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VIDEO: Sorry, Tom Brokaw. Trump Proposed Muslim Ban is Neither Unconstitutional or “Dangerous”


Trump Proposed Muslim Ban is NOT Unconstitutional Unhinged Tom Brokaw invokes Japanese-American internment, the Holocaust, segregation and ends with a maudlin exploitation of a Muslim-American serviceman killed in action to bash Donald Trump To the delight of the ten or twenty devoted viewers of MSNBC, and the disgust of the vast majority of normal Americans, various pretend “news” organizations erupted ...

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Meghan McCain: Please Shut Up

Sandra Fluke is right about one thing: there are some women that evil right-wingers want to silence. For example, this right-winger would like to silence the walking embodiment of the phrase “empty barrels make the most noise,” Meghan McCain. Now, she apparently has done an interview with Playboy (no, she didn’t get nekkid in the magazine–sorry, guys).   Other pearls ...

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Top Ten “This or That”s Rejected by John King

During last night’s CNN GOP debate, in a bizarre attempt to lighten things up or be hip enough for the kids, or God knows what, anchor/possible Tourette’s sufferer John King chose to bracket each segment with disconcerting questions like “Coke or Pepsi?” and “Leno or Conan?” We just discovered the list of choices that CNN producers rejected, and present them ...

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Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and You Shouldn’t Either. The Teri O’Brien Show, 5/29/11

1st Hour Happy Memorial Day! It’s a perfect day to recall Obama’s cringe-inducing “corpsman” remark. Why I Can’t Support Ron Paul, and Why You Shouldn’t Either Gwyneth Paltrow raps. Is this putrid celebrity culture really what our troops fought and died for? Is Lady Gaga a Madonna impersonator or a Cher impersonator? Of just a slut? Can I still say that? Her ...

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Phony Obama Panders to Open Borders Crowd; Media Ignores Stunning Hypocrisy. The Teri O’Brien Show, 5/15/11

1st hour-Media Continues to Run Cover for Two-Faced Jug Earred Braying Jackass. Oh I mean for “Mr. President” This Time on Immigration The trouble with dynasties, featuring Lucky Luke Russert, Mentally-Vacant Meghan McCain and Mitch Daniels. Is he just a Bush proxy paving the way for President Bush 3 (Jeb) in 2016? Should his bizarre marital situation matter? Our recently ...

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Just Say No to Dynasties and DREAMs. Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Democrats, both the elected variety and the ones who have never faced the voters, sometimes also called “journalists,”  love dynasties, but the week that was brought many reminders of why it is wise to be wary of them. Of course, it’s no surprise that those enamored of identity politics, the government-sanctioned racism known as “affirmative action,” and crony capitalism would ...

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