Monday Musings

If Barack Obama loves “infrastructure” so much, why has he stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline for over 4 years? High-paying jobs? Economic growth? U.S. energy independence? I guess writing that list I can see why Obama’s against it.

How will it be possible to enforce those infinitely reasonable “universal background checks” without gun registration? Hasn’t history shown that registration is a prelude to confiscation? (Answer: yes, and the democrats, including Obama, have admitted it. See this post for more. Warning: it’s chilling.)

Before last week’s State of the Union speech, weren’t we told that Barack Obama was going to pivot” back to jobs? Why is that necessary if the administration has been doing the great job of facilitating job creation that they told us about before the election? Didn’t he say in June that “the private sector is doing fine?”

Could the fact that there are 3.2 million fewer jobs in our economy than there were in December 2007 have anything to do with that need for the One’s umpteenth “pivot” back to jobs?

Are Saudis Rooting for an Obama Victory and an Energy-Dependent America?

Reuters reports that the Saudis have decided to pump more oil and bring it to market.

The global oil market is sufficiently supplied with extra oil being pumped from Saudi Arabia helping, Maria van der Hoeven, head of the International Energy Agency said on Thursday.

“We are always closely monitoring markets. We can see that the oil market is sufficiently supplied. Saudi Arabia is bringing more oil to the market. We can also see that the United States and Canada are bringing more oil to the market,” she said in the Spanish capital at an energy conference.

Saudi oil minister Ali-al Naimi said last week the world’s top oil exporter was ready to take action to calm rising prices, which he said were not supported by market fundamentals.

“The extra oil from Saudi Arabia helping,” but helping whom? Mitt Romney has been very clear about his desire to make America energy independent. He wants more domestic drilling. He wants to open up coastal areas off the Carolinas and Virginia to do so, and he has vowed to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Bow, Jug Ears, Bow!

Could it be that the Saudis would prefer to have an American president who not only bows deeply to their rag-headed royalty, but also has done all he can to cripple our nation’s energy producing capacity?