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If You Think of Voting for Democrats, Remember Mollie Tibbetts

Here is the young American girl, with her whole life ahead of her, whose life was ended by an illegal alien: If you have a daughter or a granddaughter, imagine how enraged you would be if she were murdered. Then reflect on how that rage would be increased geometrically when you realized that her killer should never have been here ...

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Why We Lost: In a Word, Timidity

I was right about one thing. It was over by 11 p.m. Central. Unfortunately, I was wrong about Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado. I was really, really wrong, and I was very surprised. It was more 2004 than 1980. Like you, I am disappointed, however, I am not one to dwell on disappointments. After all, life is full of disappointments, ...

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Wheels Coming Off Obama Bus: Show Notes, 10/14/12

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Every week we post this brief summary of that week’s show, with links to the articles mentioned on the air, and contained in the chat room. If you missed the live show, you can listen to it, as well as the previous four weeks’ shows, right here in the sidebar on the right by scrolling down to the ...

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VP Debate Haiku

Bombastic Biden Bullying lying blowhard His antics thrill Matthews.   Last night we saw Joe Crazy old man off his meds No fool like old fool.   Four dead Americans Joe said Barry didn’t know Libya’s dangerous.   Joe shows leftist plan Mock, express outrage and lie Joe, your time has passed.

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Some Ideas for Tonight’s Drinking Game: Your Thoughts?

Do you have any ideas for the drinking game we should play during tonight’s debate? Please share them in the comments below. Drink every time Joe Biden says “kitchen table,” “middle class,” “Scranton,” “they get it” or “c’mon, Man!” Finish your drink if he uses all three in the same sentence. Drink every time Paul Ryan says “debt,” “spending,” or ...

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Comedy Tonight: The Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight an aging affable buffoon will debate the all-American boy, the smart, earnest boy scout we all wish lived next door. It’s tempting to think that, like the first presidential debate last week, this debate will be another slam dunk for the good guys. Consider three unfortunate remarks from Joe Biden: Stand Up Chuck Remark (Biden gives a shout out to ...

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Liberals Assault the English Language, Then Cry Rape

Among the many adorable traits of our liberal friends, one of my favorites is their propensity to shoehorn common English words into the confines of their ideology by redefining them until they’ve lost any resemblance to their actual meanings. They know that they could never convince most Americans to go along with their freedom-destroying, wealth-redistributing, big federal government schemes if ...

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Show Notes: 8/19/12

Obama apparatchiks lamely attempt to defend the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will eventually ration and deny care to seniors. Connect the dots, people. The $716 billion that Obama robbed from Medicare to fund his health care scheme has to come from somewhere. Hello death panel. The Dear Reader visits a morning zoo to talk to 3 vacuous DJs about ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show