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Not Exactly a Shock: Washington State Mall Shooter Had ISIS Ties


On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I told you that contrary to early reports, this mall shooter was not “Hispanic.” He is a legal U.S. resident from Turkey. I also mistaken said that he had a “shot gun.” That was wrong. It was a rifle. One thing that that I wasn’t wrong about: chances are that this ...

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Presidential Debate Post-Mortem: No Knock Out Punch, No Minds Changed


Thanks to all of you who participated in the live chat during the Presidential debate tonight. That was fun! My initial thoughts after watching: Lester Holt, Clearly Mindful of What Happened to Matt Lauer, Went Full Candy Crowley, and Spewed Ignorant Inaccuracies He “fact checked” Donald Trump at least five times by my count, and “fact checked” Hillary not a ...

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Another “Lone Wolf” Shouts Allahu Akbar Murders British Woman & Her Dog

Allahu Akbar

He shouted Allahu Akbar before he stabbed her and her dog to death, and local authorities in Australia “aren’t ruling out any motive.” So, it’s not only the U.S. where gutless, clueless politicians gagged by political correctness won’t state the obvious. From The Jerusalem Post: A 29-year-old Frenchman shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) as he stabbed a British woman to ...

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Is Your State One That Obama and the U.N. are Flooding with Syrian Muslim “Refugees?”


As you know, for several years we have been reporting on one important part of Obama’s “remaking” America scheme, the stealth, under-the-radar importation of Muslim “refugees,” seeding America to change its demographics. From World Net Daily, the reporting of one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest, Leo Hohman: Despite more reports in recent weeks about Muslim “refugees” raping and attacking people in the ...

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Paul Ryan Busted for His Support for Illegal Executive Amnesty, Refugee Resettlement


We have frequently expressed our disappointment over Paul Ryan’s support for Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, his cozying up to Luis Guitierrez to pass “comprehensive immigration reform,” and his facilitating Obama’s refugee resettlement. Now some of his constituents are paying attention. Just last week we reported that Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, says that Paul Ryan is going ...

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DHS Grants Syrians, Including Visa Overstays, Temporary (Right) Amnesty


While the pretend news is talking about floods, hot air balloons and fake outrage from political stunts, today the Department of Homeland Security granted more than 8000 Syrians currently in U.S. the right to stay for 18 months. What could possibly go wrong? And did I mention these people NEVER GO HOME? We can’t vet these Syrians, and ISIS has vowed ...

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