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Today in Liberal Hypocrisy: Obama Whores Access to Big Donors

Even Obama campaign operative F. Chuck Todd can’t let this latest evidence of the One’s hypocrisy go unnoticed. He’s selling access to special meetings to people who pony up 50 Extra Large, as in $500,000 for Organizing for America.  From “The Daily Rundown,” Monday, February 25, 2013. When questioned about this issue, press hack Jay Carney got so upset that ...

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Obama Campaign Gets Desperate. Hilarity Ensues.

As the Three Stooges of Campaign 2012, Axelrod, Plouffe and Messina, attempt to cobble together the semblance of a credible presidential campaign from risible allegations suggesting that Mitt Romney is responsible for any health problem that might have afflicted the spouse of anyone who ever worked for a company in which Bain Capital invested and Joe Biden’s bad, racially-charged stand-up, ...

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