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WATCH: Then and Now: Sen. Obama Rips President Bush Katrina Response


Remember Hurricane Katrina? The usual liberals were acting from the usual liberal playbook. Feigned outrage and name-calling are their favorite predictable ploys. Hurricane Katrina: The silly comedian who was THE news source for moronic millennials,  Jon Stewart, called it President George W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky moment.” (and naturally had to refer to Ms. Lewinsky’s lady parts), Dullard rapper Kanye West ...

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Louisiana Flood Disaster? Obama Ain’t Got Time for Dat!


Where are Spike Lee and Kanye West to whine about flooding in Louisiana when you need them? The extent of this disaster and the devastating amount of suffering is heart-breaking and almost impossible to comprehend. From ABC News: Homeland SecuritySecretary Jeh Johnson will visit flood-stricken Louisiana today, one day after the death toll rose to 13. Officials confirmed Wednesday night that ...

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Here They Go Again. If You Oppose Obamacare, You Are-Wait for it-A “Racist”

So says Louisiana State Senator and state Democratic Party chair Karen Carter Peterson. She took to the Senate floor to explain. Seriously? Have you ever seen a more intellectually bankrupt bunch than liberals? As Thomas Sowell famously, and so accurately stated, the definition of a “racist” is a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal. Obamacare is a disaster. ...

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