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Play-Doh, Coloring and Legos. Not Kindergarten. Law School


You don’t expect young adults who are attending the University of Michigan Law School to cope with the election of Donald J. Trump without Play-Doh, do you? From The College Fix: Like many other universities this week, the University of Michigan Law School scheduled an event designed to help students recover from the trauma of Republican Donald Trump’s election victory. Unlike ...

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How The Iowa Caucuses Work in Legos

Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucuses: For weeks you have been hearing ENDLESSLY about them , but how exactly do they work? Glad you asked. This video about the Iowa caucuses comes courtesy of Vermont Public Radio. Please note that what they are describing, probably not surprising, given that it is a public TV station from Vermont, is how the democrats caucus. The Republicans ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show