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“Obama Should be an Amtrak Porter”: Couplets from Producer Thomas

Inspired by Teri’s statement on Facebook that “Barack Obama lied, people died,” I have come up with some alternative, and equally inspired couplets. Enjoy! “Ambassador got whacked while Obama jacked.” “The Ambassador showed guts while Obama played with his nuts.” “Seals killed by a mortar, Obama should be an Amtrak porter.”      

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Obama’s Katrina Rant

Like many of you, I tuned in last night to “Hannity” to see the “blockbuster” tape of Obama from 2007. Of course, his apparatchiks in the LSM are downplaying it as “lame” and “old news,” and, yes, it’s not exactly a heart-stopper that Barack Obama is a race-baiting demagogue. Still, it’s worth revisiting this tape (link here), if only to ...

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