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Liberal Hypocrite Alert: Penny Pritzer Also “Bet Against America”

Remember this ad from last fall’s presidential campaign? Or this? As I write this post, Barack Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary, his campaign sugar mama Penny Pritzker is testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee. As it turns out, she also got lots of money from one of those evil offshore accounts.  As the Washington Times notes: On financial disclosure forms, Ms. ...

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What You Know, Joe? Show Notes 1/13/13

Joe Biden prepares to release his carefully considered recommendations to prevent “gun violence,” which he has had in a drawer for the last 30 years, while Lame Stream Media continues to pretend that the emperor has clothes. They’re back. The “No Labels” group, as in No Principles, No Brains and No Commitment to our rights wants to “compromise” on our ...

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Biden’s Buffoonish Gun Ban Side Show: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

This week we witnessed the ridiculous, predictable, and sometimes infuriating, spectacle of Joe Biden’s silly sideshow, in which he pretended that he and Barack Obama were interested in finding “solutions” to “gun violence,” when in fact for years their “solution” was pre-determined; specifically, infringement on the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens. This idiotic Kabuki aside, we don’t need ...

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