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Why Is Anyone Surprised by Obama’s “Post-Constitutional” (H/T Mark Levin) Behavior? He Told Us in 2001


Our “post-Constitutional” Current Occupant of the Oval Office, holding forth on the very deficit and flawed U.S. Constitution. Barack Obama is a smooth-talking, radical leftwing empty suit/con artist who has the additional advantage of an ass-kissing media, enchanted by his mixed-race heritage and his Ivy League education, affirmative-action assisted as it is. Once he started running for national office, he ...

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Shocker: It’s not Affordable and Obama Doesn’t Care

In fact, as we have been saying in this space and on The Teri O’Brien Show, Obamacare was never designed to reduce your health insurance or medical expenses. It was always conceived as a wealth and income redistribution scheme to redress the “unfairness” that results when some people, those who finish school, don’t have illegitimate children, and otherwise live as ...

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Thanks to “Affordable Care Act,” Leukemia Patient Losing Insurance and Doc, Out-of-Pocket Costs Increase Almost 600% Minimum

Another Obamacare horror story, this time the sad story of Michael Cerpok, from abc15.com: Back in 2006, he found out he had an incurable form of leukemia that requires ongoing treatment until he dies. In 2012, his treatment bill was more than $350,000. But because of his insurance, his out-of-pocket was only $4,500. That’s about to change because Michael just got ...

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Mourning in America: Obama’s Inaugural Address

Barack Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Address perfectly reflected his view of America, and presented a stark contrast between the rhetoric and the reality. The rhetoric was all about our need to work “together,” a word that he used seven times, while he revealed the reality in passages such as this one: We, the people, declare today that the most evident of ...

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Mitt Was Half-Right About Last Week’s Loss, But Still Clueless

The denizens of the 24/7 nuthouse, which I watch so you don’t have to, MS-NBC, and other fellow travelers in the Lame Stream Media, are feigning outrage over Mitt Romney’s recent post-election statements, in which he blamed his campaign’s failure to rescue our country from the clutches of the Chicago Mafia on the “gifts” the One has bestowed on his ...

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