explain Christie’s performance yesterday, falling all over himself to tell the heartwarming story of his tearful reconciliation with Bruce Springsteen, courtesy of the One? For the answer, we need only look back to that convention speech. It’s all about Chris. Something offended his ginormous ego, and he’s out to stick it to somebody, in this case, Mitt Romney.

Perhaps after Obama is beaten like a drum, and driven from the White House, along with his repellant wife, Chris and Moochelle can start a fat farm/rehab center for recovering narcissists.

Why Romney Will Win in a Landslide: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 11/4/12

Our friends in the Lame Steam Media are trying to convince themselves that Barack Obama’s “presidential” handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, along with the effusive praise he received from Gov. Chris Christie, will push him over the finish line on Tuesday. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that images of the One playing dress-up in a bomber jacket, and hugging a couple of storm victims before jetting off to another screech fest of silly slogans, are sufficient to cause the American public to ignore images of people in Manhattan dumpster diving, not to mention his demonstrable and pathetic performance on the issue of the economy. Unemployment is higher today than when he took office. How can this be? All Obama mouthpieces on the Sunday shows claim that they have created 5.5 million jobs, but just how many jobs have been created during Barack Obama’s tenure in office? (Hint: a lot fewer than David Plouffe, David Axelrod, and Barack Obama are telling you.)

The two biggest battleground prizes are Ohio and Florida. We’ll be joined today by experts on the ground in both of these states to help us figure out what to make of the dizzying array of polls. Jacob Larger, a contributor to one of the leading political blogs in the Buckeye State, Third Base Politics, and Sarah Rumpf, self-described over caffeinated lawyer and the publisher of Sunshine State Sarah. I want to ask her whether democrats are planting fake bombs in Winter Park, FL. I’ll ask them both if they agree with me that all the clichès repeated endlessly today by the talking heads about the presidential race being “so close,” even “tied,” so that we are in for a “late night” are not true. I plan to be sipping champagne by 11 pm Central because I’m convinced that Gov. Romney will win both Ohio, Florida, and probably Pennsylvania. Am I engaging in wishful thinking? Perhaps I’m not being optimistic enough. Is it possible that even bluer than blue Illinois could turn red? Chicago journalist/blogger Marathon Pundit will weigh in on that, and tell us about the invitation he got from the Obama campaign to attend and “election night” (not “victory”) party.

Regardless of who gets its 20 electoral votes, Barack Obama’s home state Illinois is Exhibit A for those who want to see the results of liberal democrat, big government, tax-and-spend policies. For the last three decades, Illinois has been controlled by Mike Madigan, who has been Speaker of the House for 27 of the last 29 years, and who is also Chairman of the Illinois democrat party. Any hope of changing things in this state starts with changing the people in Springfield, and not electing any more foot soldiers for Mike Madigan’s army. Dr. Barbara Bellar, candidate for the Illinois State Senate, is one courageous citizen who hopes to do that. She’ll join us to respond to her opponent’s recent accusations that she has inflated her resume, and explain what a lawsuit over strip searches in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office filed in 2007 has to do with her opponent’s qualification for office.

Not only are Barack Obama’s policies are failure at home. Nearly 2 months ago, Ambassador Stevens and 3 other brave Americans were murdered in Benghazi, and we still don’t have the answers to at least two critical questions: (1) what did the president know and (2) when did he know it? Will this issue have any impact on Tuesday’s election?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Chris Christie to Obama a Week Ago: I’m Tired of Waiting for You to Figure it Out

The gang over at the 24/7 televised insane asylum, MS-NBC, were in full swoon mode yesterday over New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s praise of Barack Obama’s handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Chris Matthews hasn’t been this proud of a Republican since Sen. John McCain admonished that woman at a 2008 town hall not to say mean things about the guy McCain was in the process of trying to lose the election to.

Hold on. Just a little over a week ago, in a Virginia campaign appearance on behalf of Mitt Romney, Gov. Chris Christie said Barack Obama looks like a man “like a man in a dark room, clutching for the light switch of leadership, blindly walking around the White House looking for a clue.” Check out the video here:

The only thing that has changed is that Gov. Christie is looking out for Number 1. Not only does his effusive praise of the One allow him to position himself as Mr. Independent, and Mr. Work-Across-the-Aisle, it also allows him to exact a price; specifically I’m quite sure he said something like the following: “Mr. President, let me lay it on the line, here. You show up with a very large bag of money that will help New Jersey rebuild, and help me get re-elected while positioning myself as a problem-solving leader, and I’ll say whatever you want.”

He’s a politician, and as Woody Allen once accurately said, their ethics are a half-notch below child molester.

Hurricane Sandy Gives Lame Stream Media a Temporary Excuse for Benghazi Blackout


Before Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the tv geniuses who analyze and enlighten us speculated about the impact that the storm would have on the One’s re-election prospects. Would he benefit from looking “presidential?” Would Gov. Romney “strike the right tone” in the aftermath?

I’m not sure whether it will help or hurt either candidate, but I know one group who should be breathing a sigh of relief is the national media. They know that every day more Americans catch on to their role in Obama’s 2008 con game. The genuine article, the cold, calculating, crypto-Communist community organizer is a far cry from the pragmatic, pro-active, post-racial problem solver that they presented as this rising star “Barack Obama.” Still, they hoped that they could keep up the con for 8 or 9 more days. Then, as we heard on last Sunday’s show, Denver reporter Kyle Clark asked Barack Obama some very embarrassing questions about what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12; specifically, whether the 4 murdered Americans were denied help during the attack, and whether it’s fair to tell Americans we have to wait for the results of an investigation that will completed after the election.


Here’s the non-answer, and the followup from the dogged reporter:



Then over the weekend, Charles Woods, father of murdered Navy Seal, Tyrone Woods, began to speak out about his son’s death. (video in link)

Then came Sandy, giving those unofficial members of the Obama campaign, sometimes called the “national media,” an opportunity to shout questions at Mitt Romney about how he dares to support the concept of federalism contained in our Constitution, or to hold the foolish belief that the federal government isn’t the answer to every problem.

This sort of predictable charade will go on a couple of more days, but the Benghazi questions are not going away, and Obama can only do so many stand ups in Red Cross offices before people start realizing that the only reason they can watch endless footage of the misery and destruction wrought by the storm is that they don’t have jobs.

The suffering people on the East Coast have been in my prayers, and so has our country. I remain confident that next week our long national nightmare will begin to end, notwithstanding the best efforts of the Lame Stream Media.