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Fooled Again: Did You Buy Official Story About Hillary’s Email Coverup?

Platte River

Far too many people got sucked into the Hillary Clinton campaign’s McCarthyite coverup of her destruction of 30,000 emails that she decided unilaterally were “personal.” The Friday, July 22 release by Wikileaks of approximately 20,000 emails and other documents from a Democrat National Committee server on the eve of the party’s convention caused Hillary Clinton’s campaign two problems, one I ...

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Does Anyone Really Care With This Weasel Thinks?

I refer, of course, to Wikileaks’ founder/alleged rapist Julian Assange. From Reuters: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange berated the United States on Sunday from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy where he has sought refuge from arrest, demanding President Barack Obama end what he called a witch-hunt against his whistle-blowing website. … Ecuador’s socialist President Rafael Correa, a self-declared enemy of ...

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