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Obama’s Katrina Rant

Like many of you, I tuned in last night to “Hannity” to see the “blockbuster” tape of Obama from 2007. Of course, his apparatchiks in the LSM are downplaying it as “lame” and “old news,” and, yes, it’s not exactly a heart-stopper that Barack Obama is a race-baiting demagogue. Still, it’s worth revisiting this tape (link here), if only to ...

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Chris Matthews Slobbers on James Carter IV, 3rd Generation Doofus

As several commentators have noted, this product of the obviously outstanding Carter gene pool is not exactly an overachiever. In fact, he makes Sandra Fluke look like a real go-getter. Seriously, if this loser doesn’t look like the second coming of John Hinckley, I don’t know who does. Relax, libs, I’m not saying he’s an assassin wanna be, and I ...

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Mitt, Don’t Wobbly in the Face of East Coast Brain Rot

When I hopped on my treadmill at 5:22 a.m this morning, (and “hopped” probably creates the impression of a lot more “get up and go” than I have that hour, but go with me here), I expected that the “usual suspects” (wait until the end of this piece for a surprise ending!) on the televised 24/7 nuthouse would be wringing ...

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They Are Stealing You Blind: The Teri O’Brien Show, 7/24/11

B. Hussein’s embarrassingly petulant performance at last Friday afternoon’s Unhappy Hour presser, parts of which left many observers wondering if they were watching a president of the United States or one of the Cheerios from “Glee,” whining about her boyfriend’s failure to call her, and hoping that we wouldn’t notice that, for at least the 300th time, he failed to ...

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Obama’s Moonstruck Audiences

If like me, you just finished watching Barack Obama’s latest standup act in front of another collection of semi-conscious, wet-behind-the-ears college students, you may be asking yourself “why can’t this guy ever give a speech in front of people who can remember when Jimmy Carter was president?” I know exactly what you’re thinking. If these clueless kiddies with their eager ...

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There He Goes Again: Barack Obama’s Do As I Say, Not As I Do Policy

For many years, many have watched in alternating open-mouthed shock and even grudging admiration, marveling at our Dear Reader’s ability to say, as in read from his TelePrompTer, anything, no matter how obviously at war with reality and common sense, with a straight face. The latest example I’ve seen happened this morning, as he addressed a group of governors, in ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show