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Another Back Door Amnesty: The U Visa Program


As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with Obama’s lawless “pen and phone” amnesty, not only for “DREAMer’s,” but also their parents, under the radar, there’s this “U Visa” program. Have you heard of it? Read on. From Polizette: More than 65,000 illegal immigrants have gained legal status since 2008 in the United States under a little-known program ...

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Courts Fight Obama Lawlessness, but Over 80 Percent of Illegals in No Danger of Deportation

Apolinar Altamirano is accused of killing a Mesa convenience store clerk on Jan. 22, 2015. (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

On Friday, the Obama Regime appealed the 5th circuit’s upholding of courageous District Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction against Obama’s lawlessness on immigration. In the meantime, it continues to enable the invasion of our country by illegals, a huge part of its mission to “remake” America. From The Washington Times: President Obama’s marquee deportation amnesty has been stalled by the courts, ...

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Appeals Court Rejects Obama’s Lawless Amnesty

Illegal aliens demonstrating

Thanks to courageous Judge Andrew Hanen, and the 5th Circuit for a rare victory for the rule of law against Obama’s lawless amnesty From The Washington Times: President Obama’s effort to grant up to 5 million illegal immigrants work permits and amnesty from deportation suffered a major blow late Monday when a federal appeals court ruled it was likely illegal, ...

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Illegal Alien Gang Member With Gun Charges Attacks Maryland Cop

Illegal alien "unaccompanied child" who attacked Maryland cop

Another”unaccompanied minor child” (read illegal alien) from El Salvador in the news, but not as a valedictorian, but–wait for it–as a criminal and member of MS-13. Yes, this is another story about one of these little darlings wreaking havoc in the United States. From the Daily Caller: An 18-year-old illegal alien who is a documented member of the violent MS-13 ...

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Unaccompanied Alien “Children” Murder Va High School Student

By Metric Maps [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Here out of love? DREAMers? Three unaccompanied alien “children” who entered the country in 2013 allegedly gunned down 17-year old Virginia high school student on orders from MS-13. From the Washington Times: A 17-year-old MS-13 gang member known as “the Enforcer” of Sterling, Virginia, shot and killed a high school student on orders handed down from gang leaders in El ...

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Obama, Gangsta in Chief, Poised to Defy Federal Court on Amnesty

Obama Shredding the Constitution

Is There No End to Obama’s Stunning Lawlessness? Leaked DHS memo says he plans to defy Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction forbidding the Regime from unilaterally enacting increased amnesty. From The Hill: Last June, four months after Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen’s order to freeze President’s DAPA and Expanded DACA programs—disclosure: the Immigration Reform Law Institute has filed briefs in these cases—DHS’s immigration policy ...

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Note to Jeb Bush and John Kasich: We Don’t Need a Whine Fest

Jeb Bush

One thing we’ve learned in the last week: When RINO’s like Jeb Bush and John Kasich implode, it ain’t pretty. Does this guy really looks like he has “cool” stuff he could be doing? Seriously? What’s a RINO’s favorite w(h)ine? Whaa whaa. It’s my turn!! I’m entitled!! First we had last week’s cringe-inducing spectacle of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Jeb ...

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As If! Three Major Reasons NOT to Vote for Hillary Clinton


Yeah, Hillary Clinton has 99 problems, and here are three of them. Now that Vice President Joe “Stand Up Chuck” Biden has finally let people get some sleep at night by announcing that he will not be running for president after all, it’s pretty clear that the commie fossil who has gotten so much attention for the last several months ...

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