Obama by the (Fake Social Security) Numbers with Orly Taitz: Show Notes, 7-7-13

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Articles: A Possible Explanation for Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number (Jack Cashill and Joel Gilbert explain the mystery)

Articles: Obama’s Marriage Masquerade (a reminder about Barack Obama’s evolving positions on the issue of marriage; well worth reading)

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The Obama Administration Quietly Scrubbed The Foreign Affairs Manual in August 2009 To Expand The Holding of Wong Kim Ark. | Natural Born Citizen

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When it comes to this site, if you miss a day, you miss a lot; specifically, you miss the terrific “Of the Day” entries. “Post of the Day,” “Blog of the Day,” and “Video of the Day” are well worth a few minutes here. If you have an idea for any of these, please don’t forget to send us an email at theteriobrienshow@gmail.com. Consider these recent entries:

More Proof That Democrats Hate Democracy and the Constitution
From the post: “In other words, if you don’t have the means to observe your rights because the liberals have made it too hard to get a gun, buy ammunition, get a license, or because of any of a myriad of other road blocks they’ve set up, then you have necessarily been denied your rights. Just like Democrat Party-created Jim Crow laws did to prevent blacks from voting between 1870 and 1964.” Precisely! What a spot on analysis of democrats up to their usual anti-freedom tricks AGAIN

Pyramid Scheme How appropriate that the DiploMad posted this terrific piece on the day that the Egyptian military gave Mr. Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, the heave-ho. This a great site on foreign policy. Keep up the good work, DiploMad!

Cashing In – Trayvon Family: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Trashcan…. $1,000,000.00 From the post: “Within 3 days of Trayvon Martin’s death his family hired a media consulting firm. Within two weeks of Trayvon Martin’s death his mother, Sybrina Fulton, filed legal documents to trademark his name. Subsequently Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton set out on a cross country tour to collect money. After the coast to coast tour, they took the scheme international and headed to Europe to continue exploiting the financial opportunity.” This post also notes that Trayvon Martin’s parents settled a wrongful death suit with the homeowners association governing the community where their son was killed. It’s worth going to this post just to see the photo of Al Sharpton holding the trash can.

Email Proof: Obama tried to steer to $10million to Chicago non profit Shocking! Barack Obama as an Illinois Senator involved in steering lots of taxpayer cash to some fraudulent “for the children” charity that can’t account for millions. It’s the Chicago Way, Kids. No surprise. H/T Illinois Review

African Vacation: $100 million…All Smiles Because They Don’t Have to Pay for It

Don Draper’s Diary OK, is it obvious yet how seriously I am jonesing for more “Mad Men?” I’m ordering Season 6 this week. After I watch all those episodes again, then what?

Kevin Hanrahan Writer, Soldier, Dog Advocate. That says it all. This great blog came to my attention from a reader and SL (Smart Listener), who knowing about my love of dogs, sent me his tribute to the military dog Bak, KIA, on Memorial Day. Keep up the great work, Kevin! You rock!


Egypt Erupting. Non Natural Born Citizen/Islamist Enabler Obama AWOL AGAIN

Just back from his $100 million taxpayer funded excellent African adventure, during which he reminded us again, that in his heart, he is anything but American, Obama mouthed some pro-American remarks, using some members of the military as props AGAIN, while the repellant First Klingon could barely refrain from rolling her eyes.

Now, in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is staging their promised Friday of Rejection, and Fox News is reporting that 3 people have been killed during riots in Egypt, where is the One?

Remember when we had a real president?

Duds and Scuds

More and more people have to go outside the U.S. to get real news. Like this from The Guardian:


Researchers at the security company Symantec have discovered an early version of the “Stuxnet” computer virus that was used to attack nuclear reprocessing plants in Iran, in what they say is a “missing link” dating back to 2005.

So, what they are telling us is, just like the mission to dispatch bin Laden, this mission to cripple the Iranian nuclear program is all Bush’s fault.

The discovery means that the US and Israel, who are believed to have jointly developed the software in order to carry out an almost undetectable attack on Iran’s nuclear bomb-making ambitions, were working on the scheme long before it came to public notice – and that development of Stuxnet, and its forerunner, began under the presidency of George W Bush, rather than being a scheme hatched during Barack Obama’s first term.

Yikes, that’s gunna leave a mark. Everything good thing that happens seems to be directly attributable to George Bush. Unless you call aiding the Muslim brotherhood a good thing. Doesn’t it seem as though Bush and Obama have taken diametrically opposing sides when it comes to Syria and Iran?


“Stuxnet 0.5 was submitted to a malware scanning service in November 2007 and could have begun operation as early as November 2005,” Symantec notes in a report.

Whomever built this computer worm checked his work first to see if it would be flagged as malware. That’s pretty good. When it wasn’t spotted, it was ready for operation. The malware scan in Novemebr of ’07 was two months after Operation Orchard – the bombing of the Syrian Nuclear facility. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, I read today that an al Qui’ada affiliate, supported by this president, has acquired Scud missiles.

Other than mothballing the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, sending aid to the al Qui’ada linked militias in Sryia, and F-16′s and 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks to Egypt- what exactly has Mr. Obama done to project American power across the globe?

I mean other then sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea. That was brilliant- the Norks are probably laughing themselves to death right now.


Would-Be Dictator/Egyptian President Morsi Does an Obama

We frequently comment on the breathtaking lawlessness of the Obama administration. It was only a couple of days ago that, while in Burma, the One said

 “As President, I cannot just impose my will on Congress — the Congress of the United States — even though sometimes I wish I could.The legislative branch has its own powers and its own prerogatives, and so they check my power and balance my power.”

He wishes he could impose his will on Congress? There’s the understatement of the century, although, I’m a bit surprised he would say that, since in the past, he hasn’t had to impose his will. When they won’t go along, he has simply bypassed Congress. Consider the de facto DREAM Act, enacted last summer by executive fiat. Going forward, he might not even have to deal with the minimal criticism he received for that and similar actions from bitter clingers like us, since it appears that John Boehner appears ready to lie down for him. I guess Obama’s contempt for the Constitution and his behavior in office, have caused Speaker Boehner to experience a temporary memory lapse, making him forget not only that there are actually 3 branches of government, but also the reasons that we gave the House back to the GOP in 2010. (Hint: it wasn’t to allow Barack Hussein Obama free rein to impose his radical agenda without opposition.)

Today, there are riots in Egypt because President Mohammed Morsi has decided that he doesn’t want to deal with those irritating courts and judges that might try to stop him from doing something he wants to do. From CBS News:

Opponents and supporters of Mohammed Morsi clashed across Egypt on Friday, the day after the president granted himself sweeping new powers that critics fear can allow him to be a virtual dictator. At least 15 were reported injured. …

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy activists converged on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, angered at the decisions by Morsi. The decrees include exempting himself from judicial review, as well as a panel writing the new constitution and the upper house of parliament, and the power to enact any other measure he deems necessary to deal with a “threat” to Egypt’s “revolution.”

Way to go, Morsi! Clearly, you have mastered one of the keys to success. Model your behavior on those who have already done it. If you want to be a dictator, learn from the best. Nothing succeeds like success!

Meryl Streep Has Nothing on Ambassador Susan Rice: Show Notes, 9/16/12

We opened the program with audio from Sen. Barack Obama from an NPR interview dated November, 2007, in which he assured us that his election would cause hostility toward the U.S. to evaporate. We also heard some soundbites from that unfortunate Cairo speech (June 2009). With last week’s murder of an American ambassador, the first time that’s happened since 1979, do you suppose he still believes that?

In a stunning performance, our U. N. Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice appeared on every Sunday morning talk show to repeat the ridiculous and laughable explanation for the murder of 4 Americans last week in Libya; specifically, it’s all about some obscure YouTube “movie,” which is actually an amateurish trailer for a movie that has been online since June, and that the attacks were random and spontaneous. She also told Jake Tapper that the United States is “very popular” in Libya. Gee, if they killed our ambassador and 3 other Americans when we’re “very popular,” I hate to imagine what they would do if we weren’t.

Ambassador Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premeditated – ABC News

What about the anti-Islamic filmmaker who donated a million dollars to Obama’s campaign?

Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign

She repeated this baloney, even as the Libyan government was stating categorically that the attack was planned and pre-meditated. How can that be? On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks? Who could believe that? Just how stupid does the Obama administration believe that you are?

What choice does the Obama administration have? If they admit the obvious, their whole “Osama bin Laden is dead” bumper-sticker foreign policy is exposed for the jejune foolishness that it clearly is. The murder of a U.S. ambassador in an orchestrated attack is al Qaeda’s greatest success in years, and it comes on the heels of our discovery that the One doesn’t have time to attend national security briefings. How about this for a new slogan? “Osama bin Laden is dead, and al Qaeda is revived!”

Is it possible that our enemies are responding to Obama’s Carteresque policy of disengagement? Could they have noticed what went on at the Democrat convention, not only the spiking the ball over the killing of bin Laden, and some very interesting changes in the democrats’ platform?

Democrats Omit Strong Language on Hamas, Palestinian Refugees from 2012 Platform, and Unlike Jerusalem Debacle Didn’t Put it Back in | TheBlaze.com

Naturally, the Lame Stream Media plays along, and recites the Regime’s official story (“it’s the video! It’s the video!”). If F. Chuck Todd, the gang at Morning Joe, and the rest of the bunch at the 24/7 nuthouse, MS-NBC, were reporting on the sinking of the Titanic, and neutral observers reported that the cause was the iceberg, and the White Star Lines was claiming that leprechauns sabotaged the ship, they would dutifully report both stories as possibly true.

A few inconvenient facts that our LSM friends are also avoiding, and that make it difficult for them to keep selling this story, such as

Guard at consulate in Libya says attack was coordinated | Nation | News from Fort Worth,…

More details emerge on U.S. ambassador’s last moments – CNN.com (stating U.S. diplomats were warned 3 days prior to the attacks)

Obama’s Skipped Intel Meetings Under Scrutiny

Peripherally interesting suggestion from the Hillbuzz guy:

State Department Sent Gay Man to be ambassador to Muslim country — Chris Stevens was gay

Of course, perhaps the reason Dr. Rice was chosen as this week’s mouthpiece is because she is U.N. Ambassador. Recall that JFK referred to his U.N. Ambassador, Adlai Stevenson, as “my official liar.”

Meanwhile, while there appears to be a lack of security for Americans in the Middle East, rest assured knowing that Chicago consigliere Valerie Jarrett is being protected, and Obama has no time to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, but does have time to meet with Pimp with a Limp, David Letterman and Beyoncè and Jay Z. Don’t expect to see many photos of that latter event, a $40,000 a plate fundraiser. Apparently, David Plouffe must have told them that, given the continuing levels of unemployment and the exploding Middle East, “the optics” would not benefit their election prospects.

No Marines for Libyan Ambassador, Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation

You might not see many pics of Obama raising money with Beyonce – latimes.com

Obamabots hector me on twitter, daring me to “quote one apology” from their man-god, Obama. When I took 20 seconds and found two, they changed the subject. There they go again!

US apologizes for infecting Guatemalans with STDs in the 1940s – CNN.com

Obama apologizes to Afghanistan for Quran burning – CNN

Our special guest, Trevor Loudon, author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, joined us to discuss the sinister forces behind Obama and what we need to do after he is defeated in November.

Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog


Hurl alert: Obamas appear on “Entertainment Tonight,” and host Nancy O’Dell suggest that reading the popular “mommy porn” book, Fifty Shades of Grey,” might help Mooch stay up past 9 pm (or was it 10 pm as Barack told Vanity Fair?)

Next week’s guest, Dr. Barbara Bellar sums up Obamacare in one sentence

Barack Obama and Other Enemies Within: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

With a little over than 7 weeks to go until Election Day, the Obama flacks who masquerade as journalists, have called the race officially over, based on polls which may or may not have been taken in the newsrooms at CNN, MS-NBC and the New York Times. Clearly, as they try to protect the Dear Reader, they hope that the American people will achieve unprecedented levels of stupidity by failing to connect some ridiculously huge and obvious dots. They claim that the killing of 4 Americans, including the ambassador, in Libya, had nothing to do with Obama administration policies, but rather was caused by a “disgusting and reprehensible” movie. The only problem is that the “movie,” which is actually only a trailer posted on YouTube, has been up online since July. We are actually supposed to believe that? Seriously?

Can it really be a coincidence that the last time an American ambassador was murdered was in 1979? Is it also a coincidence that these Islamic fanatics chose to suddenly discover and express their rage over this video on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks? And what about the anti-Islam filmmaker who donated a million dollars to Barack Obama’s campaign?

Clearly, the second coming of Jimmy Carter is working out just as well as the first go-round, both in terms of our stagnant economy and our position in the world.

Another critically important question: do we really believe that the Obama administration is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon? Isn’t it more likely that, like Madeleine Albright and other Carter re-treads, he laments the fact that the U.S. Is the world’s sole superpower? We’ll ask our special guest Trevor Loudon, co-author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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