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VIDEO: Don’t You Hate it When People Dick Around at Work? Kidders 96

Kidders 96

Kidders 96, 3/29/16: Weekly dose of laughs from our weekly comedy hangout, featuring my comedian friends Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin. Please scroll down and enjoy! Dicking around? A nurse? Yes, as you learn on Kidders 96. Every week we review the wacky news of the week. Do you have a wacky story for us? Please send it us at dangerousthinkers@gmail.com. ...

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Fairy Tales of the Gay Gestapo, Part 3: Matthew Shepard’s Murder Was Tragic End of Meth-Fueled Robbery, Not an Anti-Homosexual Hate Crime


Gay Gestapo Continues to Promote Lie About Matthew Shepard Death You’ve no doubt heard the old joke about the man who got a ride home from a co-worker, and popped the glove box open to look for a Kleenex, only to find a pair of lacy panties. “Who’s are these?!” the thunderstruck man asked. “Mine,” his friend replied. “Seriously? How ...

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