Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” Falling Apart

From Buzz Feed:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is finding it hard to maintain some of its members, thanks to dozens of resignations and lost elections over the last few months.

Uh oh. Let’s read on.

“The original focus, I thought, was going to be on focusing on better on enforcement of our existing laws, and if anything, we have talked about not getting involved with things like banning assault weapons and banning magazine clips,” said Rockford, Il. Mayor Lawrence Morrissey, who left the group in June because, he said at a town hall meeting, the group had veered from what he originally thought it was about.
Bloomberg’s group has come under fire recently for naming murder suspects, including Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in its list of victims of gun violence and for hosting its website on New York City government servers.
According to an old version of its member list, saved on a blog dated back to early February, more than 50 mayors who were then listed on MAIG’s website are no longer there. Most of the mayors whose names are no longer affiliated with the group are off the list either because they resigned or lost an election, but others have specifically asked to be removed.

One question: who isn’t against “illegal guns?” This group is another example of an anti-freedom group attempting to put on a mask and hide their actual agenda, disarming you, me and every other law-abiding American determined not to be a supplicant cowering in a closet when attacked by a criminal.

No worries, Mayor Bloomberg. You can focus on making sure no one eats something with more than 200 mg of sodium.

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Chinese Baby Factories, Obama’s Big Border Security Lie, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-24-13

Thanks to our guest Mark Krikorian, a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).


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Joe Walsh, The Truth About So-Called Same Sex Marriage, America’s Troika of Self-Appointed Health and Fitness Experts, Michelle, Michael and Mika: Show Notes, 3-17-13 Program

Thanks to our guest, former U.S. congressman Joe Walsh, for classing up the show and sharing his inspirational message with us.

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The Truth About Gay Marriage, short version: it’s not the glorious end of a long march toward civil rights. Rather it’s the end of descent down a moral sewer that began when the Left decided to use the popular culture to destroy traditional marriage starting in the late 1960′s-early 1970′s.

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Michelle Obama is a Vogue Cover Girl Again!

In the latest giving of the finger to those of us who value traditional values and the America we grew up in, Obama nominates extreme radical leftist, race baiter and probably perjurer Thomas Perez as his new Sec. of Labor. He’s also the guy who sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Need I say more?

J. Christian Adams on Holder’s Racialist Justice Department (the audio of Mr. Adams appearance on The Teri O’Brien Show, October 30, 2011)

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Self-appointed health, fitness and nutrition experts Michelle “Park an Aircraft Carrier on My Ass” Obama (current Vogue cover girl!), Michael “I Buy Elections” Bloomberg are joined by Morning Joe’s Mika Brezinski in trying to dictate your food choices to “eradicate” obesity. Let me school ya, Mika. Unlike you, I know something about fitness. I’ve actually written several books about it, like this one and this one. I’ve got news for you. The only way to “eradicate” obesity is through physical activity; therefore, you must be advocating for government-mandated exercise. I suppose we’ll enforce that the same way advocates of a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens say we’ll require them to learn English.

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) says Benghazi survivors were told to be quiet.

A Little Man with a Big Mouth and a Bigger Wallet Exposes Left’s Hypocrisy

Also posted at ClashDaily

As everyone knows, liberals detest racism, except government-sanctioned, and often government-imposed, racism, which is sometimes known as “affirmative action.” They despise violence and war, except the Obama administration’s aggressive use of drones to take out anyone deemed an enemy of the State, who may or may not be on American soil and may or may not be an American citizen. They will not tolerate environmental destruction, except the tons of toxic, climate-change causing smog pumped in the air by private jets transporting Barack and Michelle Obama and Al Gore to luxury resorts all over the planet. Yes, they so hate all of that stuff, but based on the wails of outrage it launched and their incessant bleating of its name, there’s nothing they hate more than “Citizens United,” a 2010 Supreme Court case whose full name is Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This decision, which struck down the McCain-Feingold law’s restrictions on corporation’s making independent expenditures for political speech in federal elections, has inspired more left-wing angst and gnashing of teeth than a week’s full of nightmares starring Dick Cheney. Consider the following from Time Magazine. Yes, I know that it’s an irrelevant rag, but it does provide a peek inside the fevered brain of the average liberal. Here’s what Adam Cohen wrote there about Citizens United: 

It is not an overstatement to say that the 5 to 4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which was handed down in January, could permanently change American democracy. …

The new rule that the court laid down completely reshapes the political landscape. Until January this year, if companies such as ExxonMobil or Walmart wanted to throw their weight around in federal elections, they could encourage their employees to contribute their own money to a political-action committee, an indirect route that had inherent limits — notably the fact that there is only so much money employees are willing to give to fight their company’s political battles.

Now, ExxonMobil or Walmart can simply go into the district of a member of Congress who is giving them a hard time and spend as much money as it wants to defeat him.

Even their victories in the 2012 election, in which they retained both the White House, but also control of the U.S. Senate, hasn’t quelled their bemoaning this evil, destructive act by the Roberts’ Court. You thought that the Dred Scott decision, the one that denied the humanity of black people and fueled the march to civil war, was bad? Citizens United is just as bad, according the liberal democrat Rep. Ed Markey, who is currently running for John Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts. Why is this decision a scourge on our body politic? Let me quote Rep. Markey:

“The damage the court unleashed by allowing outside money to control elections constitutes a legitimate constitutional crisis.”

Outside money to control elections? That’s outrageous, egregious, and atrocious! It’s ghastly and intolerable, except when it isn’t. From Politico, a report on last Tuesday’s special primary election in the Illinois 2nd Congressional district, a race to fill the seat of disgraced former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

 A National Rifle Association-friendly ex-congresswoman, Debbie Halvorson — the only white candidate in a field of more than a dozen candidates seeking the Chicagoland seat — jumped ahead of the pack on the strength of her name ID and lengthy service in state politics. But that was before New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his super PAC carpet-bombed Halvorson with a $2 million-plus ad campaign highlighting her pro-gun views and propping up rival Robin Kelly.

 Ms. Kelly won the election, or perhaps I should say Mayor Bloomberg bought the election, and of course, liberals are outraged! Oh wait …they’re actually delighted that now candidates know they don’t need to “kowtow” to the NRA, as Doug Schoen, Bloomberg’s pollster stated. Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden noted the “clear signal” sent by the voters of Illinois’ 2nd congressional district. “The message is “there will be a moral price and a political price for inaction,” said the Vice President. Are you sure that the message isn’t that outside money creating a constitutional crisis thing, Joe?

Check out the reports from National Journal’s Ron Fournier, or MS-NBC’s Rachel Maddow. Do you detect any anger over the $2 million plus Bloomberg spent to influence an election 1000 miles from his jurisdiction?

This episode rips down the pretty drape of self-righteousness and obsession with clean government to expose the hideous hypocrisy of this bunch. Couple it with the announcement earlier this week that Barack Obama’s never-ending campaign will begin to sell access to the White House for donors who pony up at least $500,000, an act that even his media lapdogs felt compelled to call out, we are reminded once again of an indisputable truth. Liberals lie.

Did David “Howdy Doody” Gregory Violate DC’s Gun Laws? Show Notes, 12/23/12

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David Gregory, another phony hypocritical liberal who doesn’t want to live by the rules he wants to impose on you, holds up a 30-round magazine on his show, thereby violating DC’s strict gun laws. Plus, the doofus sends his kids to the same school as Obama’s kids, where there are armed guards and the Secret Service!

Sign the petition to have Gregory prosecuted. How do you like your strict gun laws now, Mr. Gregory?

Our Special Guests:

Rich Pearson, Executive Director, Illinois State Rifle Association

Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican, on boycotting democrats over the holidays

Note: Our scheduled guest, Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Project 21 could not join us since she was delayed returning from another commitment. We will be rescheduling her appearance, so stay tuned.

Obama says “so long, Suckers” and jets off on his $4million Hawaiian holiday, leaving Congress to deal with the “fiscal cliff,” after telling Boehner, Michael Corleone-style “my offer is nothing.” (ICKS-nay on the “Cliffmas” talk, please.)

Speaker Boehner’s Plan B Exposes Obama’s Grade-A Tax-the-Rich Lie –

Will Speaker Boehner be replaced? Who would want this job?

WSJ: Obama threatened Boehner that he’ll use Inauguration & SOTU speches to blame GOP |

Bizarro World: Oblivious gun grabbers Rev. Al Sharpton interviews radical priest Father Michael Pfleger on the 24/7 nuthouse MS-NBC, and they lament the gun violence in Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. (

2nd Amendment Update with Rich Pearson, Illinois State Rifle Association 

Vacuous Hollywood morons team up with Mayor Bloomberg. Yes, it is documented that there are dolphins more intelligent than most of these people.

Federal court ruling on Illinois concealed carry ban sets stage for appeal, legislative battle – Washington Post

At a Friday press event, NRA CEO and Exec VP Wayne LaPierre tells the truth about what will work to make schools safe. Lame Stream Media, predictably, goes nuts.

W. LaPierre-Gun NutW.LaPierre-Craziest Man on Earth

NRA’s LaPierre misses opportunity in anti-gun-control rant after Newtown massacre –

Daily News America – Breaking national news, video, and photos – Homepage – NY Daily News

On ABC’s “This Week,” Grover Norquist injects some common sense, reminding Georgie S and viewers that when Bill Clinton proposed the same idea, armed cops in schools, everyone thought it was a perfectly rational idea. Another example of Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste.” (audio at ~1:49:45)

Wayne LaPierre exposes Michael Bloomberg’s hypocrisy, which I reminded listeners is like Barack Obama’s “Cook County” plan for the entire country. (~1:23)

Months Before Shooting, “Civil Liberties” Groups Defeated Conn. Law Aimed at the Violent Mentally Ill : The Republican Party Animals

The Lame Stream Media didn’t think Barack Obama’s bizarre self-absorbed blathering about his family vacation at the late Sen. Daniel Inouye’s memorial service, but we did.

Obama Uses Funeral Service to Talk About Himself | The Weekly Standard

Even the liberals noticed:

Barack Obama’s eulogy to Daniel Inouye told us more about the president than the memory of a remarkable senator. – Slate Magazine

Flashback: Obama pays tribute to Neil Armstrong, the only way he knows how | The Daily Caller

Eric Dondero on Boycotting Democrats — Daily Intelligencer

Rules of Engagement – (chart that humorist Rob Long plans to hand out to liberals at holiday gatherings before he decides to converse with them about politics)

Remember, these political arguments can get pretty heated:

Wife runs husband over during political argument – FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

We Need More Nut Control, Not More Gun Control: Show Notes, 12/16/12

Thanks to our guest Les Standiford, author of Desperate Sons.

Desperate Sons: Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and the Secret Bands of Radicals Who Led the Colonies to War: Les Standiford: 9780061899553: Books

Jurassic Media enjoys the Sandy Hill tragedy WAY too much, probably because, as noted here, it is tailor-made to advance several liberal agenda items; specifically, gun control, public school supremacy and more big government programs. While the facts of this case are not known, we do know that our society started down the toilet the day we decided that the biggest sin we could commit was being “judgmental.” Remember that movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” from the 1970′s? That film represents the beginning of the mentality that has brought us where we are today; that is, there is no insanity or pathological behavior, just alternative lifestyles. It was actually desirable when socially undesirable behavior, like illegitimacy, was stigmatized.

What role does the coarsening of the culture, including the “music” by Obama’s pals Common and Jay-Z, play in incidents like Sandy Hook?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg makes a fool of himself AGAIN, this time by suggesting on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” that horrible mass murders like the one that happened last Friday in Newton, CT occur “only in America.” Not exactly, Your Honor. Can you say “Dunblane, Scotland” or  ”Utoya, Norway?” Fool.

How convenient-Hillary Clinton falls on her head, and even though no hospitalization was required, somehow she can’t testify about Benghazi.

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING: John Boehner does the El Foldo, retreats on raising tax rates on those with incomes over $1 million.

Marathon Pundit reminds us that Ronald Reagan, despite being shot, didn’t change his position on gun control.

Marathon Pundit: Sign the White House petition to save the Chicago Reagan apartment

Actor uses unique defense to accusation of raping a 15 year-old. “I swear I was asleep!”

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother – The Blue Review | The Blue Review (the mother of a 13 year-old mental patient describes her desperate need for help)

Report: Connecticut Shooting Was Revenge Killing (was the shooter angry because of a confrontation the day before at the school in which he was “dissed?”)

Holder: We Must Answer ‘Hard Questions’ About Gun Rights (Mr. Holder, are you really the one to lecture us about the dangers of firearms in the wrong hands, given that your “Justice” Department was responsible for the murder of not only U.S. Border agent, Brian Terry, and another federal agent Jaime Zapata, but hundreds of Mexicans?)

Dem: Obama Must Exploit Shooting to Get Gun Control (natch)

Hickenlooper shifts position on more gun control measures – The Denver Post (he made this statement before the Sandy Hill shootings, a post-election conversion, no doubt)

Blog: Sanitizing Adam Lanza (Shades of the Trayvon Martin case, in which the Lame Stream Media insists on showing us an old photo of the shooter, making him look like a goofy kid. This post contains a more current photo, one that would make Charlie Manson shudder.)

Connecticut school shooting: troubled life of Adam Lanza, a fiercely intelligent killer – Telegraph (story that reports that shooter’s mother received $240,000 a year from her ex-husband, which makes this case a poor example of why we need more big government mental health programs, not that this fact will interfere with the Left’s attempts to exploit it to advance their agenda)

Teachers sacrificed themselves to save their pupils – Telegraph (if only principal Dawn Hochsprung, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, or the brave teachers Victoria Soto and Lauren Rousseau had not been rendered defenseless by laws making schools “gun-free” zones, perhaps lives could have been saved. Didn’t we learn anything after the VA Tech murders? We should call these “helpless victim” zones.)

Portman Urges President Obama To Release Long-Overdue Regulatory Plans – Press Releases – Newsroom – Rob Portman (the continuing lawlessness of the Obama administration greeted by the vigilant media with crickets)