Putin Lectures Most Feckless President Evah

Read on to see what we’ve come to, thanks to Barack Obama’s tremendously successful project to “remake” America. On Tuesday night, Barack Obama, who has made clear for his entire adult life that he finds our Constitution extremely deficient because of its enshrinement of the concept of private property, and who has no use for the concept of American exceptionalism, made a convoluted, pointless speech filled with contradictions to attempt to save face after stepping in it big time on the issue of Syria. Ironically, in that speech, and in his bizarre news conferences last week, the Community-Organizer-in-Chief cited that same distasteful American exceptionalism as justification for his plan to do something “unbelievably small” to punish Bashar al-Assad, who supposedly used chemical weapons in his civil war.

The speech was rendered unnecessary because, thanks to another off-the-cuff, off the Prompter comment, this time by Sec. of State John “Lurch” Kerry. Asked by a reporter if there was anything Mr. Assad could do to avoid watching some kindergartens and nursing homes blow up before continuing his systematic killing of his opposition, Mr. Kerry, who by the way not only served in Viet Nam but also enthusiastically gave aid and comfort to our enemies, said that if Mr. Assad would turn over “every single bit” of his chemical weapons to the mythical international community within a week, then no strike, something Kerry said Mr. Assad would never do, of course, adding that “it can’t be done.” The Russians had to be gleeful, thinking “Seriously? Can this really be happening?” I can just see Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying “Vlad, this is too good to be true! I think if we play our cards right we can use this to our advantage.” That would have been the understatement of the century. Thanks to Lurch, Russia is now large and in charge on the international stage, and they are feeling their oats. How much? Here’s how much. This morning in the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, Vladimir Putin is lecturing us on international law and the dangers of believing in American exceptionalism, concluding with a statement referencing “the Lord’s blessings,” because “God created us equal.”

So to recap, here’s where we are:

Despite all the drama about consequences for Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, which is still not proven despite what John Kerry keeps repeating endlessly, there have been no consequences and, thanks to the Obama administration’s bungling, there will be no consequences.

A former agent of the Soviet Union’s KGB, an entity known for murder, torture and stuff that makes what has gone on at Gitmo seem like a tea party, who has girl rock bands incarcerated for offensive lyrics, who is also a godless communist is lecturing us on democracy, international law, claiming that we have no right to act unilaterally, but must the consent of U.N., and just for fun, citing God as the cherry on top.

As Bill Keller in the Liberal Death Star states in his piece “Playing Chess with Putin,” 

“A president who once seemed sure-footed, combining prudent diplomacy with the occasional bold stroke (killing Osama bin Laden) now stands accused of being, as his Texan predecessor might have put it, all hat and no cattle. He vowed to bring the Benghazi killers to justice, to stand against the return of military rule in Egypt, to arm the rebels in Syria, to enforce a red line against weapons of mass destruction. So far, he has accomplished none of the above.”

The only thing “incredibly small” in this whole embarrassing episode, the follow up the equally embarrassing Snowden affair, is the little man who once strode the world stage as a rock star, now rendered virtually irrelevant. Putin has outsmarted him at every turn. The only Americans who can happy about these developments are Madeleine Albright, who once lamented the fact that the United States was the world’s sole superpower, and Jimmy Carter, who is now first runner up for the title “Most Ineffective, Feckless American President.”

Public Diplomacy

I’m sure most people have not heard of the term; I certainly hadn’t until recently. Let’s go to Wiki:

“PUBLIC DIPLOMACY refers to government-sponsored programs intended to inform or influence public opinion in other countries; its chief instruments are publications, motion pictures, cultural exchanges, radio and television.”

Which brings us to the tragic case of Anne Smedinghoff who was killed over a week ago in Afghanistan.

Smedinghoff, who was from suburban River Forest, died in an attack that also killed five other Americans more than one week ago.

Early reports said she was in an armed convoy when a suicide bomber detonated explosives, but now, an Afghan television reporter says the group was lost while walking from a book donation event.

The governor of the Afghani province was reportedly to be present at the book donations for the school for girls. So it is likely he was the target, but one cannot rule out Americans being targeted for their public diplomacy’s failure to understand the way Afghans treat women.

An FBI probe into the incident that killed 25-year-old foreign service officer Anne Smedinghoff and the others is still preliminary. … On Thursday, State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the group had been walking to the school but could provide no additional details other than identifying the most seriously wounded of three other diplomats injured in the attack. Ventrell said Kelly Hunt, a public diplomacy officer, was being treated at a U.S. military hospital in Germany.

(citation omitted)

I understand the engagement of the Afghani people in this ‘public diplomacy’, but sending a unarmed 25 year old girl into a war zone? Doesn’t that raise questions about women in combat? Did the service members protecting her die for public diplomacy? Just how important is this ‘public diplomacy’?

Here’s the troubling part.

Mail received on April 10 at 8:00 pm PST from an FSO:


I knew Anne well. I am sending you this as the Department has been actively recruiting her friends and coworkers to talk to the press or to write about her even while no Department memorial service will be held. Kabul held one, as did Caracas, and I understand the regional bureau did as well. Some posts voluntarily lowered flags to half mast, but no order was sent. I actually understand the flag issue, we don’t lower the flag for every member of the armed forces lost, and Ambassador Stevens, for whom we did lower the flag, was after all the personal representative of the President.

Friends of Anne have been in contact with AFSA to potentially hold a memorial this Friday in their space due to the failure of the Department to provide a time and space. I have to ask why the same Department that actively kept people from talking/writing about Ambassador Stevens even while publicly hailing him is taking this tack now. I and others, have been bothered by what frankly seems like a blatant use of her story for unclear purposes. The fact that the details emerging are now very different from what was originally released, even accounting for the fog of the situation, is also bothersome.

Hoping you can broach the subject. Feel free to email me but I’d appreciate not being named, even by pen name.

Indeed. Why the silence from the administration on Ambassador Stevens?

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Thanks to our guests, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and Mary Claire Kendall, Acting CEO of Friends of Reagan’s Chicago Home.

Inexplicably, B. Hussein Obama’s campaign operation releases a ridiculous photo, purporting to show the Dear Reader skeet shooting at Camp David. Either he was shooting at a lead pigeon, which was unable to slip the surly bounds of Earth, hence necessitating that Barry fire the gun while it was held parallel to the ground, or he was aiming at John Boehner. He should have borrowed John Kerry’s “Huntin’ License” getup for this charade. The only possible explanation is that they are hoping to appeal to their low info and/or stupid supporters, who are blissfully unaware of Barack Obama’s decades long, well-demonstrated hostility to the 2nd Amendment.

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Citing debunked, bogus studies, the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times) rips Gayle Trotter of Independent Women’s Forum for asserting that guns make women safer. On ABC’s “This Week,” RINO political consultant Matthew Dowd echoes the identical misinformation. and suggests we might want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

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On “Fox News Sunday” the NRA’s Wayne La Pierre explains the reason that the instant background check system that the NRA supported in 1999 has been a failure.

Joe Biden, Who Said We Had a Moral Obligation to Impose Gun Control to Solve Problem of Gun Violence, Says Gun Control Won’t Solve Problem of Gun Violence. This is the same guy who told us that the Obama administration doesn’t have time to enforce the current law about firearm purchase background checks. And of course, since they don’t have the time to administer background checks, what are they demanding? More laws about background checks.

Flashback: Twana Brawley tries an interesting approach to avoid paying damages for slandering a New York prosecutor; specifically, have several last names, all of which are not “Brawley.” Nice try.

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Obama, Are You Sure You Want to Change the Subject to the Economy?

As you know, I watch so you don’t have to, so on last Sunday’s show, we heard a sound bite from Chris Matthews’ silly syndicated show, in which Howard Fineman and Chrissy agreed: if the subject is the economy, it’s bad for the One. I guess that Team Obama didn’t see Chris’ show or hear ours. After seeing that the gay marriage gambit backfired, they decided to change the subject, and talk about–wait for it–jobs. Being democrats, and therefore, not known for original ideas they recycled some ads from the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1994 campaign against Mitt Romney. Actually, I’m being a tad harsh, since when you consider that they spend most of their time trying to force feed us putrid flesh from the rotting corpse of Karl Marx, 1994 seems bright, spanking fresh and new! Or it would if in fact the stuff from 1994 didn’t come from that afore-mentioned rotting corpse.

On Monday, they rolled out a misleading, demagogic ad featuring another collection of victims, former employees of GS Industries, a Kansas City steel plant. The ad uses the sort of reasoned, logical argument we’ve learned to expect from democrats. For example, one former steel worker says “They made as much money off it as they could and they closed it down, they filed for bankruptcy, without any concern for the families or the communities,” says Joe Soptic, a former steelworker. “It was like watching an old friend bleed to death.” They also refer to Romney as a “vampire,” which is interesting since the former Massachusetts governor said he doesn’t know any vampires.

Even the WaPo says the ad “shades the truth,” and gives it “One Pinnochio.” No doubt this rating has something to do with the fact that in 2001, eight years after Bain acquired GS, when the plant filed for bankruptcy, Mitt Romney was no longer actively involved in managing Bain. Translation: it’s typical liberal deception. No matter, Obama’s apparatchiks are trying to defend it. Former John Kerry operative/ditz Stephanie Cutter was on the case. You remember Stephanie Cutter, don’t you? She was right in the middle of that really cringe-inducing episode in October 2004, involving the late Christopher Reeve. Kerry claimed to have had a death bed conversation with the revered actor, in which Reeve supposedly thanked Lurch for raising the issue on stem cell research in the most recent presidential debate. Like the Kerry campaign, Obama’s operation also has that “Sixth Sense.” They not only see dead people. They speak for them, most recently for the alleged victim of Mitt Romney’s high school bullying, a previous exploding cigar.

The Romney campaign’s response was swift and effective.

The Chicago boys looked like geniuses in 2008 when they ran unopposed with the slobbering Lame Stream Media propagandizing non-stop. Now they look like what they really are: a bunch of doofuses loading up the One’s TelePrompTer with threadbare clichès that don’t pass the laugh test. You guys want to talk about jobs and the economy? As that great democrat John Kerry would say “Bring it on.”