Why We Lost: In a Word, Timidity

I was right about one thing. It was over by 11 p.m. Central. Unfortunately, I was wrong about Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado. I was really, really wrong, and I was very surprised. It was more 2004 than 1980. Like you, I am disappointed, however, I am not one to dwell on disappointments. After all, life is full of disappointments, and given that the human mind can focus on only on thing at a time, if we ruminate about events that have happened, and that we have no power to change, we waste time and mental energy that we could use to do something constructive. What is constructive in the face of bad outcomes is to learn from them. So what have we learned? Why did Mitt Romney lose? In a word, timidity.

Mitt Romney is not, and never was, a conservative. Be honest. We all knew that. That’s why he wasn’t our first choice during the primaries. Up until that first debate, our support was anti-Obama, not pro-Romney. We all figured he was a much better choice than the current occupant of the Oval Office, and that once he was ensconced in office, we’d ride herd on him to make sure that he wouldn’t backslide into “moderation.” Mitt tried to play the role, but we should have known when he told that CPAC audience that he was a “severely conservative” governor, that, for him,  conservatism was a second language. No true believer would have ever said that. Mitt Romney is a pragmatic, businessman, a problem solver, but not an ideological conservative. He is that dreaded “Massachusetts moderate” that we feared. He had a genuine conservative on the team, Paul Ryan, but the Romney campaign muzzled him because they feared opening a can of worms on the issue of Medicare.

I think that their lack of ideological commitment is one reason that the Romney campaign allowed the demagogic attacks about Bain Capital over the summer to go on. Mitt underestimated the effectiveness of the class-envy card because he doesn’t understand the Left the way authentic conservatives do. It’s also why they didn’t paint a picture for the voters. The average voter, and not just the typical Obama low-information type, doesn’t understand what Bain Capital does, and how what it does creates jobs. It was incumbent on Gov. Romney to explain that. He didn’t.

Perhaps we can trace the loss to that third debate. Remember how we all were waiting for Mitt to take it to the One on his Benghazi coverup? It never happened. Why? I believe because he feared the inevitable bleating from the Lame Stream Media, accusing him of “politicizing” the murders that Obama’s failed policies caused. It’s easy to blame the Jurassic media. Yes, CBS facilitated the coverup by withholding part of the interview that Barack Obama did the day after the attack on the consulate, and yes, Candy Crowley gave her guy cover behind her ample skirts in the second debate, but those things were to be expected. Like those hard-working illegal aliens that many moderate Republicans want to give amnesty, it’s up to the GOP to do the work that the LSM won’t do; specifically, to make sure the people have the truth. His failure to do so on Libya, no doubt fearing antagonizing those precious “independents” and “suburban women” was fatal.

In his concession speech early this morning, Mitt said he put it all on the field. I’m sure he believes that, but in retrospect, it’s clear that that isn’t true. When Republicans are timid, they lose every time. When they articulate a clear conservative vision, they win. Ted Cruz won. Michele Bachman won. It can be done, but you can’t steal home with one foot on third base. Better to lose being bold than to lose with a craven campaign, walking on eggs and hoping people will figure out the reason they should vote for you.

I hope that we’ve learned once and for all that we shouldn’t nominate any more moderates, especially those from Massachusetts. Timidity is a non-starter, and always will be, in politics and in life in general.

More taxes, more debt, means more of the same. So it’s a sad day for our country, and a great day for Putin, the Iranians, those who want something from Obama’s stash, and fans of big government, but it is only one day.  Still, as we always have, we will persevere.


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Wheels Coming Off Obama Bus: Show Notes, 10/14/12

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The Obama administration’s four-week coverup of their responsibility for the murder of four Americans in Libya is falling apart, with even Dennis Kucinich questioning their failed policies, and Lame Stream Media icons like Bob Woodward of Watergate fame questioning their shifting stories about what happened. As much as the LSM would like to help them out, it’s impossible even for them to avoid the inconvenient facts. No one is surprised that a very cadaverous looking David Axelrod had no problem reciting their talking point that “no one wants to get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi more than the President” (echoed on Sunday by other mouthpieces Robert Gibbs and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm) with a straight face in response to a question from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. After all, poised lying is an essential skill for all sleazy political operatives, and he’s one of the best. The difficulty is reconciling that statement with the fact that after four Americans were killed on the anniversary of 9/11 in one of the most dangerous places in the Middle East, the One jetted off to Vegas for a fundraiser. His tap dance around the question made it clear that Obama didn’t meet with his national security team before going to the campaign event. Priorities are priorities, after all. Liberal journalist Michael Hastings appears on MS-NBC, which I watch so you don’t have to, and expresses disgust over seeing the mother of one of the Seals killed in Benghazi tell Anderson Cooper that the White House doesn’t even return her calls.

As the story unravels, the finger pointing begins. Hillary Clinton, herself a participant in the coverup, is attempting to distance herself from it, as if becomes clear that Susan Rice, who four weeks ago appears on five Sunday shows to present a risible, and clearly untrue, account of what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/12, must have been acting on behalf of the Obama campaign. If I were able to ask a question at Tuesday’s Presidential Debate, which will be in a town hall format, it would be the following: “Did Susan Rice meet with anyone in the White House and/or with the Obama campaign before appearing on television on 9/16/12?”

During the live show, some in lively chat room suggested that this Benghazi mess is worse than Watergate, since “no one died in Watergate,” but is that really true? What about the killing fields of Cambodia? That blood is on the democrats’ hands, in my opinion.

Self-described lifelong democrat and former LSM member Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights, comes out, and not in the way that liberals like, but rather as a Romney voter, and faces a barrage of abuse from his (former) friends and even his wife. He realizes that liberal media bias is real.

Liberals squeal with delight over Joe Biden’s scripted “now you’re John Kennedy?” remark during last week’s VP debate, but that line perfectly illustrates the box the Obama campaign is in. They lose on substance.

Self-confessed “bed wetting liberal” Franklin Foer from the New Republic admits that the Obama campaign message appeals to “low information” voters who believe misleading slogans, and to him and his pals on the MS-NBC panel, that’s a good thing.

Guest, author and one of America’s leading commentators on legal issues, Adam Freedman, joined us to discuss his terrific new book, The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why it Matters.

Death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens revealed: AK-47s, grenade attacks, and a smoke-filled safe-room | Mail Online

Pants On Fire: Obama Scrambles For Cover As Benghazi Lie Explodes – Forbes

The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why It Still Matters: Adam Freedman: 9780062094636: Amazon.com: Books

From the chat room:























Joe Biden’s Brilliant Debate Strategy: Laugh Like a Demented Imbecile & Interrupt Incessantly

During last night’s debate, Joe Biden employed a favorite tactic from the liberal playbook; that is, silence the opposition. When Paul Ryan did get the chance to speak, Biden could be seen in the split screen smirking and laughing like a crazed idiot at the thought of slaughter in Syria and Israel’s nuclear annihilation. Can you think of anything more hilarious?

Some other impressions:

  • As I predicted, moderator Martha Radditz couldn’t help herself. She repeatedly refused to let Paul Ryan complete his answers. He would get halfway through, and she would interrupt him. By my count, interrupted Biden only once. She opened the debate with a question about the 9/11 anniversary terrorist attack in Libya, during which 4 Americans were murdered. Here’s what she said:

I would like to begin with Libya. On a rather somber note, one month ago tonight, on the anniversary of 9/11, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. The State Department has now made clear, there were no protesters there.

RADDATZ: it was a pre-planned assault by heavily armed men. Wasn’t this a massive intelligence failure, Vice President Biden?

“Intelligence failure?” Seriously? So the moderator provided the administration with an out for their failed policies and their two weeks of blatant pre-meditated lies about al Qaeda’s greatest success against America since the original 9/11 attack. Biden proceeded to promise that the administration would get to the bottom of what happened, which should be easy since they knew within 24 hours of the attack, and then changed the subject to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Obama’s promise to follow America’s enemies “to the gates of hell.” I guess that didn’t apply to the al Qaeda operatives who killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans after repeated requests for more security. Joe said that the administration didn’t know about those requests, but the day before Former Department of State Libyan Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom told a House committee just the opposite. From the Daily Caller:

He [Mr. Nordstrom] recalled telling Bureau of Diplomatic Security Regional Director Jim Bacigalupo that he felt the Taliban was “on the inside of the building.”

  • I think Ryan missed an opportunity here to bust Biden on the lie that “Well, we weren’t told they wanted more security there. We did not know they wanted more security again. And by the way, at the time we were told exactly — we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. That was the assessment. And as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view.”
  • Joe also attempted to dispose of the administration’s responsibility for their failed and deadly policy by citing Paul Ryan’s budget.

[T]he — this lecture on embassy security — the congressman here cut embassy security in his budget by $300 million below what we asked for, number one. So much for the embassy security piece.

Not so fast, Joe. The administration’s pathetic response to al Qaeda on the march is to conduct a two-week disinformation campaign, then throw the intelligence community under the bus and to try to blame a proposed Republican budget. I don’t that ends the conversation. I invite any whistleblowers out there to speak up. Remember those two fools, Valerie Plame and her idiot husband Joe Wilson, and their “courageous” exposure of the Bush administrations “lies?” It’s time for the people that this passel of lying Marxists are trying to blame for their failures to quit covering for them.

  • I’m shocked that Joe Biden never used the phrase “kitchen table.”
  • I feared that, since supposedly Maryland governor Martin O’Malley was playing Paul Ryan in Joe’s debate rehearsals, Biden might use some of those cringe-inducing and unfunny lines that O’Malley threw out on Fox News Sunday last week about Carol Merrell and Door Number 3. I was delighted that he didn’t.
  • Joe Biden’s rude smirking, mugging and inappropriate laughter was stunning. Clearly, his coaches told him to be sure not to appear uninterested, bored and listless the way Obama did in the first debate last week, so he chose to snigger like a goofball, which I think was a very poor choice. I know that since liberals can’t win on substance, they often confuse attitude with good argument, but that doesn’t play so well with the 75% of the American people who don’t share their ideology.
  • As I predicted, the folks over at the 24/7 nuthouse were delighted by Joe Biden’s performance. What we saw as rude and condescending with the constant interruptions, the bizarre exaggerated grinning, and inexplicable laughter, they saw as Joe really taking it to these right-wing bastards. I’m sure that when he followed his marching orders by mentioning that “devastating” 47% remark that Mitt Romney made at a May fundraiser, lying about General Motors, which did in fact go into bankruptcy, and mentioning Grover Norquist, there were thrills going up a lot of legs. Way to push those lefty buttons, Joe! Unfortunately for Joe, right after that brilliant monologue of malarkey, Paul Ryan pointed out that the unemployment rate in Joe’s hometown of Scranton, PA is 10% today, adding that when these guys came into office, it was 8.5%. He proceeded to point out that economic growth is going in the wrong direction.
  • Paul Ryan disposed of the 47% remark with a nice comeback:

And with respect to that quote, I think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.

I think Joe understands that. He responded by saying “But I always say what I mean.” So I guess he stands by that “first mainstream African American who is bright and clean and articulate” thing he said about the boss.

Bottom line: Joe Biden came off as a crazy, rude clichè spouting dissembler. Paul Ryan came off as a serious person.

As my grandmother used to say, there’s no fool like an old fool.

Some Ideas for Tonight’s Drinking Game: Your Thoughts?

Do you have any ideas for the drinking game we should play during tonight’s debate? Please share them in the comments below.

Drink every time Joe Biden says “kitchen table,” “middle class,” “Scranton,” “they get it” or “c’mon, Man!” Finish your drink if he uses all three in the same sentence.

Drink every time Paul Ryan says “debt,” “spending,” or deficit.”

Drink if Joe Biden says “women’s health,” “choice,” or “voucher.”

Drink if Paul Ryan says “Libya,” “national security,” or “al Qaeda.”

The folks at NerdWallet made this one that you might also like.

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Comedy Tonight: The Vice Presidential Debate

Tonight an aging affable buffoon will debate the all-American boy, the smart, earnest boy scout we all wish lived next door. It’s tempting to think that, like the first presidential debate last week, this debate will be another slam dunk for the good guys. Consider three unfortunate remarks from Joe Biden:

Stand Up Chuck Remark (Biden gives a shout out to a Missouri state senator at a campaign rally. Hilarity ensues.)

The 7/11 Remark (don’t try to go to a Dunkin Doughnuts in Delaware without an Indian accent!)

The Clean and Articulate Black Guy Remark (Clean AND articulate! No wonder he calls Obama “storybook!”)

Then there’s the plagiarism and resume Inflation that drove poor Old Joe out of the presidential race in 1988.

Sure, Joe has chewed more shoes than any ten dogs, and even after centuries in “public service,” he’s still not ready for prime time. Still, it’s a mistake to assume that this one is in the bag. Here are a few pitfalls that he must avoid if he wants to win:

A There You Go Again Moment

In their only debate just days before the 1980 election, Ronald Reagan made debate history by uttering the memorable line “there you go again” after the King of the Useful Idiots, Jimmuh Carter’s rambling lecture about health care. See what I mean:

Joe Biden will try to lure Paul Ryan into the wonky weeds on an important policy issue, hoping to deliver a similar dismissive, catchy zinger that will instantly erase any memory of the substance that Paul Ryan shared with the audience. Joe is very good at reciting demagogic slogans, and you can be sure that he will have a couple up his sleeve tonight.

Paul Ryan Beats Up on The Old Man

Due to his afore-mentioned chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease, Joe Biden is a national laughingstock. He is also nearly 70 years old. If Paul Ryan tries to take the debate to Joe  too aggressively, the Obama apparatchiks in the Lame Stream Media will react as if he had actually put the Vice President in that wheelchair that the fake Paul Ryan uses when he pushes that old lady dummy over the cliff in the democrats’ commercial, and proceeded to push him over that very same cliff. So, no matter how insane the things that, God love him, poor old Joe says are, Ryan must resist the temptation to say something like “What are you talking about, you crazy old man? You’ve been in Washington D.C. since Warren Harding was president and you still don’t know anything! Why don’t you have your doctor up your dose or something?” Anything that the LSM can pounce on to accuse the challenger of being disrespectful will be a club they use to whack Ryan around.

The Phony Folksy Routine

Expect Joe to make a lot of references to raising his boys as a single father. He will also tell stories about hanging out at the Home Depot and riding the Amtrak shuttle (without any mention of the financial disaster for American tax payers that this government-run boondoggle is). And let’s not forget his story about his desperate attempts to persuade his wife to marry him. None of these yarns have anything to do with the Obama administration’s two-week disinformation campaign about the murder of four Americans, including an Ambassador, in Libya, or the bizarre unemployment numbers released last Friday, or the fact that you or someone you know can’t find a full-time job, or the relentless lawlessness of this administration, or anything else that matters, but they are designed to appeal to a core Obama constituency, the low-information, emotionally-driven voter. All of Paul Ryan’s command of the facts mean nothing to this group, but that touching story about his Aunt Bertha’s bunion is a different story.

In addition, the Jurassic media has rigged the expectation game, playing up Joe’s gaffes and making it clear that he has almost no chance against the fit “young gun.” Ryan cannot live up to the buildup, and Biden will “win” if he isn’t escorted off the stage, drooling and babbling, by a couple of white-coated attendants.

It should be entertaining, but will be forgotten after the next presidential debate. Let’s enjoy it will we can. Just as I did during the first presidential debate, I’ll be live blogging with my friends from Illinois Review. Here’s the link.

Obama, the Reluctant President and the Women Who Control Him: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Next week, Barack Obama and his merry band of mendacious Marxists will convene in Charlotte, North Carolina to try to convince the voters that Mitt Romney is actually running against Bill Clinton, and that the last 4 years were just a bad dream. Unfortunately for them, most Americans realize that unless we rid the Oval Office of the scourge that is the Obama presidency, our country will be less Bobby Ewing and more Marion Crane. After the inevitable parade of pro-abortion nuns, victims of the all-powerful murderous Mitt, and representatives of various mascot groups, how will the One defend his record of failure? I suspect that they won’t be bringing the styrofoam Greek columns this time.

No doubt Barack Obama will be praised to the heavens next week, if not as one who can heal the rise of the oceans, certainly as a strong decisive leader. Our special guest, author and investigative journalist Richard Miniter will return to the show to to assert that the reality is the precisely the opposite; that is, Barack Obama is a moody, indecisive man, led around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. That’s the subject of his new book, Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him.

We’ll also do our review of last week’s GOP convention, including sharing parts of some terrific speeches, that got no coverage anywhere else, and give you the very chance to hear what the best of the Sunday shows. Plus, an announcement about an upcoming special edition of the Teri O’Brien Show.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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