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If Chris Christie is the Answer, It Must Be a Really Stupid Question

Governor Chris Christie is a narcissistic  bombastic blowhard and a RINO. When I saw Chris Christie’s town hall event, at which he announced that he’s running for president, one question popped into my head. No, not “why does this bombastic blowhard think we need another candidate to jump into an already-crowded field?,” although that is a legitimate question. I had ...

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Obama Plays The Race Card: Narcissism or Cynical Politics? Both Actually

As we noted early this morning, our Jackass-in-Chief embarrassed himself again by playing the race card AGAIN in a New Yorker interview with David Remnick. Some analysts are wondering why he would do that, particularly on Martin Luther King Day. Is it because he is incapable of accepting responsibility for anything, as in he needs to blame racism, instead of ...

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Merry F’ing Christmas. Ungrateful Brats Take to Twitter to Express Their Displeasure Over Their Christmas Gifts. At Least They Didn’t Try to Stab Their Fathers. Well, One Did.

This video is definitely NSFW, or safe for tender ears, unless you want them to hear the F word (and I don’t mean “family”) over and over again. It does make the point, though, that if you think you are noticing a lot of repellant young narcissists with huge senses of entitlement and no manners, you may have swerved into ...

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For Obama, Like Everything Else The Passing Mandela is All About Him

Yesterday we learned that we have the G.I. Bill and affirmative action as two reasons that Barack Obama was inflicted on this country. Today, he told us that it’s also because of the late Nelson Mandela. Obama praised Mandela’s journey from a prisoner to a president. Now, if we could only Obama make the journey from a president to a ...

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What Does it Mean to “Act Like” Michelle?

From the Daily Mail: 15-year-old Jada Campbell of Beachwood, Ohio is a big fan of Michelle Obama and has been told she looks and acts like her. So Jada sent a few pictures of herself to Mrs Obama herself, asking what she thought. That got me thinking. Just exactly what does it mean to “act like” Michelle? Is it, as ...

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“I am a sexual predator. I need help.” Abuse Excuse, or Cry for Help?

Back in 2000, Alan Dershowitz wrote a book called The Abuse Excuse. From the description at amazon.com: According to renowned defense attorney and Harvard law professor Alan M. Dershowitz, “abuse excuses” are enabling people to get away with murder – literally. From the Menendez brothers to Lorena Bobbitt, more and more Americans accused of violent crimes are admitting to the ...

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