Cultural Marxist Homosexual Advocates Scam the Supreme Court, and We Live With the Results Today: The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-23-13



Connecting the Dots on How We Got Here-So-called “Same Sex Marriage”

Discussion of the book “Flagrant Conduct,” from Dale Carpenter, a University of Minnesota law professor, which exposes the truth about the landmark Lawrence v. Texas case. Militant homosexual activists, enraged by the 1986 Bowers decision, schemed to put together a narrative that they could sell to the Supreme Court. Like everything else the Left does, it was a lie. The facts of Lawrence v. Texas were not what everyone thought. Still, this case, based on fraud, is being used to deliver the death blow to traditional marriage.

Obamacare Horror Stories

Woman loses her doctor of 17 years, thanks to Covered California. Man can’t get his back fixed because no doctor will accept his “insurance.” Woman relies on misinformation on Covered California website, then discovers her doctor is not in the network, and the only doctors who are in miles away in high-crime neighborhoods. She says, with no sense of irony, “this is not what we were promised.” Really? I think you’ve been had by a con man, my gullible friend.

Another CBS13 Viewer Says Doctors Denying Covered California Plan « CBS Sacramento

Covered California Enrollees Complain About Limited Doctor Choices Nearby « CBS San Francisco

2nd Amendment Update

Woman defends herself using an affordable rifle. Fortunately, she doesn’t live in New York State where the gun that probably saved her is now illegal, thanks to the ironically named “SAFE” act

Even the folks at the 24/7 Nuthouse MS-NBC Can See It: Obama Doctrine is a colossal foreign policy failure

Disgraced National Security Advisor Susan Rice goes on Obama’s network, NBC, on “Meet The Press” with David “Howdy Doody” Gregory, to tell more lies about Benghazi. On CBS’ “Face The Nation”, a thunderstruck McCain says she should be embarrassed

Clown Advocates Fear America Faces a Dire Clown Shortage (and this is bad news?)

Lawrence v Texas: How Laws Against Sodomy Became Unconstitutional : The New Yorker (The landmark decision that activist, rogue federal courts are using to justify destroying federalism and imposing homosexual “marriage” on us is based on a fraud)

U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby a seasoned attorney, war veteran | Deseret News

Federal Judge Rules Utah’s Gay-Marriage Ban Unconstitutional : The New Yorker

VIDEO: Benghazi: The Latest on Obama White House’s Coverup (contains video of Fox News Report on new revelations about emails that reveal that White House and David Petraeus’ CIA collaborated on Benghazi talking points)

 Detroit Mother Defends Family | Rifle | SAFE Act (It’s a good thing she didn’t live in New York State. She might not be alive to tell this story.)

Voter wearing pro-gun shirt turned away | Austin

Senators Demand FBI Head Answer Questions About Indictment of Dinesh D’Souza | The Weekly Standard

As Kyiv Burns, the Obama Doctrine Is Going Down in Flames (how’s that leading from behind working out?)

Obama Appoints Hamas Adviser Robert Malley to Senior Director on National Security Council : Freedom Outpost

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East Coast Brain Rot Explained: A Primer for Real Americans

(Note: The term “Real Americans” refers to those of us outside the Washington, D.C. inside-the-beltway bubble.)

I think I may have first realized it after an unfortunate self-inflicted overdose of watching Dana Perino, Karl Rove and Matthew Dowd on television. Suddenly, after hearing the phrase, “those Tea Party crazies have killed the Republican brand” one time too many, I had a Kevin McCarthy-like revelation. I do not refer to the Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who is a member of the House leadership, although, I’m sure the Congressional McCarthy might have had a similar epiphany after watching that troika. No, I mean the Kevin McCarthy who starred in Don Siegel’s 1956 classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” McCarthy played Dr. Miles Bennell, who returned from a business trip to discover many of his friends and patients suffering from a bizarre malady, one about which they themselves are blissfully unaware. According to their worried loved ones, the afflicted appear identical to their former selves on the outside, but those who know them well are convinced that they’ve been replaced by unfeeling, dead behind the eyes lookalikes.

In the movie, whatever it is that turned these normal Americans into weird Doppelgängers isn’t identified, but when it comes to inside-the-beltway elitist pundits, I not only know what ails them, I have a name for it, one that came to me suddenly during that aforementioned-RINO fest. It’s not that their bodies have been occupied by some frightening alien life force. It’s that their brains have been severely eroded by an airborne ailment that eats away at the area of the cerebral cortex that regulates the ability to perceive events and situations accurately, and to use the life experience that fosters common sense to understand them. Like the malaria common to the Washington, D.C. swamps one hundred years ago, it’s prevalent in our nation’s capital, but it can be found in other large metropolitan areas. If you display any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from this same problem: (1) the obsessive need to be admired by people who despise you and everything you claim to stand for, and to be considered “reasonable” and “moderate” by them (2) the very mistaken, and demonstrably hilarious, belief that attendance at an Ivy League college is prima facie evidence that a person is intellectually superior to pinheads in the middle of the country who attend schools with names that end in “SU,” (3) heart palpitations and the breaking out in a cold sweat in terror at the thought that anyone might think that you are one a member of the “far right” and (4) the all-consuming desire to fit in with snooty, prissy East Coast elites. Is that you? (Dana, did you sneak over here again?) If you have any of these symptoms, you may have East Coast Brain Rot ™

Sadly, ECBR ™  is not limited to the chattering class, as they are known using the dull cliché that they use to describe themselves. Lack of original thought is another symptom, one they share with the leftists in academia and media that they are so desperate to impress. No, unfortunately, I can name several elected officials, even some who claim to be proud “conservatives” who show disturbing evidence of being infected. I would have thought Rep. Paul Ryan would be immune to this horrid plague, but apparently even a gun-loving, plain spoken, down-to-earth, but smart as a whip, son of the Heartland is not. Last week, I got a wake up call when Rep. Ryan penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed that sent thrills up the legs of the ECBR community (Yes, we’re looking at you, Medved) by claiming to address the issue of the entitlements that will turn this country into a bankrupt basket case without mentioning the Barack Obama’s hideous health care scheme. I realized then that even this guy can be seduced by the charms of being a member of the Washington elite. Obamacare is not only the mother of all entitlements. It is the crown jewel of Obama’s “transformation” of our precious country into a socialist utopia, and he doesn’t even mention it? A very bad sign.

How can this happen? I know it’s probably nearly impossible for you, Bitter Clinger, to imagine how thrilling it would be to be praised by Charles Krauthammer at a glittering Georgetown party, or to hear Dana Perino squeal with delight while acknowledging your brilliance as you explain “baseline budgeting,” but try this analogy to gain some understanding. What if you were suddenly on the receiving end of gushing admiration by the cast of Duck Dynasty times Sarah Palin times Wayne LaPierre? See, that’s what I’m talking about. Imagine what they might get you to say or do to keep their love. “Yes, actually, I have taken down and dressed several moose. Why do you ask?”

So the next time you ask yourself how a Republican could say something more suitable to a liberal democrat, now you have your answer. Dedicated conservative patriots continue to labor day and night to find a cure for ECBR ™ In the meantime, you have been warned.

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Show Notes-2/3/12


Live in vivid red, white and blue every Sunday 4-6 pm Central, or any time on demand at, or on the very cool Stitcher smartphone ap

Thanks to our guests, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and Mary Claire Kendall, Acting CEO of Friends of Reagan’s Chicago Home.

Inexplicably, B. Hussein Obama’s campaign operation releases a ridiculous photo, purporting to show the Dear Reader skeet shooting at Camp David. Either he was shooting at a lead pigeon, which was unable to slip the surly bounds of Earth, hence necessitating that Barry fire the gun while it was held parallel to the ground, or he was aiming at John Boehner. He should have borrowed John Kerry’s “Huntin’ License” getup for this charade. The only possible explanation is that they are hoping to appeal to their low info and/or stupid supporters, who are blissfully unaware of Barack Obama’s decades long, well-demonstrated hostility to the 2nd Amendment.

Newtown Chooses Good Guys with Guns – Paul Jacob – Page 1

Ex-Navy sniper killed at Texas gun range –

Citing debunked, bogus studies, the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times) rips Gayle Trotter of Independent Women’s Forum for asserting that guns make women safer. On ABC’s “This Week,” RINO political consultant Matthew Dowd echoes the identical misinformation. and suggests we might want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Editorial: Deconstructing Kellermann | The Truth About Guns

America’s 1st Freedom: How Your Tax Dollars Demonize Your Guns

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” fill-in host F. Chuck Todd cites a Super Bowl ad from Mayor Bloomberg’s gun grab group and lies about the NRA changing its position on “universal” background checks, when even the ad didn’t say that. Pudgy former Obama press secretary, Robert Gibbs, agrees.

On “Fox News Sunday” the NRA’s Wayne La Pierre explains the reason that the instant background check system that the NRA supported in 1999 has been a failure.

Joe Biden, Who Said We Had a Moral Obligation to Impose Gun Control to Solve Problem of Gun Violence, Says Gun Control Won’t Solve Problem of Gun Violence. This is the same guy who told us that the Obama administration doesn’t have time to enforce the current law about firearm purchase background checks. And of course, since they don’t have the time to administer background checks, what are they demanding? More laws about background checks.

Flashback: Twana Brawley tries an interesting approach to avoid paying damages for slandering a New York prosecutor; specifically, have several last names, all of which are not “Brawley.” Nice try.

Tawana Brawley found after decades, served court order for defamation case – Washington Times

Alabama high school teacher blames “big butt Michelle” for starving children.

Alabama Teacher Caught Ranting About ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ and ‘Queers’

Hollywood Hypocrite File: Rambo’s Sylvester Stallone supports gun control – Washington Times

Reagan’s Childhood Home to Become Parking Lot for Obama’s Library

Marathon Pundit: Friends of Reagan’s Chicago Home blog: Obama library story “utterly inaccurate”

Chuck Hagel makes a fool of himself, but he will probably be confirmed anyway.Marathon Pundit: (Video) Hagel: If confirmed, I intend to learn about the Defense Dept.






Why Mitt Lost, and Why He Didn’t: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

One surefire sign that a theory is wrong is when it is embraced by not only NBC’s F. Chuck Todd and, David “Howdy Doody” Gregory, but also Matthew “Useful Idiot” Dowd, and Steve “Chris Matthews’ Bitch” Schmidt, the latter one of the architects of John McCain’s campaign. As previously noted here, if you look up “craven” and “loser,” you’ll discover an amazing exception to Merriam Webster’s usual policy, because Steve Schmidt’s picture appears next to both entries! This herd of independent thinkers are marching in Stalinist lockstep, reciting their explanation for why Romney lost, and as usual, they couldn’t be more wrong if they were getting their news from MS-NBC.

There are ten reasons that Mitt lost. I’ll share them, and get yours.

The behavior of the GOP leadership in the wake of their shellacking tells me that it’s time to backup the truck. What say you?

What are the implications of Barack Obama’s victory for issues important to conservatives, especially the Second Amendment? Now that he is re-elected, is he prepared to try to impose U.N.-sanctioned back door gun control on Americans?

The resignation of David Petraeus raises many interesting questions. Of course, like you, I’m quite sure that his sudden resignation right before Congressional hearings about the coverup of the murders of 4 Americans on September 11 in Benghazi is just a coincidence. I’m also certain it’s just another amazing coincidence that the Obama White House found out about the extramarital affair that led to Petraeus’ exit on Tuesday, Election Day, at 5 p.m. Why would anyone in the administration lie? It must be true.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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Obama Stooges Try To Clean Up Benghazi Mess, Show Notes: 10/21/12

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Every week we post this brief summary of that week’s show, with links to the articles mentioned on the air, and contained in the chat room. If you missed the live show, you can listen to it, as well as the previous four weeks’ shows, right here in the sidebar on the right by scrolling down to the Blog Talk Radio player. Even better, if you have a smart phone, download the Stitcher app, and enter the promo code “Teri” the first time you activate it on your phone. Like this:

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Several of Obama’s fat stooges, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin, and The Combover, sleazy Chicago political operative David Axelrod, appear on Sunday shows to try to clean up the mess created by the Obama administration’s Benghazi coverup, a coverup necessary because the murder of 4 Americans on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by al Qaeda destroys Obama’s fairy tale about his foreign policy prowess. Yes, bin Laden is dead, but sadly, so is J. Christopher Stevens, and with him, the One’s narrative about destroying al Qaeda. They are on the march, which makes Van Jones’ statement that Barack Obama is a “towering figure in foreign policy” beyond ridiculous.

Useful Idiot of the Week, Matthew Dowd, strategist for George W. Bush 2004 campaign, helpfully provides democrats with ammo to use in tonight’s presidential debate

Debbie Wasserman Schulz continues democrats’ lying about the Lilly Ledbetter Act. It’s not, and never was, a “equal pay” act, and uses lame “binders of women” phrase to try to bash Mitt Romney. Greta Van Sustren correctly characterizes that as “silly.”

Fort Hood shooting victims demand justice and fight Obama administration’s characterization of Major Hassan’s murder and mayheim as “workplace violence.”

Army medic shot six times at Fort Hood shares his story ::

Fort Hood Victims Demand Attack Deemed ‘Terrorism’ – ABC News

What I Know Now: Nibbled to Death, | (The late Sen. George McGovern, known for his opposition to the Viet Nam War, was not only a former fighter pilot, but also penned this piece in 1993, describing his experience trying to run a small business while fending off frivolous lawsuits and excessive government regulations)

Lead suspect in Benghazi terror attack is hiding in plain sight | (I thought Barack Obama was determined to bring these perps to justice?)

Barack Obama on Benghazi attack: Mother of diplomat criticises President’s ‘optimal’ comment | Mail Online (As we heard on this edition of the show, contrary to popular, and Lame Stream Media, belief, the One did NOT get the word “optimal” from Jon Stewart. He used it first, responding to Stewart’s question about some of the promises he had made in his 2008 campaign.)

Marc Thiessen: The new Middle East coverup: Biden caught in Syria debate falsehood – The Washington Post (Fast and Furious, Middle East style, in which we are funneling weapons to al Qaeda)

Jihadists Receiving Most Arms Sent to Syrian Rebels –

Libya weapons funneled to Tuareg rebels in Mali – Los Angeles Times (an example of what happens when we arm “moderate” elements as part of the “Arab Spring”)

As noted in this post, Mitt Romney killed it at the Al Smith Dinner last week. We heard some of his best lines. You can see his whole monologue here:

Mitt Romney Jokes and One Liners at Al Smith dinner with President Barack Obama – YouTube

Thanks again to our guest, Jim Webster, member of the Winnebago County, IL County Board, who is spearheading an ordinance to allow concealed carry in that county

Rockford area takes aim at state gun law –

CeaseFire partners with police in Chicago – Rockford, IL – Rockford Register Star (Even though Chicago is broke, somehow they have $1 million to send to these “community organizers,” even though Chicago’s police chief is a little concerned that this group tends to hire felons)

Illinois House Bill 148 – The Family and Personal Protection Act.

(76) I Support IL HB 148 – Illinois Concealed Carry Bill

Ten More States Allow Concealed Carry Permits Within Last 10 Years |

Oklahoma Girl Shoots Home Intruder: 12-Year-Old Uses Family’s Gun To Protect Self, Home