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Goddess of Capitalism, Legal Insurrection’s Leslie Eastman: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 013

Ken Timmerman

Key Points Despite outward appearances, it’s not too late for California, although its politicians, including the governor, aren’t putting the state’s interests first. Why Leslie would vote for a democrat Why the oft-repeated claim that California has the 6th highest GDP in the world doesn’t tell the whole story (Hint: Brazil has a great GDP, too.) Links and Resources Did ...

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Constitutional Lawyer and Culture Warrior Matthew Barber: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 011

Ken Timmerman

Key Points Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian pastor, who rejected sexual immorality, including homosexuality In 1958, Dr. King advised a young man who asked him about his homosexual feelings that he could deal with this “problem” In 2005, MLK Jr’s daughter said while campaigning for Prop 8, which 70% of African-Americans voted for, that her father didn’t ...

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Legendary Attorney/ Civil Liberties Advocate Alan Dershowitz: Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 012


“If You Try to Kill Me, I’m Not Going to Be Your Lawyer:” Alan Dershowitz, Legendary Lawyer/Civil Liberties Champion   Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on iTunes. Please rate the show, subscribe and write a review, which really helps a lot. Thanks so much! Please scroll down for links to everything we mentioned in this episode. ...

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WATCH: Obama Regime’s Anti-Israel Treachery an Open Secret


For years, I have been telling you here, and on The Teri O’Brien Show, that Barack Obama is not only a Jew hater, but very anti-Israel. Those facts are not exactly difficult to discover, of course. Today on CNN, Josh Rogin of the Washington Post, a paper completely in the tank for the democrats and Obama, responded to a question ...

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“Beacon of Hope” Wife of Convicted Palestinian Terrorist to Speak at Clinton Foundation Tonight


How perfect is this story? Palestinian terrorist who went to prison for bombing that killed Israelis is married to woman who is celebrated by Clinton Foundation and its donors. From The Wall Street Journal: A Palestinian teacher scheduled to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative dinner on Tuesday is attracting criticism from the Republican Party because the woman’s husband is ...

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ISIS Sympathizers Celebrate London Knife Attack That Killed American


But wait-the authorities say the knife attack it’s not Islamist terrorism. It’s mental illness. There’s a difference? From The Daily Mail:  ISIS supporters have already expressed delight at the stabbing attack in London that left one American woman dead and five people injured. In the hours after the attack ISIS linked accounts on social media were soon reporting the news of the ...

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Stop The Presses: Iran Deal NOT What Obama Told You


So, contrary to what Obama told us, Iran will be able to get a nuclear weapon in a few as six months. MMM. where have I heard that before… While much of the Left, including alleged “journalists,” are becoming more unhinged than usual talking about the “scandal” surrounding Melania Trump’s “plagiarism,” there’s this insignificant item. From The New York Post: More ...

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More State Dept. Shenanigans: Taxpayer Money Illegally Used to Try to Defeat Netanyahu


If the State Department is an example of Hillary’s excellent leadership and management, and what she can do our country, I think I’ll pass. From The Washington Free Beacon: A State Department official deleted emails that included information about a secret campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the country’s last election, according to a Senate investigatory committee that ...

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