“Fortunately We’ve Had No Scandals,” Says Obama Apparatchik Plouffe-Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show


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I am not making that up. If you heard today’s show, you heard haircut victim David Plouffe respond to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace’s question about the perils of 2nd presidential terms by expressing happiness over the Obama first term being scandal-free. As I have said often during the last 4 years, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. And, as I have also often said, liberals are like the children that they love to exploit, so they like to play pretend. Since the Lame Stream Media doesn’t report on Fast and Furious, Benghazi or Solyndra, they never happened. Plouffe repeated this claim about the Obama first term being scandal free not only on FNS, but also on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopolous,” and he was not challenged on either show. What a surprise!

Thanks to our special guests, legendary patriot and musician Ted Nugent and organizer of Gun Appreciation Day, Larry Ward.


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What did you do on Gun Appreciation Day? I was at a very cool event at a firing range. I hope that you had a blast, too!

Welcome | Gun Appreciation Day | January 19, 2013

Ted Nugent Sings the Illinois National Anthem: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Legendary rock and roll superstar and American patriot Ted Nugent drives the Left nuts (and that’s a short drive, as you know) with his no-holds-barred exposure of their hypocrisy and deceit. The interview you’ll hear on today’s show will not disappoint. You’ll also hear his terrific new song, “I Still Believe,” available at tednugent.com as a free download, and another little ditty that I didn’t even know exists until Ted performed it on during our chat, the Illinois National Anthem. Don’t miss it!

Did you spend yesterday’s Gun Appreciation Day at a firing range? I did, and it was a blast (no pun intended). We’ll talk to one of the organizers of that terrific event, Larry Ward.

As Barack Obama starts his second term today, it’s clear that he and his apparatchiks have taken one message from his re-election; that is, to be more arrogant and confrontational than any ruler this side of Hugo Chavez. Whether it’s condescendingly stating that anyone who opposes his anti-2nd amendment policies is more interested in making money than protecting first graders from being murdered, or continuing his gangsta government by threatening end runs around Congress, it’s clear that he plans to ramp up his lawlessness. Rather than focusing on problem-solving and that bipartisan cooperation he used to campaign on, last week he and his gang converted their campaign apparatus into a vehicle for mobilizing the masses, their low-information, celebutard-obsessed supporters, and planned seminars to “educate” “reporters” on the proper way to “report” on their federal takeover and destruction of our health care system. Regardless of the “soaring rhetoric” that will cause his sycophantic Lame Stream Media supporters to swoon tomorrow, the post-partisan, post-racial reality is still a myth.

While many post-election analysis suggested that the decisive event in the 2012 campaign was the unearthing of the infamous “47% video” by the hilly mutant grandson of King of the Useful Idiots, Jimmy Carter, at least one prominent African American democrat admitted that B. Hussein’s success is the result of one thing, a “cult of the personality.”

Of course, as always, you’ll be ahead of the curve, as we’ll hear some audio from the Sunday shows.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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