Breaking: Did Petraeus Bail Out Obama and Rice?

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According to Breitbart News, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) came out of the closed-door hearing with former CIA Director David Petraeus and said two things, which if true, are very significant; specifically, (1) Petraeus changed his story from the one he told on September 14:

King also said that the testimony from Petraeus today was much different than his original testimony on Sept. 14. Today, Petraeus told the committee that he knew “almost immediately” that the attack was the work of an al-Qaeda affiliated militia called Ansar al Sharia and that the “overwhelming amount of evidence said this was a terror attack.” According to numerous reports, in his original testimony, Petraeus focused almost exclusively on the YouTube video as the prime motivator for the attack.

(2) As the “outraged” Obama and other apologists for official lie teller Susan Rice keep saying, she was only repeating what the CIA told her.

“The original talking points were much more specific about al-Qaeda involvement and yet the finals ones just said’ indications of extremists.’ It said ‘indicate’ even though there was clearly evidence at the CIA that there was al-Qaeda involvement.”

When asked by a reporter if Petraeus knew “why” the talking points were change, King responded with, “They just said it goes through a process, an inter-agency process and when they come back that had been taken out.”

Obviously, what we now know is that in their final format, the talking points in question focused exclusively on the false idea that the September 11 anniversary attack was motivated by a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim video.

OK, so obviously here’s what happened. Rice was a sock puppet, deliberately sent out to be the official lie teller precisely because she didn’t know the truth. She was kept in the dark on purpose, so she wouldn’t have to knowingly lie. She was the mouthpiece for the White House’s official story. Axelrod was up to his old tricks, digging up dirt on anyone in a position to threaten the One, in this case Petraeus. It has been acknowledged that Eric Holder knew of Petraeus’ affair over the summer, and only the dumbest of the dumb, otherwise known as “enthusiastic Obama fans,” believe that Sham WOW (Walks on Water) did not know. The information had to be held for use after the election, which is what we are witnessing now.

Sorry Leftists: There is No Mandate. Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 11/11/12

Thanks again to all our veterans and members of the military, past and present, and their families for their courage, sacrifice and patriotism.

Despite the chorus of leftist Obama kneepad clutchers, like the occupants of the 24/7 nuthouse at MS-NBC, and commie rag The Nation, gleefully proclaiming that last week’s election provided Barack Obama with a “mandate” for his “progressive” agenda, the truth is that a switch of a few hundred thousand votes would have produced a different result. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to sugar coat what was a shellacking, nor am I trying to deny the masterful success of the Obama campaign. As we heard on the show, they understood the game and they played it fabulously. They got the opponent they wanted, and as he was bloodied during a primary, they built their “firewall” in Florida, Virginia and Ohio, then spent the spring and summer using character assassination to disqualify Mitt Romney as a cruel, greedy, plutocrat, a cross between Marie Antoinette and Gordon Geckko, only with less empathy for the “middle class.” Meanwhile, the Romney campaign not only failed to combat this caricature, but also failed to articulate a clear, compelling vision for the future of the country. That’s understandable because, as noted here, Mitt Romney is not and never has been a conservative. He could try to speak like Ronald Reagan, but unlike Reagan, he was speaking conservatism as a second language. Reagan wouldn’t have allowed Obama to get away with mouthing platitudes about the “middle class” without explaining that in Barack Obama’s vision of America as Cook County writ large, there is no middle class.  He would have gone on offense on Benghazi and on the horrific impact that Obamacare will have on our health care system. The combination of the unprecedented negativity and identity politics on steroids approach of the Obama campaign, coupled with the Romney campaign’s failure to provide an exciting alternative to voters and its inadequate “get out the vote” effort, led to a disaster for this country and for the world. That’s why he lost, NOT because of “demographics” as the geniuses on television, broadcasting from their East Coast bubble are trying to tell you. The ignorant, and agenda-driven bleating about “demographics” is leading to the inevitable demands for amnesty for 11 million illegals.

All GOP had to do was show up, especially in Ohio. They didn’t. (From our friends at Third Base Politics)

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In an amazing coincidence, David Petraeus resigns after the election and only a few days before Congressional hearings on the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. Does he have a Martha Stewart problem? Is there anyone, other than the low-information children who voted for Obama, who probably think Benghazi is one of the designers that Moochelle is considering  to design her gown for the inauguration, who believes that the White House found out about this affair at 5 pm on Election Day? Seriously? Why is this affair an issue? Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that we were being told that Bill Clinton, the only elected president in the history of the U.S. ever to be impeached, and impeached for lying under oath, was the go-to guy for truth? When Bill Clinton was diddling an intern in the Oval Office, the democrats, and by that I mean elected officials and the LSM, told us that it had nothing to do with his job performance. Will Mrs. Petraeus reach out to Hillary? Who better to give her advice about a cheating husband?

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Guest Melanie Kirkpatrick joined us to tell us about her fascinating book, Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad.

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Why Mitt Lost, and Why He Didn’t: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

One surefire sign that a theory is wrong is when it is embraced by not only NBC’s F. Chuck Todd and, David “Howdy Doody” Gregory, but also Matthew “Useful Idiot” Dowd, and Steve “Chris Matthews’ Bitch” Schmidt, the latter one of the architects of John McCain’s campaign. As previously noted here, if you look up “craven” and “loser,” you’ll discover an amazing exception to Merriam Webster’s usual policy, because Steve Schmidt’s picture appears next to both entries! This herd of independent thinkers are marching in Stalinist lockstep, reciting their explanation for why Romney lost, and as usual, they couldn’t be more wrong if they were getting their news from MS-NBC.

There are ten reasons that Mitt lost. I’ll share them, and get yours.

The behavior of the GOP leadership in the wake of their shellacking tells me that it’s time to backup the truck. What say you?

What are the implications of Barack Obama’s victory for issues important to conservatives, especially the Second Amendment? Now that he is re-elected, is he prepared to try to impose U.N.-sanctioned back door gun control on Americans?

The resignation of David Petraeus raises many interesting questions. Of course, like you, I’m quite sure that his sudden resignation right before Congressional hearings about the coverup of the murders of 4 Americans on September 11 in Benghazi is just a coincidence. I’m also certain it’s just another amazing coincidence that the Obama White House found out about the extramarital affair that led to Petraeus’ exit on Tuesday, Election Day, at 5 p.m. Why would anyone in the administration lie? It must be true.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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