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No, That’s Not What Happened. Anita Hill’s Lies About Clarence Thomas:Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-15-2017

Anita Hill

Clarence Thomas was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice on October 15, 1991, but the Left keeps lying about him. Plus we know that Hollywood phonies covered up for pig Harvey Weinstein for at least 20 years. Is there also a coverup surrounding the Las Vegas massacre? What do you think really happened in Las Vegas? And why did the ...

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Josh (Not) Earnest Admits That Some of Iran Cash Will Go To Terrorists


Josh seems a little testy, too, pushing back against the idea that the pallets of unmarked bills delivered to the Iranians was a ransom, and coming close to asking “what difference does it make?” Not that Josh is telling us anything that John “Lurch” Kerry hasn’t already told us. Here’s where Josh gets snippy with CBS’ Margaret Brennan asking “Why ...

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Stop The Presses: Iran Deal NOT What Obama Told You


So, contrary to what Obama told us, Iran will be able to get a nuclear weapon in a few as six months. MMM. where have I heard that before… While much of the Left, including alleged “journalists,” are becoming more unhinged than usual talking about the “scandal” surrounding Melania Trump’s “plagiarism,” there’s this insignificant item. From The New York Post: More ...

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Donald Trump and the “Mexican” Judge: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-5-2016

Did Donald Trump Step in it with his comments about the “Mexican” Judge? Plus, the BOMBSHELL about Hillary’s email scandal that NO ONE is talking about, and did a Hillary shill just reveal how the Obama Regime will let Hillary skate? Listen to this episode to find out. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode, ...

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Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Americans Says Congressman

Shock? Remember, John “Lurch” Kerry, who has never met an enemy of the United States that he doesn’t love, thanked the Iranians after this incident, Shock? Remember that we’ve been telling you since February, 2015 that Obama has dreamed of building up the Iranians since he came into office. From The Washington Free Beacon: The classified details behind Iran’s treatment ...

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TREASON: White House Admits We Were Played on Iran Deal


Obama Regime admits, by way of its adolescent scribbler turned “National Security Adviser,” Ben Rhodes, that its “historic” Iran Deal was packaged and sold to Congress and the American people using a “narrative” that he concocted. Why isn’t this leading every so-called news cast in America? Was it even mentioned on the pretend news? From the Weekly Standard: It’s hardly ...

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Richmond Va: 2 Arrested at Airport For Trying to Fly to Syria to Join ISIS


ISIS? Wait–I thought we were all safe now after Obama’s “smart” diplomacy resulted in the Iran Deal. From The Richmond Times-Dispatch: A Northern Virginia man who is accused of trying to join the Islamic State in Syria was arrested by federal authorities at Richmond International Airport on Friday as he headed toward his flight gate. Joseph Hassan Farrokh, 28, of ...

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Iran Prisoner Swap Includes Pass for Hezbollah Iranians Who Bombed Argentinian Jewish Center

Hezbollah and Iran

Hezbollah Iranians Who Murdered 85 in 1994 Terror Attack on Jewish Center Given Pass by Iran Deal Updated: State Department confirms removal of the 14 Iranians involved in AMIA attack from interpol prosecution From FARSNews (the Iranian News Agency): 4 Iranian-American nationals who were held for various charges in Iran have been freed under a prisoners swap deal, Tehran’s prosecutor announced ...

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