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Kouachi Brothers Connection to The One-Eyed, Hook-Handed Iman Just Sent Away for Life: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1/11/15

Thanks so much for checking out the show notes! I thank you from the bottom of my well-conditioned heart! If you appreciate what we do, and the information you get from our show, please consider making a monthly contribution to help us keep the lights on by clicking on the subscribe button on the right. $5 a month is $1.25 ...

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World Leaders Assemble for Paris Solidarity March. Where’s Obama? The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, 1-11-15

World Leaders Assemble for Paris Solidarity March. Where’s Obama? The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, 1-11-15 In a painfully stunning metaphor for America’s retreat from world leadership, Barack Obama was noticeably absent from the demonstrations in Paris today. You don’t expect him to miss the NFL playoff games, do you? He told us he spends all morning watching ESPN, which is ...

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Her Royal Wideness Moochelle Obama Uses Junk Science to Promote Her Bogus “Let’s Move” Flim Flam

Should we really be taking nutrition and fitness advice from a woman with a rear end big enough to park an aircraft carrier on? As you well know, Moochelle Obama, one of the most successful race hustlers in America history (the other being her jug-eared husband, the One) is America’s number one (self-appointed) health, fitness, and nutrition expert. OK, Mooch ...

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Obamacare Horror Stories with Dr. Karen Held of American Doctors 4 Truth, Plus Fairy Tales of the Gay Gestapo. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-2-14

LISTEN HERE. Thanks to our guest, Dr. Kris Held of American Doctors for Truth. Kris Held,MD (kksheld) on Twitter Collins Meets With Shepard’s Parents – ABC News (In the context of celebrating the “historic” entry of open homosexual Jason Collins into the National Basketball Association, ABC repeats myth of Matthew Shepard “hate crime,” ironic because nearly 10 years ago Elizabeth Vargas reported ...

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Sexy Brilliance with Kevin Jackson, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-8-13

Listen here (or in the sidebar on the right side of this page)   Thanks to our guest, Kevin Jackson, of The Black Sphere, author of Sexy Brilliance …and Other Political Lies and The Big Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party. Thanks, Kevin, you were terrific! SUNDAY’S QUESTIONS: PLEASE TWEET YOUR ANSWER WITH HASH TAG #theteriobrienshow. If you ...

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Hey Obama, want to Start a War in Syria? We’ve Got a Few Questions First: The Teri O’Brien Show 9-8-13

  Last week our glorious Dear Reader traveled overseas to put on a fascinating, albeit a bit frightening, display of his narcissistic personality disorder in two separate news conferences. Responding to questions about Syria, he made the bizarre claim that his credibility isn’t on the line, and that the “red line” that has been crossed is not his. By Friday, ...

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Larry Elder Dishes About the Oprah, Shares Surprising Stuff About Jackson, Sharpton & Farrakhan-The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-18-13

  Larry Elder – LarryElder.com – Home of the Larry Elder Show and the Elderados – The Sage From South Central The Real Oprah Emerges RaceBaiter: Four Blacks Kill Young Couple in Cruelest Way – Every Bit As Cruel As Emmett Till | Maggie’s Notebook (Can anyone tell me why anyone ever saw any redeeming value in the Oprah and her ...

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