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Here We Go Again: Another Homosexual Perpetrates Victim Hoax


Militant homosexual activists are so invested in believing in their own victimhood, that when it doesn’t exist, they have to create it. And they can’t seem to stop doing it. I’ll say again to my friends on the Left: Please get some new writers. From the Daily Caller: A gay Central Michigan University professor has pleaded guilty for falsely claiming ...

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Perfect: Barack Obama to Skip Mrs. Reagan’s Funeral, Attend Hipster Tech/Music Festival Instead


He’s going to be giving the keynote address at SXSW! You can’t expect him to miss that for some old lady’s funeral, can you? C’mon! From the Daily Caller: President Barack Obama will not attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral this Friday, and will instead be in Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest festival. Plus, as noted on last week’s edition ...

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Nothing Sacred: WaPo Doesn’t Miss Opportunity to Slam Mrs. Reagan in Obituary


Stay classy, WaPo! Partisan hack writes hateful obituary, then, when busted, tries to change it without telling anyone! From Mediate in an excellent piece by Joe Concha, who precedes the following with some screenshots of some of the inevitable venomous tweets that appeared within seconds that the news of Mrs.Reagan’s death crossed the wires: Enter the Washington Post’s Lois Romano, who ...

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These Stories Explain the Rise of Donald Trump: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-6-2016

Trump Rise

Media Morons and Establishment Elites Don’t Understand the Appeal of Donald Trump. Listen to or Download  the episode “These Stories Explain the Rise of Donald Trump here. This sort of confusion is the reason that my work is never done. The stories we discussed in this episode will make everything crystal clear. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ...

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This Is Just Wrong on So Many Levels

From Variety via Politico, “Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in movie.” In the midst of recruiting an all-star ensemble for his long-gestating passion project “The Butler,” director Lee Daniels has tapped Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan. Based on a Washington Post report by Wil Haygood, pic follows Eugene Allen, the White House butler whose career started with Harry ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show