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VIDEO: Robert Gibbs’ Influence? Watch Minions Toy Say WTF


McDonald’s Minions Toy is a Potty Mouth? Do you and/or your kids love Minions? One of my friends and I have been wondering why, even though we get lots of stuff from amazon.com several times a week, we still haven’t gotten a Minions box! Many of you know that Mickey D’s earned a fist shake from me recently for hiring ...

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This Is No Time for Another Affirmative Action Appointee

Apparently, America’s first affirmative-action president isn’t satisfied with having  affirmative-action Attorney General, Eric “I Hate Whitey” Holder, so he’s still considering an affirmative-action Secretary of State, U. N. Ambassador Susan “I was just reading talking points” Rice. With the Middle East exploding, some are questioning whether that’s the best course of action. That aside, some bitter clingers are unwilling to ...

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Why I Don’t Want to Work at McDonald’s, or WIND

I have been very flattered by the comments on Facebook, and elsewhere, suggesting that many of you would like to see me on return to WLS or have a show on another Chicago terrestrial outlet, WIND. I am delighted that you appreciate my work on the air, but I disagree that either of those, or any other, 20th century over-the-air ...

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