Huma-nizing Weiner (Also not a Natural Born Citizen)


I don’t disagree with my friend Thomas Lifson, publisher of The American Thinker, about Huma Abedin’s performance yesterday, after the cringe-inducing revelations about her husband Anthony Weiner aka “Carlos Danger,” at least not about the positive PR she gained by standing by her man, and speaking up Hillary-style (Seriously.) Thomas wrote:

Money can’t buy the kind of political boost Huma Abedin is receiving. Like her mentor Hillary Clinton, the stand-by-your-man strategy will be her gateway to widespread popularity and respect.Don’t feel sorry for the Democrats over losing a former rising star politician like Anthony Weiner, whose future is so hopeless that even the New York Times says it’s time to go. They have gained an even more promising candidate for high office. Huma Abedin is better-looking, better spoken, and more appealing than her role model. Yesterday’s performance (“whole lotta therapy”) was superb, establishing Ms. Abedin as dignified, strong, and starting to look as American as apple pie.

It’s great to be a liberal woman, and not only get a pass for enabling your sociopathic, sexual reprobate husband in treating other women like disposable toys, but getting praise for your “dignity,” and automatically being vaulted into the lead for high office.

Thomas is also right about her ability to do some serious fund raising, although one has to wonder how revelations about her family’s Muslim Brotherhood ties might cut into contributions from the Jewish community.

Here’s where I disagree with Thomas. Huma’s parents weren’t American citizens at the time of her birth, and therefore, like Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindahl, and, yes, Barack Obama, she is not an Article II “natural born citizen.”

Although raised in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a natural born American.

In any case, it’s hilarious to watch New York liberals scrambling to pretend that they are offended by Weiner’s behavior, including the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, now whining that he should withdraw from the race. It was just last year that they wrote a slobbering profile of Huma and Anthony, all about how repetent the former congressman is, and how he and Huma repaired their marriage.

Some things never change.

Obama’s Whopper About Benghazi Exploded by Panetta and Dempsey, LSM Yawns-Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-10-13

Thanks to our two terrific guests, Larry Elder, the Sage of South Central, and Jack Cashill, author, producer and commentator.

Larry and I discussed his great book, the Christopher Dorner case, and whether O.J. has gone “gay” in prison.

Larry Elder – – Home of the Larry Elder Show and the Elderados – The Sage From South Central Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives… Eight Hours (9781936488452): Larry Elder: Books (a fabulous, compelling page turner about Larry’s reconciliation with his father)

Larry’s other great books:

The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America, Revised Edition

What’s Race Got to Do with It?: Why It’s Time to Stop the Stupidest Argument in America

Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card–and Lose

Jack was fascinating as usual, and he put his finger on the truly big story of the last 5 years, the breathtakingly corrupt media that has zero curiosity about anything that might damage Barack Obama and his agenda. Consider that we leave in a world where a serial adulterer/accused rapist, who received oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office, can be the keynote speaker at a political convention that condemned the opposing party’s “war on women,” a fact not noted by anyone in the Lame Stream Media.

Official Web Site of Jack Cashill

Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Loves, and Letters of America’s First Postmodern President: Jack Cashill: Books

Barack: Who’s Your Daddy? Jack Cashill on The Teri O’Brien Show 02/20 by Teri OBrien | Blog Talk Radio (Jack’s previous appearance on the show to discuss Deconstructing Obama)

Blog: Christopher Dorner: When Moderates Go Bad

Articles: Hillary’s First Big Lie

WND » Brennan must answer for passport breach » Print (John Brennan is involved in this story, too. Apparently, he is EVERYWHERE. Did Barack Obama travel to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport in 1981?)

Three Blockbuster Stories Ignored by the Lame Stream Media

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, explode David Axelrod’s lie, told the Sunday before the Presidential election, that Barack Obama was in touch with his “National Security folks” “all through the night.”

Wacko Ex-Los Angeles Cop Christopher Dorner’s bizarre manifesto, which reveals his admiration for Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews, Piers Morgan, and the so-called “assault weapons” ban

David Petraeus’ betrayal by his our security team, and the possible role of John Brennan in the Benghazi attack. Was Benghazi attack retaliation for secret raids authorized by Obama security adviser John Brennan?

Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chair: Obama Talked to Them Only Once on Night of Benghazi Attack | CNS News

Goodwin: Obama’s shocking absence through the Benghazi crisis –

Axelrod on Why Obama Campaigned Hours After Benghazi: ‘Everything Was Put in Motion That He Could Put in Motion’ | CNS News

David Petraeus: CIA director’s bodyguards exposed affair with Paula Broadwell, claims ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’ | Mail Online

MSM conceals Christopher Dorner’s “ideology” | Power Line

Chris Cassone (link to artist who created the song “High on a Mountain Top” tribute to the heroes of Benghazi)

Second Amendment Update

COME AND TAKE IT (full song) by stevevaus on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds (The song we played by Steve Vaus, part of the commercial that Clear Channel says is “too controversial.” Perhaps for lame over-the-air outlets, but not for the cutting edge of new media.

2nd Amendment ‘too controversial’ for radio

It’s Been a Bad Week for Robbers in Detroit: Concealed Carry Holders Fight Back and Open Fire | Video |

Michelle Obama mourns slain teenager at Chicago funeral – The Washington Post (Mooch using dead girl as a prop for leftist, anti-2nd Amendment agenda. Query-Gee, Mooch, what about the 501 people killed last year in Chicago? I guess that they don’t count because they don’t make good demagoguery fodder. The dead girl/mascot’s mother will continue the family tradition of pimping for Obama by attending tomorrow’s State of the Union address. Perfect.)

Obama visits Chicago Friday on post State of the Union swing: Expected to address economy, gun violence – Lynn Sweet

Get ready for the “Palinization” of Marco Rubio. Idiot Donny Deutsch on the 24/7 nuthouse MS-NBC says that Marco Rubio hasn’t accomplished anything. Of course, as opposed to the brilliant Dear Reader, whose accomplishments include doing a little blow, sitting in the pew of a racist, anti-American wacko preacher for 20 years and managing to hear nothing, and voting present in the Illinois State legislature 100 times.

Larry Elder on Fathers, Jack Cashill on Hillary’s Lies-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

The Sage of South Central, Larry Elder, will be our guest to discuss his riveting new book, Dear Father, Dear Son…Two Lives, Eight Hours, which describes his horrific childhood with a brutal father who beat him and his brothers on a regular, albeit not always predictable, basis. How did growing up in this environment shape his future, especially his attitude about fathers and their absence? He has spoken eloquently about the epidemic of broken families in the black community, but what about American society in general? Don’t the recent high-profile mass killings committed by young men with untreated mental illness say that we have a serious social problem involving our boys and young men? We’ll also ask him about his decades long battle against the race baiters who have tried to enlist black Americans in a cult of victimhood, and the case of former Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner, now accused of two murders, and author of a bizarre manifesto. The Lame Stream Media has scrubbed references to Mr. Dorner’s admiration for well-known media liberals like Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan, as well as his admiration for Barack Obama. Is he surprised?

After her star turn before the Senate, in which she received was praised to the skies for asking the brilliant question “what difference does it make?” why four Americans were slaughtered under her watch in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton enjoys absurdly high approval ratings, proving again the power of the Lame Stream Media to shape public perception. In retrospect, she’s probably happy that she didn’t have to take that 3 a.m. phone call. Sadly, as we learned last week when former Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, no one took that desperate plea for help from Libya. Apparently, the narcissistic, affirmative-action assisted, empty suit playing dress up as Commander-in-Chief was AWOL. At least now we know the reason for the coverup, featuring that ridiculous claim about a silly anti-Muslim video being the cause. The current occupant of the Oval Office was …where when those four brave Americans were being murdered? When precisely did Barack Hussein Obama learn of the death of our Ambassador? What was he doing during the siege? Will David Axelrod ever be called on his deliberate lie, which conveniently took place right before the presidential election, that Obama was “talking to his national security folks well into the night” about the situation in Libya? Many of us are more interested in the answers to these questions than to the other weighty issues that seem to occupy the attention of over-the-air broadcast outlets, such as Chris Brown’s latest brush with the law, or an East Coast snowstorm. We’ll ask our guest, prolific author (Deconstructing Obama) Jack Cashill, about “Hillary’s First Lie,” the subject of a recent piece he wrote for The American Thinker, and also about the questions he thinks prospective CIA director John Brennan must answer about Barack Obama’s passport and the One’s mysterious 1981 trip to Pakistan.

Michelle Obama suddenly discovers that people are being murdered with guns in her home town, Chicago, and travels there to use a dead girl as a prop. Stay classy, Michelle!

Marco Rubio will deliver one response to the State of the Union Address. He is featured on the cover of irrelevant rag Time Magazine as the “Republican Savior,” but is he an Article II Natural Born Citizen?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Stick a Fork in It. Obamacare, Not Your Half Brother. Show Notes, 11/25/12

Caller Shirley Husar, columnist for the Washington Times communities, weighs in on the need for the GOP to reach out to black and Latino voters, and stressed the need for direct, personal contact in local communities.

Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter? | Washington Times Communities

My unfortunate encounter with the officious intermeddling know it all know nothing at a big box retailer on Black Friday. I wanted to say “Dude, you can’t carry my jock when it comes to computers, so please put a sock in it,” which is probably why I remembered Woody Allen’s longing for a sock full of horse manure while in a movie line listening to some pontificating, insufferable gasbag.

Speaking of insufferable gasbags, Barack Obama’s lifelong dream of federal government takeover of health care, thereby giving the power of life and death over every American may not be a done deal after all. The genius of the Founders strikes again. Sec. of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius generously extends the deadline for states to set up health insurance exchanges, which may not really be as generous as it looks, since even though the deadline for setting them up was supposed to be 11/16/12, but the regulations telling the states what constitutes a plan with “essential health benefits” weren’t released until 11/20/12. Gee, Obama and his band of merry Marxists rammed this scheme through Congress over two years ago. Why would they wait so long to issue regulations?

Obama Administration Sits on Key Regulations – (from this article: “When it comes to health care, delaying regulations could help the president politically by avoiding discussion of the controversial health reform law. But that makes life difficult for states and industries that need to prepare for the coming changes.”)

Administration Defines Benefits Under Health Law –

Sebelius Again Extends Deadline on Health Exchanges –

James Capretta and Yuval Levin: Why ObamaCare Is Still No Sure Thing –

The PJ Tatler » How the Implementation of Obamacare Will Make the GOP a Majority Party

How To Prepare For New 1-1-2013 Obamacare Tax Hikes | Economy

Property Owners Face a New Federal Surtax –

Unintentionally hilarious story from the Stanford University paper in which professor proves with a poll done in conjunction with the AP that if Americans really knew what was in Obamacare, approval of it would go from 32% to 70%. Unfortunately that’s only if what’s really in it is misrepresented.

What does Obamacare actually do, you ask? You’re not alone, says Stanford pollster.

Remember what I always tell you. B. Hussein’s vision is the Cook County-ization of the entire country. Want a preview of coming attractions?

Illinois Medicaid limits off to difficult transition – Chicago Tribune

Illinois Medicaid Cuts Will Hit a System Already in Crisis –

Useful idiot of the week, documentarian/taxpayer mooching Ken Burns, praises the joys of government and once again demonstrates his obsession with race on “Meet the Press.” I guess I can’t blame him for being enthusiastic about government, since he’s gotten rich taking money from it.

MS-NBC Screamer Chris Matthews waxes about freedom in a moronic promo filmed at Mt. Rushmore, giving me an opportunity to straighten out another confused liberal, who thinks that the administration of the death penalty and the decisions that will be made by the Obamacare rationing board, the IPAB, are morally equivalent. My work is never done.

Don’t You Hate It When Liberal Agendas Collide, and Other Random Thoughts | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

As we well know, the Left cannot debate issues, which is why they rely on the Cult of the Personality and character assassination, hence the demonization of Marco Rubio, which has already begun.

The Critiquelator takes on deranged, race-obsessed professor who asks “What if Barack Obama were a white man?” Wait-isn’t he?

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday, which is why i HATE the media obsession with showing people acting like crazed maniacs on Black Friday (and now even on Thanksgiving Day) over great deals on smartphones and flat screen TVs. Is this really necessary in life? Meanwhile, a Maryland woman stabs her half brother with a serving fork on Thanksgiving. The story didn’t say what the fight was about. Did he take the last piece of pumpkin pie?

Md. Woman Charged With Stabbing Brother With Fork At Thanksgiving Dinner « CBS Baltimore

Here Are Your Worst Thanksgiving Horror Stories

Obama, the Reluctant President and the Women Who Control Him: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Next week, Barack Obama and his merry band of mendacious Marxists will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina to try to convince the voters that Mitt Romney is actually running against Bill Clinton, and that the last 4 years were just a bad dream. Unfortunately for them, most Americans realize that unless we rid the Oval Office of the scourge that is the Obama presidency, our country will be less Bobby Ewing and more Marion Crane. After the inevitable parade of pro-abortion nuns, victims of the all-powerful murderous Mitt, and representatives of various mascot groups, how will the One defend his record of failure? I suspect that they won’t be bringing the styrofoam Greek columns this time.

No doubt Barack Obama will be praised to the heavens next week, if not as one who can heal the rise of the oceans, certainly as a strong decisive leader. Our special guest, author and investigative journalist Richard Miniter will return to the show to to assert that the reality is the precisely the opposite; that is, Barack Obama is a moody, indecisive man, led around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. That’s the subject of his new book, Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him.

We’ll also do our review of last week’s GOP convention, including sharing parts of some terrific speeches, that got no coverage anywhere else, and give you the very chance to hear what the best of the Sunday shows. Plus, an announcement about an upcoming special edition of the Teri O’Brien Show.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Barack Obama, Victim of Another Racist Attack and a Beat Off: Show Notes, 6/17/12

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, the return of the Imperial Presidency

Our Dear Reader very conscious of the fierce urgency of now and the fact that “we can’t wait” takes matters into his own hands on immigration. It’s not like he didn’t try to work within that antiquated system set up by a bunch of irrelevant dead white European men. He gave it a shot, but they didn’t pass the law he and Dick Durbin wanted, the DREAM act, so what is he supposed to do? Then, how is he rewarded for decisively doing what only he knows is best for us? By a rude racist rightwing reporter interrupting him, in the Rose Garden!

Some people wonder why Barack Obama didn’t keep his promise to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” (read amnesty for illegals, which this recent move isn’t because Barack Obama said so) during the first two years of his administration when his party controlled both houses of Congress. That’s a good question, but what are even these critics forgetting that exposes his stunning hypocrisy on this issue? We’ll connect those dots.

This week’s regime mouthpiece: David Plouffe on the Sunday Shows explains that there’s only one way to fix our broken immigration system, with the bill that Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin wants, the DREAM act

Callers Share Advice from Dad

Critiquelator on El Jefè Barack Hussein Obama’s power grab

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to talk about this story: Get me rewrite-for that semi-literate thesis Moochelle wrote at Princeton, celebrating her awesome blackness. It turns out she’s got white roots.

Obama interrupted: Disrespectful or latest in ‘era of incivility’? –

Marco Rubio calls Obama immigration order a ‘short-term answer’ – latimes.comYes, MSNBC, “white” presidents get heckled too (VIDEO) | Washington Times Communities

DNA Gives New Insights Into Michelle Obama’s Roots –

Obama grants legal status to young illegal immigrants – Washington Times

Obama Administration Sets Deportation Record

In Spring, White House Worked Against Rubio’s DREAM – By Katrina Trinko – The Corner – National Review Online

Dorgan’s Poison Pill by Robert D. Novak on – A Syndicate Of Talent

President Barack Obama, Michelle, kids attend wedding in Kenwood – Chicago Sun-Times

Attention Chicago Criminals: 100-200 of City’s Finest Off the Streets Saturday | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Don’t Cross Her Wideness: Desireè Rogers Dissed by Valerie Jarrett | Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Mont. GOP displays bullet-riddled ‘Obama outhouse’ – Houston Chronicle

Obama’s “Watergate Moment” Is Everywhere

Holder on the Hot Seat, Obama Dazed, Confused and Busted on National Security Leaks Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 6/10/12

On this morning’s “State of the Union” on CNN, anchor Candy Crowley, CNN’s Dana Bash and Michael Shear of the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times for newbies), expressed surprised that Sen. John McCain was unwilling to forcefully assert that Barack Obama could not possibly have been involved in the recent series of dangerous national security leaks that have members of Congress outraged. There are at least three reasons that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the One at a minimum was not upset by these disgusting leaks, including his nondenial denial during last Friday’s pointless presser. Do we trust Eric Holder to investigate this issue? Which was a bigger threat to our national security, these leaks or the supposed revelations about Joe Wilson and his desk jockey wife Valerie Plame?

Holder Directs U.S. Attorneys to Track Down Paths of Leaks –

Candy also tried to get sleazy Obama apparatchik David Axelrod to answer a simple yes or no question: does he agree with his boss that “the private sector is doing fine?” As you suspect, she failed.

SL Mensa weighed in about the al Qaeda leader’s offer of camels and chickens for “idiot Obama” and “old woman Hillary Clinton,” and wondered what Mrs. Clinton would do with “ten cocks.” Rimshot, please.

CPAC straw poll chooses Marco Rubio as GOP VP nominee, but is he eligible? Is he an Article II “natural born citizen?” I think not, but I know that my opinion is a minority one.

Both Obama and Axelrod wring their hands over the loss of teacher jobs, as if they really care about the teachers and their families, when the fact is that the only thing they care about is the money from the teachers’ union dues that eventually end up in the democrats’ campaign coffers. SL Ron from St. Charles agrees.

Another Friday night document dump, this time revealing that, for all the talk about transparency and the demonization of lobbyists, Obama and his minions were making backroom deals with big Pharma to pass his takeover of the health care system.

First time listener and caller Ken from Texas suggests that Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) might be Romney’s choice for VP. Teri is skeptical, but appreciates the call.

The Critiquelator on fire about Obama’s ill-advised, cringe-inducing oral sex joke before an audience of militant gay activists, a subject of a blog post at earlier this week. Did his staff and his TelePrompTer blindside him?

Obama’s Joke Part of a Larger Strategy – Yahoo! News

2nd Amendment Update: Featuring Attorney General Eric Holder

Confronted by members of Congress with written evidence that senior members of his Justice Department knew about the deadly and disgraceful Operation Fast and Furious, Eric Holder at first disputes what’s in black and white, then claims “superior knowledge.” Query: why does a public official who is telling the truth need help with “messaging” from the White House? Who is lying: Axelrod who claims to have been “scrupulous” about avoiding politicizing the Department of Justice, or Eric Holder, who admits that he help from the White House about “messaging” regarding Fast and Furious? MMM … if you’re telling the truth, why do you need help with “messaging?” Is Eric Holder really a victim, as he suggested during questioning from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)?

Holder admits Axelrod, White House helped Justice Dept craft Fast and Furious public relations strategy – Yahoo! News

From Nicolas Kristof in the Liberal Death Star:

Obama was forceful in demanding that President George W. Bush stand up to Sudan during the slaughter in Darfur, so it’s painful to see him so passive on Sudan today. When governments turn to mass murder, we may have no easy solutions, but we should at least be crystal clear about which side we’re on. That’s not too much to expect of a Nobel Peace Prize winner.


Maybe not from someone who actually earned the silly Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Kristof, but we’re talking about an affirmative-action assisted empty suit celebutard, remember?