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Joe Walsh, The Truth About So-Called Same Sex Marriage, America’s Troika of Self-Appointed Health and Fitness Experts, Michelle, Michael and Mika: Show Notes, 3-17-13 Program

Thanks to our guest, former U.S. congressman Joe Walsh, for classing up the show and sharing his inspirational message with us.

Walsh: Be honest – We’re to blame every bit as much as our politicians – Illinois Review

Joe Walsh (the site where you can sign Joe’s pledge and his movement to take back our country)

Joe Walsh: Americans ‘Stupid’ And ‘Lazy,’ Ex-Illinois Tea Party Congressman Says (VIDEO)

Joe Walsh Radio Show: Tea Party Ex-Congressman Inks Deal For Radio Host Gig (Joe’s new show on AM560 WIND starts Monday, 3/25/13 at 7 pm Central)

Congressman Joe Walsh to Speak in Rock Falls | 23 WIFR Rockford – The Next Generation of News

Search Results for “cpac” | C-SPAN (where you can see all the CPAC speeches)

‘Linen King’ could get three years for illegal gun – (Any truth to the rumor that he also got arrested for possession of a Big Gulp?)

The Truth About Gay Marriage, short version: it’s not the glorious end of a long march toward civil rights. Rather it’s the end of descent down a moral sewer that began when the Left decided to use the popular culture to destroy traditional marriage starting in the late 1960′s-early 1970′s.

Portman’s Gay Marriage Stance Sparks Conservative Response (what an embarrassment this supposedly serious man’s explanation for a 180 on marriage is!)

George Will: The shaky science behind same-sex marriage – The Washington Post

Michelle Obama is a Vogue Cover Girl Again!

In the latest giving of the finger to those of us who value traditional values and the America we grew up in, Obama nominates extreme radical leftist, race baiter and probably perjurer Thomas Perez as his new Sec. of Labor. He’s also the guy who sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Need I say more?

J. Christian Adams on Holder’s Racialist Justice Department (the audio of Mr. Adams appearance on The Teri O’Brien Show, October 30, 2011)

Eric Holder’s Racist DOJ: J.Christian Adams Today on the Teri O’Brien Show | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Rule of Law » Breaking: Inspector General Report on Racialist Dysfunction inside DOJ

Articles: Obama to Nominate Sharia Supporter, Illegal Immigrant Advocate as Labor Secretary

Unfit For High Office: Partisan Thomas Perez As Labor Secretary –

Self-appointed health, fitness and nutrition experts Michelle “Park an Aircraft Carrier on My Ass” Obama (current Vogue cover girl!), Michael “I Buy Elections” Bloomberg are joined by Morning Joe’s Mika Brezinski in trying to dictate your food choices to “eradicate” obesity. Let me school ya, Mika. Unlike you, I know something about fitness. I’ve actually written several books about it, like this one and this one. I’ve got news for you. The only way to “eradicate” obesity is through physical activity; therefore, you must be advocating for government-mandated exercise. I suppose we’ll enforce that the same way advocates of a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens say we’ll require them to learn English.

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) says Benghazi survivors were told to be quiet.

Obama’s Sequester Con Blows up in His Face: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

“Dumb, inexcusable and unnecessary.” That’s what Barack Obama called the unthinkable, the thing that he declared last fall would never happen, the so-called, “sequester,” mandatory reductions in the rate of growth for various federal agencies. Dumb, inexcusable, unnecessary, and also his idea, as it is now universally acknowledged. Here’s the reality: The One rolled the dice and he lost. He bet that the Republicans would be unwilling to allow the Defense Department, which is taking the brunt of the “cuts,” to see its budget reduced, and he was wrong. Now, he is engaging in a cringe-inducing, passive-aggressive game, one in which he says “If you don’t do what I want, and send more money to Washington for me to throw down various ratholes, I’m going to inflict as much pain as possible on the American people.” Thanks to Bob Woodward, everyone acknowledges that this horrible, unimaginably terrible reduction of 2.3% in the rate of growth in federal spending, yet he continues to refuse to own it. Is he delusional, and doesn’t he realize that the Lame Stream Media may be turning on him? This whole thing is starting to look like that Florida sinkhole, with Obama in the role of the guy who was swallowed.

This man’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for any of his actions is part of a pattern. He has spent to the last five years speechifying against “those who caused our economic problems in the first place,” by which he means the private sector in general, and those evil Wall Street profiteers specifically, several of whom became part of his administration. Our guest, Peter Wallison, Arthur F. Burns Fellow in Financial Policy Studies at AEI, general counsel of the US Treasury Department and White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan, will join us to discuss actual cause of the financial crisis of 2008. That’s the subject of his new book, Bad History, Worse Policy: How a False Narrative About the Financial Crisis Led to the Dodd-Frank Act. Surprise–the government, not the private sector, bears most of the responsibility, and “community organizers” like Barack Obama were instrumental in causing the mess in the first place. Whether it’s the sequester or the housing bubble, perhaps we should adopt the same policy that I advocated back in the day when O.J. Simpson was looking for “the real killer.” We should send the Celebutard-in-Chief a mirror.

Justice Scalia has the Left even more unhinged than usual over his comments in last Wednesdays oral arguments about Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Joe Scarborough Inadvertently Swerves Into the Left’s Goal: Gun Registration

which, of course is a prelude to confiscation. I defy anyone to explain how this “universal registration” that supposedly has 90% support among the public will work without gun registration. And registration is simply the first step to the Left’s ultimate goal. an Australian-style confiscation. Here’s Joe about an hour ago stating the obvious, albeit accidentally.