There’s Got to Be More to This Story. What Say You?

UPDATE : What would a story about 2 idiot DJs be without a moronic musician throwing in his two cents for the stupid hat trick?

Last week we heard news reports about the alleged suicide of British nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who transferred a call from a couple of idiot DJs (I know-redundant) inquiring about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. From the New York Daily News:

Saldanha was found dead three days after taking a phone call at London’s King Edward VII Hospital from radio deejays Mel Greig and Michael Christian. The morning radio hosts in Sydney, Australia, impersonated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to try to pry out information on the health of Prince William’s pregnant wife.


Seriously? A married mother of two transfers a call to another nurse, and that causes so much embarrassment and humiliation that she kills herself? I’m sorry, but that doesn’t pass the smell test or the laugh test.

Was she experiencing extreme stress from working in a government-run hospital, with its “end of life” paths and rationing of care, so much so that this incident was the last straw? Didn’t she understand that that’s just how wacky DJs are? Didn’t she listen to this super cool interview that our glorious, grand exalted Dear Reader did with Kiki, Carlos and Danny and understand that these people are just jokers having fun?

I’m sure we’ll soon learn the rest of the story. Depression, history of mental illness, adultery by one or the other, substance abuse are all possibilities, although I have no information that any of those were involved. I’m not buying the “official story,” though. What do you think really happened here?

Saving the Bill of Rights, and the Latest on the Debt Ceiling: Today on the Teri O

This week we’ll be discussing the continuing assault on our Constitution by “progressives,” their Priority One project of the last one hundred years. Previously, the Constitution’s detractors paid lip service to respecting it, while doing all they could to use the courts, administrative agencies and executive orders to undermine it so that they could implement their income-redistributionist, big government hidden agenda. Now, the mask is off. Time magazine asks “Does it Still Matter?,” joining allegedly serious analysts in suggesting that because the Founders didn’t have iPads, their amazing work product is a quaint, antiquated relic of a bygone era.

As our guest, Frank Miniter, author of the terrific new book, Saving the Bill of Rights, Exposing the Left’s Campaign to Destroy American Exceptionalism, explains, while the Constitution might be old, its ideas are not. We’ll discuss how our freedoms are being eroded by activist judges, special interest groups, parasitic bureaucrats, and, the current occupant of the Oval Office. Barack Obama is on the record as saying that the Constitution is defective because it is doctrine of “negative rights.” Mr. Miniter will explain just how dangerous that philosophy is, and share his thoughts on which of the ten amendments is the most important and why. (Hint: As I think you’ll agree, he’s absolutely right.)

We’ll also discuss what happens when not keeping it real goes horribly wrong, starring Tim Pawlenty, David Plouffe and Lady Gaga.

Speaking of Gaga what’s got Michelle more steamed this weekend: the collective swooning of the Lame Stream Media and Hollywood over Kate Middleton, a genuinely elegant beautiful lady whose presence shines a light on everything that, despite the full-time makeup artist and staff of over 20, Her Highness Michelle is distinctly not, or the cancellation of the family’s planned vacation to Whitefish, Montana?

Now that Obama’s mind is temporarily off his three obsessions: fundraising, golf, and celebrity soirèes, perhaps he can finally get his ostensibly agile mind around the idea that this time the Republicans may finally caught on to the democrats’ “tax increases in exchange for entitlement cuts” gambit. Dare we hope? We’ll have the latest on the planned debt confab tonight at the White House.

Tune in later for the rest of the story.


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