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Chaz Bono Demands Help for Illegal Household Help: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 3-12-2017

Chaz Bono

NEW FEATURE: Celebutard Corner Featuring Chaz Bono Whining About Deportation of Illegal Alien Housekeeper and–get this Housekeeper’s helper! Plus, Obamacare Lite is not the answer, and it will not only not solve the problem of skyrocketing health care costs, it will be a political disaster for President Trump and the GOP. Listen to this episode here using the player on ...

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2016 Presidential Election was a 2008 Do-Over


Real America showed up and said “Enough!” We want a do-over. Listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that I am fond of quoting the following statistic about the 2004 election in Illinois: one million people in the Prairie State voted for both George W. Bush for President and Barack Obama for U.S. Senate. What are the takeaways from that statistic? ...

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Did Hillary Make a YUGE Mistake Campaigning with Jackass Obama?


I think Hillary may have made a big mistake campaigning with Obama. He kept saying that all the “progress” he made was on the ballot. Did that make people think “Obamacare?” Remember this? It’s not just Obamacare that was on the ballot, and no matter how many times this delusional Marxist jackass said it was great, that only a few ...

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Stinky Jobs Report Shows Number of Full-Time Positions Plummets


That three-letter word, as Joe Biden would say, jobs is the focus of many headlines today, and despite efforts by the lapdog media to spin it, the facts are ugly.   Obamacare and the burden of massive regulations have destroyed American jobs. From Zero Hedge: While today’s headline jobs print was somewhat disappointing, with the Establishment Survey missing the expected ...

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Epipen Outcry: Surprise! Blame Obamacare


Epipen Outcry: Over the last several days, news reports have been filled with the outcry over the 400+% increase in the cost of epipens, which dispense essential life-saving medications for people with allergies, including children with food allergies. Naturally, the pretend news, in that charming and ridiculously superficial way that they have, are ranting and raving about Evil Big Pharma, ...

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Remember When Barack Obama Promised He Wouldn’t Take a Vacation?


Perfect: that’s how you can describe the Obamas’ favorite place for their luxurious annual August vacation, Martha’s Vineyard. Now there’s a vacation spot, huh, Bitter Clinger? Not like that water park attached to the pre-fab franchise motel you suffered through. And how perfect is this? On the day that we learn that Obama and his minions lied about paying ransom to ...

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The Trouble with Socialism: Illinois Taking Over Collapsing Obamacare Co-op


One day after Hillary Clinton nodded her approval endlessly, as Sen. Bernie Sanders declared their party’s embrace of socialism, this news. From The Chicago Tribune: Illinois moved Tuesday to take control of Land of Lincoln Health to begin an orderly shutdown of the insurance company, meaning about 49,000 people will lose their health coverage in the coming months. The state ...

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Obamacare Scheme Update: More Lies and Illegality


Natch. Obamacare was conceived and sold with lies and deceit, and is the essence of illegality, so no one (other than the emotionally-driven, low-information fools who voted for this jug-eared Marxist clown) should be surprised. First, the “revelation” as in something that only those afore-mentioned fools should be surprised by, that an Obama Regime official “misled,” a nice word for ...

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United Health Care’s Exit Signals Obamacare Death Spiral


That didn’t take long. No surprise: Obamacare is collapsing. From the WaPo: UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, said that in 2017 it will exit most of the 34 states where it offers plans on the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges in an earnings call. “We will be down to a handful of states that we will be actively participating in ...

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