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Gender Neutral Snow Removal and Other Cultural Marxist Idiocy, Today On The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-12-14

During one of my first host appearances on Chicago’s radio home for Rush Limbaugh, after which I would enjoy several years of terrestrial radio fun there, I expressed my disgust over the fact that feminists had sold young women a bill of goods. Misery loves company, after all, and this bitter, unattractive bunch, with their institutional-style haircuts and their sensible ...

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Fifth Column RINO’s

Just a few months ago, this guy was in consideration as Mitt Romney’s VP. How does this happen? By accepting the provision included in President Barack Obama’s health care law expanding federal Medicaid funding, Ohio Gov. John Kasich joined four fellow Republican governors in welcoming part of a program their party has campaigned vehemently against. Kasich isn’t the first Republican ...

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Why Obamacare is Not a Done Deal: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Secretary of State Kathleen Sebelius has given the states a reprieve from Obamacare’s mandate that they set up the health insurance exchanges necessary to implement the law. Or has she extended the deadline, hoping that they won’t realize that they are now in the position to torpedo Barack Obama’s entire redistributionist, job-destroying, health-care rationing, death-panel mandating scheme? No wonder people ...

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Barack Obama’s Sub Rosa Racist Campaign

At the 2004 Democrat Party convention, a fresh-faced, albeit slightly goofy looking, state senator from Illinois made a speech that not only inspired the first in a series of thrills up Chris Matthews’ leg, but also began the myth of Barack Obama, the product of an “improbable love” between a brilliant Kenyan grad student, and a real-life Dorothy, a lily-white ...

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Preview of Coming Attractions? Illinois’ Medicaid Disaster

Today the Chicago Tribune reports on Illinois’ collapsing Medicaid program. The focus of the story is the impact that proposed Medicaid cuts and the end of property tax exemptions will have on many local hospitals. Children’s Memorial Hospital would be faced with a $37 million to $50 million hole in its budget. Norwegian American Hospital could be forced to close. Swedish Covenant Hospital’s ...

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