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Federalism My Rear End: Senate Dems Scheme to Destroy State Abortion Laws

Here’s a surprise. Senate Democrats are trying to invalidate state restrictions on dangerous pregnancy termination procedures. Federalism, schmederalism. From The Weekly Standard: Is performing an abortion no different than pulling a tooth? The idea that there isn’t a difference is the basis of a new federal bill that would wipe hundreds of state abortion laws off the books–striking down everything ...

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Finally a Man Admits What the Obsession with “Women’s Health” is Really About, Getting Lucky

As I have noted previously here at teriobrien.com, at Clash Daily, at Illinois Review and elsewhere, many feminists, angry at the treatment they got from her, have decided to strap on their combat boots and go to war with Mother Nature. Their seething rage at their inherent disadvantage in the traditional mating game, in which men pursue attractive women, who ...

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I Think I Understand Why St. Wendy Had a Makeover

Back in the day, last weekend’s left-wing rising star, who owes the hyperbolic praise of a slobbering Lame Stream Media to her 11-hour grandstanding filibuster designed to temporarily thwart the will of the majority of citizens in Texas, democrat state senator Wendy Davis was screaming for a makeover. Here’s her Harvard law photo from 1991: And here’s how she looks ...

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Why Can’t Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, Left’s Latest Darling Say the “A” Word?

As I often tell you, small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, and great minds talk about ides. That adage explains a lot about our current celebrity-obsessed, dumbed-down society, in which every week brings a new personality presented as this week’s shiny object, be it Edward Snowden, Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin, Jodie Arias, or the next one to ...

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Obama Embraces Favorite Liberal Strategy: “It’s For The Children”

Also posted at ClashDaily Barack Obama continues to unashamedly use last December’s murder of 20 Connecticut children to advance his war on the 2nd Amendment, parachuting in to communities that have suffered mass shootings at the hands of lunatics to screech lies while using victims’ families as wallpaper. I guess these people haven’t suffered enough. Earlier this week in Hartford, ...

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