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Tomorrow is the “deadline” for us serfs to submit ourselves to Barack Obama’s massive income redistribution scheme, the Orwellian named “Affordable Care Act, which, of course, is not affordable for the vast majority of Americans and has nothing to do with improving their health care.


If you don’t have health insurance, you MUST sign up for health insurance by tomorrow. No, not really. His Highness King Barack says you can take advantage of the “extended enrollment period,” if you say it was too hard to sign up, even though you tried, based on the honor system.

Obamacare is designed to address a problem that most Americans didn’t think existed; specifically, the “unfairness” that resulted from the fact that some people made bad lifestyle choices. How mean and unfair was it that people who finished school, waited until they were married to have children, and lived the traditional “Leave it to Beaver” life in their “cushy” suburbs got health insurance at their jobs as part of their compensation? Think about it: the unmedicated mental patient, released at the insistence of the ACLU, swearing under his breath as he pushes his shopping cart, his stench signaling his arrival, didn’t have health insurance. Neither did the serial baby mama and her various sperm donors. Thanks to our Dear Reader, that unfairness is being fixed. Everyone, except of course, the Regime and their cronies, who will continue to receive the absolute finest and most costly of everything, including medical care.

The Lame Stream Media has a self-imposed gag order on discussing the Obamacare debacle, including the many lawless unilateral nullifications of the One’s “signature” achievement, preferring to discuss Chris Christie, the missing Malaysian plane, and the upcoming baseball season, anything to avoid the ACA train wreck. They certainly aren’t asking whether Justice Elena Kagan embarrassed herself during last week’s Hobby Lobby argument, by revealing that she hasn’t read the law. We will.

They are also avoiding any discussion of the information revealed last week by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), which contains the jaw-droppingly disturbing truth about Barack Obama as the “deporter in chief.” Actually, he has unilaterally nullified our immigration laws with his infamous pen, resulting in de facto amnesty for millions. Si se puede, Bitter Clinger!

Tune in today for the rest of the story. Be Ahead of the Curve. Hear The Actual News You May Have Missed.

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I Guess This Guy Couldn’t Wait for The Amnesty That the Elites Are Conspiring to Impose on Us: Illegal Commits Murder to Avoid Deportation

This is original. I think we’re all used to illegal aliens killing Americans while driving drunk, but this is the first time I’ve heard of an illegal committing murder to avoid deportation. From the Latin Times:

A Mexican inmate at an Arizona prison has killed his cell mate to remain in jail and therefore avoid deportation. 43-year-old Roberto Venegas Fernández murdered Michael Patrick McNaughton, 55, on November 16. Both men had been arrested in the San Diego area and were serving time ath a Corrections Corp. prison in Florence, Arizona. Venegas was living as an undocumented migrant in the United States and feared deportation if released.

Sheriff Paul Babeau confirmed that Venegas strangled McNaughton because “he likes being in prison and he’s afraid to be liberated as he has nowhere to go. Roberto wanted to find a way to stay in jail, and so while the victim as sitting in his bed, he choked him until he fell to the floor. He jumped on his head and continued choking him until he appears to have died,” said Babeu in a statement released by his office. It seems Venegas has no legal represenation.

Official documents suggested that McNaughton had been sentenced to sixe (sic) and a half years in prison by a federal court in San Diego after pleading guilty in a case of underage pornography, while Venegas, a Mexican citizen, was sentenced to eight months for entering the country ilegally after being deported.


More of Obama’s Lying Slander about Health Care: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-11-13

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CRITICAL: The Next Few Days Are Your Chance to Stop Amnesty. Please Call and Email Your Senator.

BOTTOM LINE: If you care about the future of this country, apathy on this Schumer-Obama amnesty that’s working its way through the senate is a non-starter. You need to call and email your representatives today. They need to see a groundswell of support for enforcing the border and defeating this very bad law. Get busy!

Need help with what to say? Please scroll down for some are some useful links, with everything you need to know.

Here’s contact information for every senator.

You can call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, and tell the operator the member of Congress that you would like to speak with and they will connect you.

You can also email them. Contacting the Congress: A Citizen’s Congressional Directory (tell your senator that we don’t want amnesty. We want the invasion of illegals to stop.)

21 (and counting) Things You Have to Believe to Support Amnesty: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Simpson Mazzoli | The Weekly Standard (Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. What happened back in 1986 when we gave amnesty to 3 million.)

Six Degrees of Chuck Schumer-Connecting the Dots Between Amnesty and 1993′s Motor Voter Law | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess (Have you forgotten about the Cloward-Piven Strategy? Did you remember, or did you even know, that Cloward and Piven attended the signing ceremony for the 1993 Motor Voter Law?)


Yesterday I participated in a tele-townhall, sponsored by our friends at NumbersUSA, featuring Senators Vitter, Cruz and Sessions. The topic: how to stop the latest attempt to inflict amnesty on our great country. Here’s what I took from the call: All three senators said that phone calls and emails have a huge impact on them. They receive a report every day about the number of emails and phone calls, and how public opinion is running. Even if we can’t stop this train wreck in the Senate–and I think we can–we need to reduce the number of Republicans voting for it to send a message to the House.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)

The Gang of 8 bill doesn’t address issues like this one, the fraudulent use of the our tax code to send money from our treasury to Mexico. Shocking, I know.

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz emphasized something that almost no one has discussed; specifically, the fact that because of Obamacare, the newly “legalized” illegals will have what is effectively affirmative action; that is, a leg up on getting jobs because it will cost employers a lot less to hire them than American citizens. Why? Because employers won’t be required to comply with burdensome Obamacare rules and regulations if they hire illegals with their new “provisional status.” Sen. Cruz said that cost amount to $5000.00 per employee, which for a small business makes a huge difference. I’ll ask again: how exactly does adding over 40 million people to compete with Americans for jobs when our unemployment rate is over 7% make sense? Sen. Cruz has a petition that we should all sign here.

Sen. Jeff Sessions

In response to a question, Sen. Sessions  explained that there are no background checks in the home country of the illegals given the new “provisional” legal status, and also explained the fact that the Gang of 8 bill does nothing to address the issue of visa overstays.

As we have frequently discussed on The Teri O’Brien Show, the fact that this bill “authorizes” all these additional border agents, blah blah blah, means nothing, because future Congresses can decide not to spend the money.

The proponents of this bill are using an old trick, double counting funds paid into the Treasury. In this case, they are counting the money that will supposedly be paid into Medicare and Social Security as funds that can be spent to reduce the costs of current policy. No. Those funds will eventually have to be paid out when the newly legalized immigrants are ready to collect their “entitlements.” Sen. Sessions calls this law “the betrayal of the rule of law in America.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Amnesty Proponents $30 Billion “Solution” Yet Another Attempt to Trick You

We told you on last week’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, that the Cornyn Amendment to the Gang of 8′s amnesty bill was not what it was cracked up to be. Here’s why.

After Sen. Cornyn’s amendment was defeated, and it looked like this amnesty scam was in serious trouble, here comes another attempt to trick us, the Corker-Hoeven Amendment. Sen. Cornyn was among those of us a little bit confused by this latest effort to ram this amnesty down our throats. From The Houston Chronicle:

After his controversial border security amendment was shot down during today’s Senate session, Sen. John Cornyn was visibly bewildered as Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker and North Dakota Republican Sen. John Hoeven took to the chamber floor to propose alternative legislation that demands even tougher enforcement.

While Cornyn said the Corker-Hoeven proposal “moved this bill in a constructive direction,” he questioned how the amendment differed from his own to garner the support of Gang of Eight legislators — including Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who slammed Cornyn’s amendment last week on the Senate floor.

Cornyn’s amendment would have required funds from the $6.5 billion appropriated in the original legislation be re-allocated to his border enforcement measures, which included 5,000 additional border patrol agents. It also demanded 100 percent situational awareness and 90 percent operational control of the Southwest border before undocumented immigrants could obtain Resident Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status.

The amendment was tabled 54-43, “disparaged as a budget-buster,” Cornyn said.

To what Cornyn described as his “shock and amazement,” the Corker-Hoeven proposal requires an additional 350 miles of border fencing (on top of the 350 miles already required in the underlying bill) and even more border patrol agents — a whopping 20,000.

Once again, I’ll say “nice try, Guys, but I’m not as stupid as I apparently look.” It doesn’t matter how many border agents there are if we aren’t going to enforce the border and our existing laws. The only thing–REPEATING–the ONLY thing that will demonstrate that you guys are serious about border security is if you do border security first, and only then discuss any special status for illegals currently in the country. The fact that you guys not only voted down Sen. Grassley’s amendment, which would have required that the Department of Homeland Security certify that the border is secured for six measly months before giving this special status to illegals, but you voted it down on a procedural vote so no one would have to go on the record, tells us everything we need to know. Now, you’re trying to run this number on us? PULEEZE, Sen. Corker. Every time I see you trying to intimidate anyone from pointing out what a scam this $30 billion on border security routine is by saying that anyone who opposes the Gang of 8 bill because of concerns about border security is disingenuous, I want to puke!

Please call your Senator and ask him how he could vote for a bill that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will depress Americans’ wages for 12 years and will allow 75% of the illegals who come across the border to continue to come over. Here’s a link to the NumbersUSA site where you can get the contact info.

Sen. Jeff Sessions Joins Our Call to Sen. Rubio: Pull Deceptive Amnesty Ad

Just over two weeks after listeners to the June 9, 2013 edition of The Teri O’Brien Show learned of Sen. Marco Rubio’s EXTREMELY disappointing Eddie Haskell routine over that weekend (saying on thing in Español on Telemundo and something else when he’s talking to us), Sen. Jeff Sessions has called on Sen. Rubio to pull the deceptive ad from “Americans for a Conservative Direction.” On that same edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we told you that ACD is a phony front group, funded by Mark Zuckerberg, and that one of their ads starring Sen. Rubio contains a claim of “Border Security First,” when in fact the Gang of 8′s “comprehensive immigration reform” provides for no such thing.

From Breitbart:

The advertising campaign that Zuckerberg created with Rubio’s help under the organization “Americans for a Conservative Direction” is being run through the Facebook founder’s FWD.us group. In the ad, titled “Today,” Rubio claims the Gang of Eight bill “puts in place the toughest enforcement measures in the history of the United States, potentially in the world” and that “no federal benefits, no food stamps, no welfare, no Obamacare” will be afforded to illegal immigrants.
While the argument that the Gang of Eight bill has the toughest border security in history was one of Sen. Rubio’s original talking points as the Gang of Eight rolled out this legislation in late April, he now says he will not vote for the bill if the border security provisions are not improved.
The argument that illegal immigrants will not have access to federal benefits, food stamps or welfare has also fallen apart. In late April, Breitbart News reported that Sen. Sessions had debunked that narrative, finding all the loopholes in the bill that allowed illegal immigrants immediate access to many state and local benefits programs as well as sooner-than-advertised access to federal benefits programs.

Sen. Sessions is correct. Honesty and integrity are conservative values. Please do the right thing, Sen. Rubio.