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Gay Gestapo’s “Marriage” Victory at SCOTUS: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-12-2016


They’ve done it again! Screw federalism! SCOTUS declares “right” to so-called same sex marriage. Flashback to June, 2015, in this “best of show.” Plus, Stanley Kurtz on Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Suburbs. Haven’t heard of it? Perhaps that’s because it’s being deliberately hidden from you.  Listen to National Review’s Stanley Kurtz expose this heinous racket! Listen to this episode here using ...

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Phony Sen. Chuck Schumer: Stunning Hypocrisy on Judicial Nominations

Sen. Chuck Schumer, there’s this thing now called video that makes it A LOT harder for you to get away with your politically-motivated lies. Watch Sen. Chuck Schumer back in 2007, that would be the year BEFORE the next presidential election, vowing to obstruct Pres. Bush ability to appoint any justices to the Supreme Court On yesterday’s edition we detailed ...

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Kim Davis Case Awakens Dormant Sexual Morality and Desire for Law and Order Among Low-Information Liberals

Suddenly, thanks to the Kim Davis case, liberals are appalled by sexual immorality, at least by heterosexuals, and are dedicated to law and order. Like all of you, every once in a while, I find myself in situations where I overhear the irrational brain droppings of low-information blowhards. Of course, these poor dolts don’t realize how silly they sound to ...

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