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Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 001-Walter E. Williams Explains Why Health Care Isn’t a Right and Other Inconvenient Truths

Dangerous Thinkers

  One of the original Dangerous Thinkers, the incomparable John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, a nationally syndicated columnist, and some time Rush Limbaugh fill in host, Professor Walter E. Williams is the definition of a Dangerous Thinker, from his time as a troublemaker while in the U.S. Army. He describes that on this episode, ...

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Obama: 2nd Amendment and Legal Gun Ownership The Problem


During his Saturday NATO press conference in Warsaw, Barack Obama once again blamed guns and citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights as reason for tension between police and people in the communities they protect.   Listen: Obama blames legal gun for Minnesota police shooting Barack Obama pays lip service to respecting your 2nd Amendment rights, but the fact is ...

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Matt Damon Calls for Confiscation of All Guns


Hey Matt Damon, how about a big cup of STFU? You’re an ACTOR, remember? Whenever you say anything half-way intelligent, someone else writes it! From PJ Media: Hollywood actor Matt Damon used a press conference in Australia over the Fourth of July weekend to discuss his desire for a massive confiscation of U.S. guns. “You guys did it here in ...

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VIDEO: Pathetic.The Death of Journalism and Free Speech at Mizzou

The University of Missouri aka Mizzou used to be known for its commitment for journalism and the First Amendment. What’s wrong with this picture? For many years, The University of Missouri has had a national reputation for having an outstanding journalism school. In 2013, a survey of news professionals selected the Missouri School of Journalism as the top J-school in ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show